Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Prager & Hitchens vs. CAIR - a must-see!!!

A H/T to Pamela at Atlas Shrugs who has linked to a must-see interview between Dennis Prager, Christopher Hitchens, and a man from CAIR. Prager! Hitchens! vs. CAIR. Now you're "islamophobic"; now you're not! Wonderful! No wonder we're confused. Hitchens pointed out that he disagrees with all religions; where upon, the man from CAIR slipped in the statement, "you're an equal opportunity hater." So missing the point. Hitchens didn't say he "hated" religions; he just doesn't buy into religions.... The interview at CNN is good and as usual the fellow from CAIR tried mightily to "over-speak" both Prager and Hitchens. The man from CAIR suggested that it has been said that the West should make things rough for Muslims so that they will leave. I say the West should require all of its citizens to live under the same secular laws that have held us in good stead for a thousand years or more and not revert to special laws for special people, making us conform to Islam's 7th Century dictates inflicted by 21st Century power-hungry mullahs. If that expectation requires Muslims to leave Western nations in accordance with the dictates of the Qur'an; well, there you go. Mohammed made you do it! Is or isn't CAIR a lap-poodle for Saudi Arabian hard-line Salafi or Wahhabist groups? Is or is not CAIR a lap-dog for the Muslim Brotherhood? I'd really like to know. Pamela also links to a post at the Gates of Vienna which you must see FAST, before it is taken down, Second Course: Flaming Mo, with bacon. This from Denmark where the Danes are putting up the good fight to save their culture and their way of life from Islamic Imperialism. Notice that the Danes are not beheading people or perpetrating heinous acts of violence against Muslim women in the time-honored Islamic practice of "honor killings." Please be aware, it is not the numbers of Islamists that matter; it is the way they infiltrate institutions, set up 501(c)3, non-taxable victim organization, and use Western Civilization's laws against us; laws, I might add, that have as much chance of being enacted in Islamic states as Frosty, the Snowman, has of surviving a few seconds in Hell.

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Blogger MK said...

Saw this yesterday BG, i think one of them was a Jew right, isn't it funny the only one ranting and raving like an attention-starved loony was the CAIR fellow.

1:52 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

MK, yes, Dennis Prager is Jewish. Interesting to me that CAIR did not have one of its more smug "face of Islam" arrogant fellows at the interview. Did they think a "white boy" could really hold his own against Prager and Hitchens??? Bad choice on their part.

Nobody can look down their nose with the distain for Americans and Western Civilization than CAIR's leader.

10:41 AM  

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