Thursday, August 02, 2007

Musharraf, Pakistan, and ending "global" Islamic terrorism

A brief conversation occurred yesterday. We cannot allow this "war on terror" to be generational. We have the means to put an end to it. Do we have the will? Do we want to be the "whimpiest" generation and leave our children to be saddled with rooting out the Islamofascists? So, STOP foreign money from building mosques and establishing Islamist beach-heads across our nation. STOP pretending that Saudi Arabia is our "friend." We can stop the Holy Land Foundation from sponsoring terrorists from here. Why can't we stop nations like Saudi Arabia from building "terrorist" training centers on our own soil? We should be paying attention to "Global Islamic Terrorism" and let the planet take care of itself. Global warming - the new Leftist Religion - won't be much of a problem when we are "bit__ - slapped" back into the 7th Century. What will the 24/7 cable news channels do then? From The Hermit at Plots from Helms Deep - let me add that the Hermit is a retired Marine. Scanning his blog reminded me of why we need our Marines. A thank you to his brother who serves with the Minutemen. In response to Beach Burst - 8/1/007 - Vigilant Freedom: The Hermit said... We're short on troops as it is. I don't know where we'd scrape up the fighters to go into the territories. Doing so would inflame Pakistani fundamentalists even further. Not all of the Pakistani Army and Security Forces support the President of Pakistan. What could be worse than having Pakistan fall into fundamentalist hands with its nuclear arsenal. 1:43 PM Beach Girl said... Yes, we are but we also have troops in Afghanistan, right next door. Personally, I think this one is for Musharraf to handle and pretty quickly too. His life depends on his success at ridding the region of terrorists, literally. His government and his nation depend on him getting rid of the Islamist terrorists. Personally, I don't care about inflaming the Islamist terrorists but I think we need to give Musharraf all the material support he needs. We are talking about a Taliban-style government here with nuclear weapons. We cannot let this Islamist terrorist threat stretch out for a generation. We just can't live that way, intimidated and our lives held at gun-point by Islamist terrorists. ~~~~~~~~~~~ We've got to end this violent Islamic terrorism; but first we have to agree that we can't "mend" it. All right! Now, let's get 'er done... And keep in our prayers our men and women with boots-on-the-ground and our few covert operatives (our human intelligence folks) who keep the wolf in "robes" at bay. Not to mention thanking God everyday that somebody has courage and sees the reality of what we face as a nation and as Western Civilization. We have to get tough; selling billions of dollars of arms to Saudi Arabia? Yep, that'll do it.

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