Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jumping Jihadi - No thongs on beaches of France

Friends, it's time to put and end to this tip-toeing around the delicate sensitivities of the Islamicfacists who are so tolerant they want to chop off our heads with a sword. A French professor under police guard; orders from the Mullahs of Mecca to execute the Pope; a mosque being built in Regents Park, London; Muslim women walking around the streets of the West in shrouds; honor killings; Sharia Law ordained lunch programs in public schools; a nun killed in Somalia over a quotation the Pope used in a speech; Danish cartoons censored, world-wide; egocentric Muslim men rioting here and there across the globe. Churches being burned and desecrated; Jewish cemeteries defiled. Come on, folks. It's one thing to respect a person's right to have their own religious beliefs and to be able to practice their religion in peace. It is quite another thing entirely to allow that "view" to distort and corrupt your civilization. If 12 cartoons caused such an adolescednt response (not to mention murderous), then print 12,000. A time-honored tradition of the West has been humor. We laugh at ourselves in wild abandon. Why? Well, it breaks the tension for one thing. Also, we can be down right funny. Nothing makes us stop, step back, and say, "Gee, I'm acting the fool" than a good old-fashioned slap-stick bit of humor. Laugh a little. Anybody remember The Beverly Hillbillies, or Archie Bunker, or Chico and the man? If ya can't laugh at yourself and you're so uptight you want to go out and kill people because a thousand years or so ago somebody said Mohammed directed his followers to spread Islam by the sword, take an enema. Good gawd a'mighty! But to see the French cowed to the point of repressing their beautiful women. It is a sacrilege. Come on, dear Frenchmen! What will be next? Mona Lisa in a veil?

N-word in VA Senatorial Race - Pahleeze!

The use of the N-word as proscribed speech would be interesting if it were not so hypocritical coming from the “group” of folks it is supposedly besmirching. When you walk along the boardwalk during the summer months, if you happen to come upon a group of black youth, you will here the N-word used with any manner of pejorative adjectives. For anyone from another planet who does not know, the N-word refers to the term, “nigger”. In the USA, the land of censorship, hurt feelings, and exceedingly thin skin, only 13% of the entire population of 300,000,000 people is allowed to use the N-word. Senator George Allen is being pilloried about the head and shoulders for allegedly having used the N-word thirty or thirty-five years ago. This he denies and rightly so. His opponent, Jim Webb, is now accused of having done more than saying the N-word. He is accused of having gone on KKK-like terrorizing jaunts when just a mere lad in his early-twenties studying at USC. According to the “story”, he and a few non-racists buddies would pile into their car, brandish “wooden” rifles at black folk in Watts and race off into the night, jeering and laughing at their bravery in “pickin’” on the black folk. That was until a group of black youth decided to call the “white boys” bluff and trounce the daylights out of them. His response to the question, “Mr. Webb, did you ever use the N-word?” was my favorite (paraphrased here), “You couldn’t be brought up in the South at that time and not have said that word.” Hold on a minute, fella. I was brought up in the South and we (my family) never used the term, “nigger”. Certainly we didn’t use it for its denigrating meaning, and also because it is just an ugly, ugly word all by itself. Mr. Webb, I hear, also wrote a novel that is replete with the N-word among others. For Mr. Webb, that is literary license not having anything to do with his personal attitudes. As you may recall, for Mark Furhman, the use of the N-word in dialogue for a script in the planning stages was used essentially to allow a really good candidate for a heinous double-murder to go free. We are comforted that this man is now free to search eternally for the murderer. The hysterics in Virginia over the alleged use of the N-word is embarrassing to that great state and to the people Senator Allen has served for twenty years in elected office. But let’s take a moment and look at the use of the N-word by two illustrious leaders of the Democrat Party. One, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. Can you recall the good Senator’s rant one day about “niggers and how he could tell the difference between black niggers and white niggers”? I couldn’t believe it. I thought surely someone would call in the strong men with the butterfly netting. And then there is our memorable President Lyndon Baines Johnson. You’ll have to do the research on this but I read in a Johnson biography that one of his daughters often called her valet/attendant, her “nigger”. Charming, is it not? Not to be out done, President Johnson made what seems now to be a fortuitous statement after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I’ll paraphrase his not-oft remembered words, “Well, with this bill, we’ve got the nigger vote for the next two hundred years.” (for the Democrat Party – never mind that it was the Democrats who set up filibusters against the passage of the bill and the Republicans who made the passage of the bill possible.) Was Johnson a prophet? No. He knew his audience. I don’t recall that high moral ground quotation being thrashed to death in the mainstream media (MSM). Not only in Virginia but throughout the nation, we have to be alert to the fact that, no matter how reprehensible some speech can be, we are in fact giving away our freedom of speech. I say, let the person say what he feels. That way we know where he stands. If Senator Byrd wants to scream “white nigger” from the rafters of the Senate chamber, I say let him. When I see that silver-haired gentleman reach for his little copy of the Constitution of the United States to lecture us on its meaning, I know where he really stands. In Virginia, let’s remain focused on the issues that could alter the course of our lives and the course of our nation. To be clear, I do not represent Senator Allen and I do not speak for him. I can only reference positions he has held through his votes in the Senate and through his work as our Governor. Senator Allen is firm in wanting to secure and maintain our national sovereignty. He has stated over and over again that he does NOT believe in rewarding people who break our laws. As our Senator and as our Governor, Senator Allen has devoted himself to the good of the people he serves. Senator Allen is an American strong in his loyalty to our nation. He will not let us down. He works for all Virginians. Let Mr. Webb’s folks “tar and feather” Senator Allen. To me, their behavior just shows me how small-minded they are, how little they think of the citizens of Virginia, and how very afraid they are of the Honorable Senator George Allen.

MSM Monopolies control free flow of communications

First, a Hat Tip to the Baron at the Gates of Vienna for his excellent post on The Emperor is naked. That post was the inspiration for the comments that follow. Most of the "free world" has enshrined the notion of a free press, the free reporting of news, and the free interchange of ideas. An aspect of that "freedom" presupposes that the news is freely exchanged. The reality today is far different than the view held by our Founding Fathers. Today, international conglomerates control what we hear, see, and have access to in the form of newsprint. My local hometown newspaper is owned by the Chicago Tribune. I'm a thousand miles or more away from Chicago yet the slant of our local paper has gone from regionally conservative to decidedly liberal and anti-just about everything strong family conservative folks regardless of ethnicity believe in. The MSM (mainstream media) is controlled by 5-6 major international companies. It is my understanding that a Saudi Prince (think Wahabbi Muslim here) owns 5% of Fox News. Not much you say. More than enough, I say. Too much. Conglomerates have no national identity or national loyalty. They are faceless and ownership is open to anyone, any where with the money to buy in. And he who controls the purse-strings, controls the network of communications - what articles get published, what novels are published, what letter to the editor gets into print, what programs are to be seen on television. Middle-eastern TV news oulets have headquarters in Washington, D.C. Channels of communication so vital to America's national interests are working against us each second of every day pounding negative perspectives into us over and over again. So, I ask you, "How do we break up these monopolies? How do we bring a fair playing field into the realm of idea interchange?" Congress broke up Ma-Bell (AT&T) with anti-trust laws, I believe. Are the international conglomerates too large, too powerful to be brought down to size so that we can regain our "freedom of the press"? Think about it.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Reading Suggestion

To my friends, I may be unable to post for a day or so. Computer access, et al. Thanks for understanding. If you have time, please take a look at Tony Blankley's recent editorial/commentary. I'll try to link but if not successful, I found him in Washington Times, yesterday - 9-27-06. His commentary addressed Pakistan's private agreement with what was once the norhtern territory of Pakistan. Musharraf has essentially abdicated region to Al Quaeda, et al, as their own country in effect. Tony Blankley - A battle lost See my post on America at War to see the effect of "private" agreements when fighting big battles/wars on the global stage.

Visit Gates of Vienna - Imperative

If you are just checking in, please click over to Gates of Vienna and scroll to the post, The Emperor is naked. There are some ideas there you may wish to explore. Bring your talents and skill sets to the effort. It will take a bit of time but with all of us working together as one, we can accomplish anything - internationally.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

America at War

Americans do not like half-measures in anything and war is no exception. The last full-out war we have fought was World War II. Since then, we have fought a UN police action in Korea; 1/2 a war in Vietnam; probably more of a war in Afghanistan with NATO forces; and what seems to be 1/2 of a war in Iraq twice. Somalia was a debacle - you know what I mean. America at War under the blue flag of the UN is no longer acceptable. I am not writing to critize our fighting men and women. I am writing about how we have fought wars under the auspices of the UN. And I know some of what I speak. Fighting any thing remotely called a "war" under the UN, resolutions or no, is no way for Americans to fight a war. But thank God there was no UN to trifle with the lives of our soldiers during WWII. I'll submit that our "Greatest Generation" was great because they were not saddled with the anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-national sovereignty despots of the UN. If our young men and women are going to fight and die, Americans want them to fight full-out. They will beat anyone hands down including terrorists. Guerrilla warfare, we perfected it. Send more troops to Iraq and let them mop up the terrorists - overwhelming force and fire power - use it or lose it. Here are a few words you may find interesting. I'm not defending the man and his regime but he knew war. Just read his words. I'll cite the reference at the end. The page numbers are in () following each quotation.
Setting deadlines for troop withdrawals. "It's a huge mistake (to set deadlines)....They know very well that if the president of the United States sets a deadline, the whole Congress will be after him to make him keep his promise. And what are they able to show? The President ______ is incapable of bringing peace by the date he set.... I told the Americans, "Be patient, one must be patient with the communists, more patient than they." No use." (p.54) The Peace Talks in Paris, 1968. "If the communists agree to negotiate, it means they need to negotiate. Not that they want peace. What they want is a bombing halt in order to catch their breath and back another offensive." (p.54) Gradualism. Gradualism is no way to cure an illness. The gradualism of President ______ was untenable. Either you fight a war or you don't. ...Knock [the enemy] him down in the first round." (p.58) "Fighting the war in your own country really means to have lost the war. In fact, the art of war is to carry the war into enemy territory, to destroy in enemy terrority." (p. 61) "It's too difficult to stop a war based on guerrillas. How many guerrillas were there in Malaya? Ten thousand? And how long did it take the British to beat? Twelve years. It's hard to fight a war being fought by hooligans." (p. 62)
The quotations are from Nguyen Van Thieu in an interview conducted by Oriana Fallaci, recorded in Interview with History - January 1973 - Saigon. Thieu was afraid the Americans would pull out once they reached an independent agreement with North Vietnam. We signed an agreement; we withdrew; and Saigon fell. Thousands died. Americans (the citizens of the United States) don't like war but if we send our forces into battle, we expect them to be able to fight it full-out, not half-way. If our leaders won't fight it full-out, then we shouldn't be in any "war" at all. Half a war is no war for Americans. A friend of mine who was in the first Gulf War in Iraq said that when the navy ship he was on reached international waters, the flag of the United States of America came down and the flag of the UN was flown over our fighting ships. To me, that is unconscionable. And we thought we only paid dues to the UN. Hell no, we are their militia. America is not the police force of the UN. The UN is clearly incompetent in "waging" war. Why should they be competent? They want the status quo. Look at the recently brokered "peace" between Hezbollah (a terrorist militia) and Israel. Hezbollah is re-arming as I type. Israel Matzav My intent was not to smash the UN but rather to note the similarities among all "war" we have fought under the UN. Let the UN distribute food but don't let them control our wars. American men and women in the military did not sign up to pledge alligance to the UN. It is an insult to them and an insult to us. Our defense dollars are providing the UN with a military which they are woefully unqualified to use. Fight if we must but fight with NATO allies or allies of like-minded purpose. If we can't gird up our will, then bring our soldiers and Marines home. If we will "kick the UN to curb" and say, "It was nice will it lasted "girls" but we have to find a better date for the next party. 60 years for a first date is no way to treat a man," then we'll be able to fight to win, not fight to a draw which is a loss. I agree with Theiu, we must fight on enemy soil. But our men and women deserve better. Bring back the draft, bring us together as a nation, and beat the terrorist-hooligans and the little bands of militia in Iraq into the ground. How can a war in Iraq be won if every imam has his own "army"? And listen to the words of Theiu - no set deadlines for withdrawal, no gradualism, and no negotiations. Only the full surrender of the enemy and the triumphant return of our men and women. If we are willing to do that, then God speed and full steam ahead. President Bush, Americans are not so much against the war in Iraq as we are against what we see as half-measures. Americans don't like to fight half a war and we sure as hell don't like to see our troops under the flag of the UN. Even if we don't see it waving in Iraq, we know it's there lurking in the background waiting to be pulled out when we are at the edge of reaching our goal. We are in Iraq today because we let the UN rule us and pull us out of the first Gulf War. "Kick 'em to the curb," Mr. President. Our troops don't need the UN getting in their way.

War for survival of Islam?

I'm rather confused about how a political/religious ideology of over 1 billion people is threatened but let's continue. In Consent to Kill, by Vince Flynn, a bereaved father says, "Are we not in a war for the survival of islam?" Just exactly when did the West begin a war that threatens the survival of Islam? Was it perhaps when we defended ourselves, finally, after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? Is the establishment of fledgling democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq (both based in Sharia Law) the "war" against Islam? If the answer is "yes", then we must accept that Islam is not a religious ideology in isolation. It is a geopolitical ideology whose goal is world domination. (see Bubba's Pravda, Mullah World Order. You'll need to scroll down.). The "religious" aspects are simply surrender to the tribal leaders and the annihilation of the self, of individual identity, of all freedoms as we know them in the West. Unless we - the West - are to be driven into a defensive posture that will result in a world conflagation none of us want, we must see Islam, certainly as depicted by leading mullahs, as virulent in its aims as any other totalitarian regime that has existed. Call it any "ism" you like. The bottom line is Sharia Law. Surrender to the caliphate. Not interested. Are you? We must be relentless in beating back the slow, incremental encroachment. (see Adversus Monstrum, article entitled: British cemeteries going Muslim.) The mullahs are saying what they mean and meaning what they say. We need to take them at their word.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Average Gay Joe's Blog - Byzantium 2006

Was checking out the Gates of Vienna and the Baron has linked to Average Gay Joe's site. If my link doesn't work, please try it at the Baron's. Average Gay Joe has put together a video on the Pope and the "tolerant" reactions of the Muslim world. Also a great history lesson in a few minutes. When you see it on the map, you might get the idea how insidious the march of islam is. Yes, from no more Fatwa Fridays at the Dealership in Columbus to the Pope having his speeches approved by the Mullahs of Mecca, the heavy Sword of Censorship is descending upon us. And in its wake is Sharia Law. What the Muslims were unable to do on the battlefield at the Gates of Vienna, today, they are working to accomplish through our insane immigration laws and through political correctness or as Michael Savage says, political cowardice. Click over to see what Average Gay Joe has to say. He did a great job. We need to pay attention and take action as appropriate within our sphere of influence.

What's in progress: McCain or The Sanctity of Life

Depending on the news of the day, two posts are in progress. One is tentatively titled, Why I will not vote for John McCain for president. The second one, which could be posted any time regardless of the season, is The Sanctity of Life. To me, the second topic is diametrically opposed to how the Left has tried to kill Western Civilization - mostly by being ashamed of our success and failing to get us to all be ashamed, then making "the right" of women to kill their unborn children into a political issue supported, of course, by the abortion lobby and the money these folks generate (much of which comes from our tax dollars). While I'm ranting a moment, I believe that the illegal alien invasion we are experiencing today is also (among a myriad of reasons) filling the vacuum we have created through the 40,000,000+ abortions we have allowed since 1973. That's right, 40,000,000 American citizens-to-be killed by us. It's horrifying when you think of it. Actually, it is a nightmare. If you look at it coldly, one could say that it is in the interest of the state (as in States' Rights) to protect its unborn citizens-to-be. Those little pre-born babies weren't going to grow to be red wood trees, my friends. Then if one wants to be really cold, one could say, "Well, yes, but the state also has the right/interest in decreasing it's welfare costs." Does the state then engage in selective annihilation of its pre-born? It is a slippery, immoral slope any way you look at it. I know there are "reasons" for some abortions. I have just never been able to reconcile abortion on demand at any age with the principle of the Sanctity of Life.

Why I will NOT vote for Hillary as president

I cannot vote for Hillary for president for a kazillion political reasons but the basic reason I cannot vote for her is because I am a woman and, as a woman, I want women in leadership roles that stand for integrity. To me, one aspect of that integrity is protecting one's daughters above all personal costs. To me, Hillary just doesn't make the grade. Numerous books have been written about Hillary Clinton and of course who could forget the claims of her husband in 1992 that "you'll get two for the price of one." And boy howdy, we did. Whoops, the truth from the dynamic duo... But we got more than two. We got the "mysterious" death of Vince Foster in Fort Marcy Park. Only thing that would have made it better is if there had been a "magic" bullet. And where exactly did all that blood go from his wound? But I don't want to rehash the absurdities that came upon us month after month including the Senate Hearings and the notorious repetitions of "I don't recall." Now, really! Do you think we can afford to put a woman, or a man for that matter, who "can't recall" as often as Hillary and her staff couldn't recall into the White House as president? And will we once again "get two for the price of one"? But my vote against Hillary is more basic or fundamental than that. To me, she violated her trust with her daughter and by extension with all women. Her husband by all accounts was a philanderer. After his deception with interns became common knowledge and our children learned what was and what wasn't "sexual relations" on the nightly news, Hillary "stood" by her man. Not buying that! She stood by her chances at political success. She sold women out - in all walks of life, rich or poor. She sold us all out for chances of political success. Her actions said: take the abuse, the humiliation, the ridicule. And my daughter will take it too... How can women even entertain the idea of Hillary as president of The United States of America? She sold out the feminists by proving that the only way to ultimate power for a woman was by being married to a powerful man no matter what his treatment of women. Can you recall an affair with an intern a few years older than his own daughter in OUR White House? Would you tell your daughter to remain married to such a man, to endure such abuse? What would Hillary's life be like had she divorced "her" man? Would she be a Senator? Difficult to say! She'd be close to one million dollars richer not having to pay to settle his suit with Paula Jones, as I recall. If she's a good junior senator from New York, good for New Yorkers. But for myself, I cannot vote for Hillary. Setting all of the differences between her Marxist views and my Constitutional-adherence views, I can't vote for her because she betrayed women once. I can't vote for her and give her the chance to do that again on much more grave issues. Besides, I don't want her husband back in the White House. Not ever! The "world" may hate us with President Bush, but we'd be the laughing stock of the world if Hillary were our president. I'll take their hate anyday over their ridicule and loathing because our president would be a woman with so little demonstrated respect for herself let alone her daughter. So no, Hillary won't get my vote. If you choose, you could read the Washington Times article (9/25/2006), Producer accuses Clintons of 'looting'. According to the article, "Mrs. Clinton remains as a material witness and co-conspirator in the suit, and Judge Munoz has said she cannot avoid testifying." Is she qualified to be president? I guess you'll decide but I vote NO.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Congressional Elections Guessing Game

Assignment: Let's do our own guessing and pre-election analysis about which Congressional seats the Republicans and the Dems will either keep or swap this election. You know who is up in your district and who the opponent is. Let me know the state, district, and opponents PLUS your best guess of which candidate will win the outcome of the election. We know McCain-Fiengold did a lot to undermine our election process, cutting off free speech and all but this game won't violate those draconian ad laws. We won't be running ads. Just having fun. We'll see who wins our guesses. If anyone is unopposed, note that too. I'll start off: Virginia: Thelma Drake vs. Kellam in Virginia's 2nd District. Thelma Drake to win. George Allen vs. Webb for a Senate Seat. George Allen to win. We'll have to create our own charts at home for the seats in our states and maybe a chart for the 15-20 most highly competitive seats nation-wide. You can help me with the most contested seats in your state. There are a few hot campaigns out there. The Dems need to "pick up" 15 seats and hold on to the ones they have. Pennsylvania: In PA, Rick Santorum (R-incumbent) vs. Bob Casey (D). Liberally Conservative predicts Casey wins. [I think this will be a very close, nail-biting race.] Indiana: 9th congressional race. Mike Sodrel (R) incumbent vs. Baron Hill (D) former congressman. Looks like HIll to regain his seat. It's a shame. Sodrel's a good guy and Hill voted with the Socialists on every issue he showed up to vote on. In Indiana's 9th, Ol' BC predicts Hill to reclaim his seat. Maryland: - a good pick from Liberally Conservative, a.k.a, The Walrus (see above) Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R) vs. Ben Cardin (D). Steele is moving up and Walrus picks Steele by 2.5%. North Carolina: Vernon Robinson in the Winston-Salem, NC area. Robinson (R) is running against Brad Miller (D - incumbent) . I pick Robinson. Drop by his web site. He has some great ads. Running in a district drawn by none other than Mr. Miller himself, Mr. Robinson is seen in a tough race but he can win. Help him if you can. Connecticut: Lieberman to win over Lament(sp). I don't know what's happening to the Republican candidate up there but I'll bet Lieberman wins by a landslide, put into office by Republican voters.

Latte, a biscuit, and commentary!

Several items in the news may be interesting in light of all the really bad news on islamofascism, the invasion of illegals. And of course, our Congressional campaigns are now getting into the "I'm gonna dig his heart with a spoon to keep him from robbin' your poor mama of ten cents of her food money." First, here is a candidate whose adds are great, funny, and he's a stand-up guy. I have no affiliation with the campaign, just think you'll like his radio and TV adds. He is running to represent the Winston-Salem, NC area. Here's to Vernon Robinson for waging a great and humorous campaign. A few articles can brighten you day and can affirm that Liberals are indeed attaining their world-wide goal of destroying everyone but themselves:
  • The first, Constitutional 101 a federal mandate. Can you imagine, our school systems have done such a great job of teaching our youth that the Congress has to mandate the teaching the Constitution of the United States of America to federal employees? Now, that's remedial training. Why not make it manditory training for teachers? The ones who can read English of course. (apologies - Constitutions are being printed in the 200+ languages spoken in US.)
  • In a follow-up of the fine Liberal policies of "affirmative action", seems like caste systems are out rather wacky in India as quota systems are ensuring that students will be admitted to colleges and universities, NOT based on academic skill, language proficiency, or merit of any kind. Noooo, can't have that in the "everyone-is-stupid-as-stupid-can-be, everyone's- stupid-like-me utopia" of Liberalism.
  • It has been suggested that if you don't want to fight a nation, arms, deaths, bombing, all that sort of thing, just turn Liberalism on them. Hey, look at Europe and the once proud nations with industrious, creative citizens. What's funny in India is that it is the desire to eradicate caste that is doing them in. The brahmin clean toliets; the untouchables become the doctors; and a new lower class is formed by the very laws designed to eliminate the castes. A revolution fostered through legislation. How dumb are we humans anyway?
  • On the home-front of morals and integrity we have: Producer accuses Clintons of 'looting'. On a personal note, I was glad the Senators' desks on the floor of the Senate are bolted down into the floor. Just conjuring up the image of the Esteemed Junior Senator from New York on all four paws unscrewing the bolts to lift the chair was a funny image. But she'll need that chair in her presidential library. Isn't that a sweet thought - Bill and Hill with matching presidential libraries? Now that is ugly....
More later. Your Conservative Beach Girl ranting, editorializing commentator out for a few....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

WBC Super Featherweight Champion - Marco Barrera

Not a normal subject for me but when I see champions, I tend to admire them and their skill. Tonight I caught a re-run of a recent fight Marco Antonia Barrera fought at the MGM Grand. After the fight was over and an announcer was asking Marco questions, Marco held his toddler in his arms in the ring. He answered the questions in English far better than I could have in Spanish. And then he said, "Sorry for my English. I try very hard." I appreciate his efforts. A champion does shine through. On his web site Marco Barrera, there is a quotation: "Never doubt the will of a champion." Okay, I admit it, I don't know much about boxers today and who's champion of this or that. I do like good spirit. What a good showmanship attitude.

Our nation's sovereignty in the balance?

Ernest W. Lefever has a must-read commentary today: Immigration tipping point? He points out that the values and standards that have enabled this nation to assimilate its many immigrants over the centuries are not found throughout many of the illegal aliens flooding into our nation today. He states,"half of all children born here to Hispanics are illegitimate, 42 percent higher than over all U.S. rate." That data does not bode well for strong families. Lefever opens with Teddy Roosevelt's quotation: "There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism." (1915) Please see my archives for two posts on hyphenated Americanism: The Anti-Americanism of Hyphenated Citizenship and The Victimology of Hyhenated-Americanism. We must work to re-establish our sovereignty or it will be gone. Our largess and tolerance are being thrown in our faces - I mean the faces of all American citizens - regardless of ethnicity. Your family ancestory is not the point here. We all have parentage and family history of which to be proud but we should not allow that pride to distract us from the strengths of us as a united people. If you don't think my far-ranging (U.S.A. capitulates as Mexico raises flag over Capitol) predictions into the fictitious future are possible, what of the other day when the Mexican flag was raised over a United States Post Office in a small town within our border? The future of all American citizens is in your hands. We can be a united nation of Americans or we can be what Liberals want, what the One World Order crowd wants; a more easily controlled rabble with no common language, no common culture, and no more borders/no national sovereignty; each little group scratching in the dirt for the left-overs of a once unified nation. Don't you see? It is that unified front that the One World Order crowd despises us for and they are willing to give up this nation to get rid of that cohesion. Look what is happening as nations bow down to the god of "multiculturalism" in France, in Italy, in Germany, in England, and even in far away Australia. Balkanization is your future unless united we say, "Enough. We are the United States of America. We, the people, all of us - black, white, tan, red, cream-beige! By God, we are the United States!"

U.S.A. capitulates as Mexico raises flag over Capitol

The yellowed newsprint was fragile in her hand. The language she had known long-ago...
Overwhelmed by the decades-long flood of illegal aliens which for decades the government refused to stem, America fell today to the mobs. The once-great superpower went out with a whimper, sliced by the machete of political correctness that has gripped the nation in a paralysis of inability to defend itself. European nations no longer can look to the former Western nation of the United States of America. It has gone the way of Rome. In the Southern regions, English is denounced. Signs in English are being ripped from stores, burned, and the stores ransacked, their owners beaten or worse. In the north, the flag of Islam has been raised; Sharia Law imposed. Several northern regions are held by Islamofacist insurgents. Churches and cathedrals in some northern areas are being desecrated, stipped of their holy icons, and turned into mosques. There was no quarter shown to the despised descendents of Europe. Many are being dragged in the streets, stripped, beaten, ridiculed for their tolerance. Radical Muslim leaders cry, "Death to the Infidels! They deserve to die for their stupidity." Today, subversive groups championed by the former ACLU (its leaders now in hiding) attained their goal. The flag of Mexico rose above the Capitol; men and women danced in the streets. Flames and smoke could be seen rising from the Smithsonian Institute where the Declaration of Independence and the heretical document known as the Constitution of the United States of America were being destroyed. The South, Southwest, and the West from California down is in the control of the Mexican army, moving fast after rioters had first destroyed many buildings and homes, generally owned by the despised descendents of Europeans. The military of the United States was not called into action to defend the nation. The generals had to check with the military lawyers first to approve their plans for defending the nation. As the military lawyers determined that any defense would be seen as offending the Islamofascists in the north as well as hurting the feelings of the illegal anarchists in the south, no defense was undertaken. The generals commanding military bases have been ordered to turn these installations over to the insurgents/victors.
And once again the war would be engaged between the infidel to the South and Islam of the North. Her thoughts ranged over the destruction to come. The caliphate would be complete. A sound on the steps... Startled, she straightened her burka as she stood and tucked the article into its folds... Pure science fiction-fantasy. Of course, but look down the road a decade or two from now. What do you see? Assimilation or balkanization? Which will it be?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Republican Campaigns are fun - Part 2

Just a note on volunteering. Regardless of where you live in the Western world, if you can become active in local, state, and federal politics, give it a try. If you want to run for office, I suggest starting with the local school board or the local city council. Then move on to delegate and then up to Congress. You know your nation's politics better than I of course. If you don't want to run for office but want to help and to know what is going on locally and nationally, get involved in your local branch of the political party that best represents your views. I recommend one of the two major parties. Your representatives, delegates, and senators at all levels come to functions, meet and greet, and discuss issues and pending legislation. As I have learned, volunteering at the local level introduces you to many folks with vast experience. Also, it is good to know your representatives. They are in the people business so they will remember you. The areas where you can help are many and the area(s) you choose depend upon your skills. Some are:
  • creating data bases for mailing lists;
  • calling prospective voters;
  • something as simple as stuffing envelops (I know this can be very specialized at national levels but local candidates are frequently on shoe-string budgets and can't afford the bells and whistles);
  • creating and maintaining web sites;
  • walking door-to-door and meeting folks,
  • distributing literature, yard signs, bumper stickers; and
  • manning booths at fairs, etc.;
  • helping at fish fries, and other fund-raising activities;
  • volunteering in a local party office where volunteers come for supplies; and
  • working the polls on election day.
And it is never too early to start working on upcoming campaigns. Today, I have arranged to set up a data base for a candidate who will run locally in 2008. The key is to build the foundation so you can focus on other priorities later. As a volunteer, you work when your schedule permits and in most cases you can work at home. One can make more changes more easily working on the inside rather than screaming in from the outside. If you elect to participate in this way, enjoy. God bless you; God bless our fighting soldiers, Marines, et al; God bless our first responders; and God continue to help America defend herself and our way of life.

Republicans volunteering up to Election Day

Good morning! Today may be a slow news day but it is a busy day for Republican volunteers, foot-soldiers, if you will. After a breakfast of our local Republican Party, we will gather our literature for our candidates and go through neighborhoods distributing info for them. We go in pairs or groups of three. Republican volunteers are just that - volunteers. Unless one works at the top of the campaign, the rest of us are volunteers. No pay to us. We get to pay and we love it. [I think Dems pay most of their "volunteers".] I'll admit to being naive but this voting stuff and working at the polls (outside) is really a rush. You get to see folks coming to vote; you get to see tiny elderly ladies with their walkers helping each other; you get to see parents taking their children into the voting places to see our democratic republic in action; you get the high-fives when a man or woman comes out and tells you everything is fine 'cause they voted for the Republican candidate. They'll give you a big smile and a thumb's up. If you are able to do this, even once, you may find as I did, the wonder that elections can be. It is altogether different going in to vote and being there for hours greeting folks who have come to vote. Obey the rules, stay 45 feet away from the doors to the polls and engage in this uplifting experience.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Congressional Elections

Several things make me angry about the up-coming elections. The worst thing is that, in some cases, the choices are not between the best America has to offer but rather the less of the two mediocre candidates. For some time now, many mediocre personalities have been the only ones stepping up to the plate to represent us. Perhaps one reason is that the Congress has become a "welfare state" for the elected. They no longer are citizen representatives with jobs at home among their constituents. The Senate Democrats have unconstitutionally turned the simple majority into an almost unattainable 61 needed to pass anything, and therefore are concerned not a wit about us. The fact that cities in America must defend themselves from this invasion is deplorable. That they must pass laws making English their official language is embarrassing. The House seems to be trying to take action. Issues for me in this election are maintaining our national sovereignty, stopping illegal immigration, decreasing legal immigration, and not supporting the U.N. and its lunacy. As I said, in some cases, not all, elections have become a case of electing the "lesser of two wevils" as Richard Crowe said in that great movie, Master and Commander. To the real men, please keep defending us. We need you!

U.N. Taxation on American Citizens

The U.N. is a sneaky group, my friends, and wishes the West no good will. They wish to tax us individually and they wish to erase our national sovereignty. That's all of the Western nations. Right now, in their perhaps envy of the United States (and not having a clue that their own welfare states and penalizing working folks for wanting to work and be productive are digging their graves, not to mention their insane immigration laws for everyone who is non-white), the EU seems intent on erasing national identity and sovereignty in all of Europe. To the matter at hand, Paul Weyrich (September 20, 2006) has written an article, U.N. Taxation - A Dangerous Precedent. This article is a must-read for anyone interested in the sovereignty of the United States of America. Of course, my focus is the United States but this U.N. taxation plan is what they wish to impose upon all of us in the Western world. Now, really, aren't we paying too much already?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Global Censorship urged by Pakistani President

Well, it's finally here. Forget freedom of speech in United States and globally as well. In "Pope expresses Muslim respect," an article by Denis Barnett in Washington Times (9/21/06), Pakistani President Perves Musharraf said,
"It is most disappointing to see personalities of high standing oblivious of Muslim sensitivities at these critical moments." Gen. Musharraf called for a global ban on the "defamation of Islam."
Who would be arbiter of what speech is defamation and what speech is not? Who is responsible for Islam getting a bad rap today? Certainly not the West. Must not hurt their feelings. Eh? Personally, I have a few sensibilities that are not being listened to and those happen to deal with Western folks anywhere in the world are intimidated, murdered, tortured, kidnapped by terrorists. What are we to do and what are we to think? Like it has been said, not all Muslims are terrorists but it turns out that all terrorists are Muslims. On giving up freedom of speech, no way!

Americans pay price for illegal aliens

For the time being, let's forget about the financial drain on our resources - manpower, et al, that is being exacted upon American citizens by the flood of illegal aliens invading our nation, changing our language, smacking us in the face with their sneers and insults. Let's talk about the human cost - in deaths and lives altered beyond repair. The dragging death of a lady in Castle Rock, Colorado (see the Washington Times nation section for today, Man arrrested in Colorado dragging death) is just the latest in a long list of tragedies that Americans are made to bear from our government's desire to keep our borders open. A friend of mine several years ago was driving along a highway in Virginia. Her mother was in the passenger seat. They were hit head-on by an illegal alien who was drunk. When the dust cleared and my friend regained consciousness in the hospital, she learned that her mother was dead, killed by the injuries inflicted by a man our government had allowed to enter our country. My friend most probably will never marry. She will never be able to have children. She has lost an eye. Her walk is altered dure to injuries to one leg that resulted in many surgeries and a shortened leg. My friend's face, while looking relatively normal, is underneath the surface skin, a mass of metal and wires. Americans in some towns/cities are afraid to drive at night for the illegals evading arrest. The invasion must be stopped. Because, regardless of the fine men and women of the Border Patrol doing the best that they can, our officials are not doing all that they can do, American citizens are answering the call. In October, the Minutemen begin their month-long vigil. Check them out on the internet. If you can, join them; if you can't join them, try to support them. Remember, not all of the illegals are from Mexico. Many are from Indonesia, China, and the Middle East. The communities that are established here make good cover for whatever nefarious deeds many of the illegals choose to enact against our citizens.

Islamic Fundamentalist Guide to Western Civilization

Let's build a guide for islamic fundamentalist so that they can better understand and therefore get along better with infidels (whoops, that would be us, i.e., the rest of the world's people). The idea if for us to build a list of mores, codes, standards about us that might be helpful in the cross-cultural training that "leaders" call for and also for the 15,000 Saudi Arabian students flocking our shores (on our nickle, via the Saudi prince who is picking up the tab) just in time for Ramadan training and celebration at universities across the nation. Does the enterprise not fill your heart with glee? But we can learn and we can provide guidelines for understanding. Allow me to offer the first tenet. All right, here we go. I started us out with a title that I made-up. These tenets can be learned mantra style. To begin, the Beach Girl says: For inclusion in the Islamic Fundamentalist Guide to Western Civilization: Tenet One:
Let's get the God issue on the table first. Western men and women who are Christians or Jews believe in a monotheistic God. It is your distorted view of Christianity that has you wanting to kill us. The Jewish folks believe that Jesus was a prophet. You believe Mohammed was a prophet. Perhaps you may want to consider leaving the Jewish folks alone. Your collective energies seem to be spent grinding up your own soul under the mill stone of hate. The Jews and Christians are not taught to hate and kill, and thus they spend their energies using the gifts God has given them creating good. Forgive the generalization, but perhaps it is time to stop fighting extended battles of wars that are at least 1400 years old. [Beach Girl]
Tenet Two:
Western men do not hide behind their women and children. Western men do not beat their women and children. Western men protect and defend their women and children. [Beach Girl]
Tenet Three:
Western women do not wear burqas, chador, nor hijab. Western women like to show off their bodies because they have the moral right to do so, and because they know that western men like it. Since you are not a western man, oh useless idiot, you may only borrow the mental image of the western woman, and... [steve harkonnen]
Tenet Four:
Western men and women do not rear their children to blow themselves up in the name of any God.[lilfeathers2000]
Tenet Five:
Western Men and Women try to educated their Children so they may read and write.[lilfeathers2000]
Tenet Six:
Western Families do not encourage sending their children to terrorist training camps.[lilfeathers2000]
Tenet Seven:
Western men have a reasonably thick skin -- thick enough not to murder someone over an insult, much less a political cartoon.[Strange Fire]
If you like, please drop a comment/suggested tenet at this post. Please try not to get me thrown off the internet. I'm still in my infancy here. In other words, I wish I'd thought of the tenet first.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Islam, The Threat of the Sword

Give me a few moments today to speak about the Western view of mores, gentility, and shame, and how they apply to the Muslim-street. From the Pocket Merriam-Webster Dictionary, gentility is defined as: "good birth and family; the qualities characteristic of a well-bred person; good manners; superior social status shown in manners or mode of life." Mores is defined as: "the fixed morally binding customs of a group, habits, manners." For brevity, let's agree that mores and gentility are not associated with financial status within a given society/culture. Nor are these qualities dependent upon academic acumen. Your mores and gentility are associated with your up-bringing, not your birth, ethicity, religion, gender. They are represented through your behavior. Shame is associated with behavior which goes against the established mores or taboos of your society. It seems to me that when we take away shame from behavior, we rob the person committing the "bad" act of the avenue of remorse and therefore improvement of character and "good" behavior the next time. A person must know the limits to which his behavior can attain and still remain "accepted" into the society for the good of the society. We do this through our churches. The state cannot legislate morality, gentility, or shame. These come from within and shape a person's "behavioral" character, if you will. It appears to me that Islam does legislate minute behavior, leaving little to the responsibility of the individual. Much easier to be a follower - the Koran made me do it; than a thinker, going around slicing off peoples heads is a little tacky. From the demonstrations and brutality we see in the Muslim-street, we have no choice but to believe that the up-bringing of these people is diametrically opposed to ours. It is a society seemingly built on the insecurity of one's god and in hatred. Mohammed did take up the sword and wielded it well. That cannot be denied. What is the saying, the Truth hurts. Somebody got their feathers ruffled. God does not have to defend Himself. He does not have to be defended. He's not insecure; if He were, He wouldn't be God; he'd just be a little, chest-beating god, right? Christ, let us not forget, did not establish Christianity. Paul did that. Jesus, it is sugggested, made a few of his fellow Jewish folks angry because he did not take up the sword against Rome. On its face, it seems that Jesus has the moral high ground when it comes to a duel between Christianity and Islam. The Pope was right. It seems that the actions of some Muslims bear out the truth of the quotation. Certainly not all who practice Islam are running around killing infidels. But, that the non-believers (also God's children and creation) would be automatically condemned to death seems contrary to "good" religious mores and more like a militant conquering view. "Storm the gates. Kill the infidels, every man, woman, and child! Allah akbar!" Boy, howdy! The Christian world is challenged to "study" and to learn more of Islam to better understand Muslims. Where are the Islamic centers exhorting their followers to study Christianity to better understand the Christians? Just yesterday, The Washington Times (9/19/06), in "Muslim calls for Pope to be executed", attributed the following statement to the Mujahedeen Shura Council, an unbrella organization of Sunni Arab extremist groups in Iraq:
"You infidels and despots, we will continue our jihad (holy war) and never stop until God avails us to chop your necks and raise the fluttering banner of monotheism, when God's rule is established governing all people and nations."
With all due respect for the "peaceful" Muslims of the world, that's all I need to hear. I ask you to denounce this sort of message loud and clear so that the Western World has no "wrong" view of your aims. What your leaders seem to take as our weakness (negotiating) is our strength. And right now we're getting the message. But intimidation is not a good ploy. I ask responsible Muslims, please do not push the West. Certainly, not with out-of-control migration and not with the threat of the sword. We just don't like being threatened. It can make us grumpy.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Heather's Comment at Sister Leonella shot in back...

Heather, just read your comment and suggestions and have no way to comment to you directly. Everyone, if you have a minute, check out Heather's comments at my recent post about Sister Leonella's murder at the hands of followers of religion of peace. Let me know what you think. Could be part of a good campaign platform. Spread Heather's ideas around. There are enough Right-Wing-Warriors out there to get her plan some good attention. I'll be back to address her ideas later today. Anchor babies: one more thought before heading out to run errands, how about if we say, "Okay, illegal alien mommy and daddy of anchor baby, here's the deal. The moment of birth, said anchor baby gets a Social Security number. This number will immediately be entered into a military branch of the United States Armed Services (depending on projected need for enlistees, etc. in the year xyzz) and, at age 18, said anchor baby will become a member of our fighting forces - male, female, confused. Regardless. Said anchor baby's address must be updated along the way by you (mommy and daddy) or you will be charged with another felony and deported. Said anchor baby will receive notice on or about the date of their 18th birthday regarding where they are to report for duty. At that time, a percentage of said anchor baby's pay will be deducted and thrown into the general fund to begin to repay the money you withdrew from system over the years. Until said anchor baby's 18th birthday, no relative (real or imagined) of said anchor baby will be allowed to enter our country." I know, I'm dreaming but how's that for a plan? We'd have a comrad stationed at every hospital in the United States. What makes me sick about this invasion of illegal aliens, among other things, is that it is we who have to give up our freedoms as they piss on our flag, wave the Mexican flag, and shout, "We will dirty gringos. Oh, by the way, where do I get my food stamps? My aide to dependent children? You know, all the things you idiots are giving away. Oh, and about those doctor bills, see my attorney with the ACLU. And he wanted me to mention that he hasn't gotten his check yet. Have you sent him hiz mon-ey?" Our lunacy has no equal. Or so it seems.

Distractions Abound

Before driving off to run errands, etc., let me ask you to take a look at how the MSM and now several of our illustrious Senators - McCain, Warner, Graham, Levin, and company are moving some important issues right off of the front pages just before election time. My guess is that none of these bastions for the rights of rusty-knife wielding murders are up for re-election in November of this year. While their delusionary goals may have merit at other times when we could sit around the table sipping our lattes and chatting, other matters do warrant our attention. We are led to believe the Senators are huddled there protecting the Geneva Conventions which I might add no terrorists and no illegal aliens signed on to. They are using up valuable time which is probably their point. And of course, they get face time with the camera and can look so very concerned. Our Pendleton 8 have disappeared from the headlines because they are young Marines and one Navy medic who got "fingered" by the enemy and are now under the brig in Camp Pendleton in California. To my knowledge, their lawyers aren't even allowed to visit the alleged "crime" scene. But the Senators are working to ensure that the terrorists will see classified information as well as the faces of our human assets (CIA, et al). Our borders are still open and the Minutemen are gearing up to hold their month-long vigil on our borders beginning in October. Step back a pace and take a look at the distractions. Yes, freedom of the press to sway, to detract, to keep us from the news. And they wonder why their share of viewers continues to decline. Hooray for bloggers!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sister Leonella shot in back follower of religion of peace

Call the principal. Throw the adolescent thugs in detention and tell their daddys, the Mullahs of Mecca, that the thugs missed the lectures about peace. Talk about remedial education; the whole ideology expounds a remedial sect. Culture is too good a word for such trash. They call themselves men. No wonder they beat their women and mutilate their daughters. Using a medieval quotation as yet again another pitiful excuse to maim, murder, and destroy, the practioners of the euphamistically called, religion of peace, killed a defenseless Italian nun serving them in the hell-hole of Somalia. The brave jihadists shot a defeneless woman in the back. The nun didn't even have a chance to pray. What wretched cowards. Religion of peace, my a__! Yes, I'm ticked off. The Pope used a quotation because it served his purpose and because it still holds true today. Unless he plans to throw the kids in some vaults under the Vatican and let them out only to smack erasers together after school, he should never apologize. His words didn't burn churches, didn't kill Sister Leonella. The actions of cowards killed her. What is curious to me is that it takes so little in the way of an alleged afront to roust out the -more than likely unemployed - rabble. Whatever would they do if we tried to rile them up? Let's give it a try, eh,what? Sharia law = political correctness on steroids. Now even the Pope must have his speeches vetted by the Mullahs of Mecca. First cartoons, then a speech. These subhumans need to get a life and I don't mean mine or yours. President Bush was right, this is not a war of civilizations. It is a war for civilization and these mad men don't belong in it. Sister Leonella, your heart was pure, your deeds noble. Rest in peace.

So many crises; so little time

Several situations present themselves today as topics for discussion. I just can't decide which one/two would be best. The ideas cluttering up this sleepy morning are:
The Rights of Terrorist Detainees vs. the Plight of the Pendleton 8 - I watch and read with disbelief about the agonizing that our Senators are seemingly engaging in as they fret and stew over the precious rights that should be afforded the barbarian murders who would and have killed the infidels in a blink of an eye and the chains that have graced our Marines and one Navy medic who have been thrown under the brig at Camp Pendleton in California due to the word of an enemy. So, that's one topic. The tentative title is: Terrorists 10; Marines 0 or Rights of Terrorists vs. Plight of Marines.
The Pope and his Apology to the rabble thugs who shoot unarmed nuns in the back. Really, first, it's cartoons and next it's a quotation from the 1400s or so. Don't take much to "disturb" the hoard does it. What if we did something really bad? To me, this is a war that Christianity is in and it is a war to the death this time around - I mean only one victor, not just a roll-back. Is the Pope engaging in psychological warfare on the the screaming, hysterical hoard (sorry, the englightened, merciful, tolerant, and reasoning practioners of the ideology of peace). By that I mean, does he prove the point of them being barbaric murderers from whom reason as well as any civilized form of human discourse flees? Did I say flees? Meant fleas - which is it? Mercy...
Baby bears in psuedo-UN meet in Havana for weekend on the town - the world (except for the 118 nations involved) watches as anti-Western nations spend fun-filled weekend in Havana smoking cigars and smoking the microphones in their vitriolic hatred of the United States. US tax dollars in the form of aid or bribes foot the bill. [I made that last part up, probably true though. Our press sure has been giving out free PR on the entire offensive boon-doggle. Come on though, it was a bit funny to see Hugo of Citco towering over Mad Jad, the barbarian puppet of the Supreme Leader puppeteers. Now, that was funny.]
What is a beach girl to do? So many topics; so little time. Here in beachland, it is bright and sunny, just a touch of fall in the air. Too beautiful to let the Mad Jads get us down. Be back in a few....

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Islamofacism - draping the world in black

The Washington Times ran an op-ed by Diana West, on Friday (9/15/06) Black and White - Islamofacism's stark and not-so-stark realities. Her work deserves our attention. Our leaders call upon "moderate" Muslims to speak out, to reassure us of their "tolerance", and to denounce the terrorists' goals. From what I see, the difference between "moderate" and "radical" is the method and the numbers. However, the undermining of our laws does not take numbers; it takes intimidation under the guise of false "victomology" and illusionary offense of a psuedo-religious/political belief structure. They are even trying to get the Pope, for God's sake, to back down from a quotation genuinely made centuries ago. Further, our dialogue concerning the Middle East revolves around an incongruous premise. We say that we are fighting for the young democracies in both Afghanistan and Iraq. But as West points out, the "constitution" of both nations enshrines Sharia Law. A government based in Sharia Law is no democracy. It is an islamic-run state based on the law of the Koran which governs all finite aspects of a person's life and consequently renders moot all of the elections in which he will ever participate. By definition, an islamic-run state negates the idea that islam is a religion alone with only the aim of spiritual enlightenment for its "volunteer" practioners. Islamic law and the concept of a democratic republic are incompatible. I submit that the Muslim-against-Muslim fighting and killing we see in Iraq is soley to determine which Islamic group will eventually control through their own form of Islamic Determinism. No form of democracy is in the equation. But the stakes are high, especially for us in the West. We must fight and win this war and we must support our soldiers. To quote Ms. West at the end of her editorial:
"This isn't to say we don't have a do-or-die mission in the region. We do, and I'll put it in black and white: It is to stop the corrosive spread of Islamic law, through violent terrorism and peaceful immigration, into the West."
Read that again: "It is to stop the corrosive spread of Islamic law...into the West." To stop the spread of Islamic law into the West. The Left in America and in Europe as well has gone "Christophobic" on us so we cannot rely on them. We must therefore rely on ourselves. We - throughout the Western world - must be alert to the advance of Islamic law. It will act through stealth and it will use our own laws incrementally to undermine us and to break our will. We must not allow that to occur. I applaud everyone working to stop the spread of this threat including but not limited to Jihad Watch. To my point, if you think walking amongst women covered from head to toe in burkas, and covering your head with a hajib gives you a wonderful glow of "experiencing" another culture, then book a trip with your travel agent. The West does not need to import a "culture"/a political ideology draped in robes, the goal of which is to eradicate our way of life and make us bow down to a foreign god. Get a round-trip ticket. Travel is good for the soul. Spend your hard-earned dollars if you choose. But, don't forget to leave your cross on its gold-chain and your small travel Bible at home. Neither is welcome in Islamic countries - actually both are strongly forbidden and possession of them could get you thrown in jail or worse. Or so I'm told.

Saudis sing - Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to school we go...

In the category of old news but a recurring point of concern demanding our attention, we must end our suicidal immigration and visa policies with Islamic regimes. The influx of 15,000 Saudi students currently coming to our nation on visas to attend universities, fully funded by a Saudi prince, gives one pause. I refer you to LP: U.S. schools compete for Saudi students("Brokered by President Bush. What whores our university elite appear to be. For full-time-equivalents (FTEs) they have denied how many places to American students? But read what these nitwits say about being oh, so thrilled to be preparing for Ramadan. A companion article is CBNNews-Focus-Saudi Students in U.S. Could Pose a Security Risk. We cannot "understand" the Saudi culture unless we send 15,000 students to study and to live there. Even to prepare for Christmas and Easter. Don't think that is going to happen, do you? Ever heard of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

California's Student Loans to Illegal Aliens

In California today (a.k.a. Mexifornica), the illegal aliens who have gone to high school for three years (at the expense of Mexifornica'a taxpaying citizens) are now able to attend the once-great colleges and universities in Mexifornica at in-state tuition costs PLUS they can now apply for student aid/loans again at the expense of Mexifornica's legal, taxpaying, long-suffering citizens. "But, they'll have to pay back the loans," you say. "And they are our best and brightest." [No argument there - a con is a con is a con.] Look, you nucklehead, they don't have to pay back anything. They are Mexican-nationals; they can vote legally here in the USA in Mexico's elections. They can get their loans; get their education such as it is; default on their loans; and skip off to Mexico. Why not? They'd become the middle-class. And with our Senate's bill to give them amnesty, citizenship and such, they'll have dual citizenship too. So, they can vote everywhere, influence our elections, and essentially have their vote count more than yours. Why Mexifornica and not Mexifornia? Easy. California's legal taxpayers - anyone unable to get out of there - are getting raped and they're getting to pay for it too. That would put any self-respecting prostitute out of business pretty darn quick. And what about treatment for the rape-trauma victims? No luck there. Too many hospitals (that citizens also paid for) have been forced to close! To whom do I owe gratitude for this sudden burst of inspiration - Oriana Fallaci - gracia! RIP

Cutting off Cash to ACLU - It's way past time!

Recently, Mr Minority brought a House Bill to my attention that needs our support and deserves repeating here. Mr Minority's post, dated Sept. 10, 2006, Wack-a-Commie, provides more detail. Hat's off to Mr. Minority. This bill, Public Expression of Religion Act, is one effort to ensure our freedom of speech, to put a bit of a brake on political correctness interms of you currently not being allowed to mention God in the public square for fear of the ACLU goons swooping down from the clouds to "get you" for offending someone - perhaps the little children, and to keep their greedy paws out of your wallet. Talk about government waste. The purpose of the House Bill, The Public Expression of Religion Act, is to cut off funds from the ACLU. Currently, the ACLU is funding the law suits it is bringing against you being able to have a cross just about anyplace - and God-forbid, the Ten Commandments in the public square - from taxpayer money. This means your cash is paying for those Leftists to "piss" on our flag, rip our crosses from our withering fingers, and smash our heritage against our very own Constitution. You can read the article from Mr Minority's blog and it is here as well: WorldNetDaily: Plan to cut ACLU money pipeline advances. The Public Expression of Religion Act was introduced by John Hostettler from Indiana. Call your congressmen. We have to act while we can, when the moment is ours. Tell your friends; tell your neighbors! Let's get this done. If it's already done, then please call your congressmen and thank them.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Oriana Fallaci - A Fire in the Soul

Oriana Fallaci, Italian writer and interviewer, died today in Florence, Italy. This space will be dedicated to her, to her work, and to her loves - her companion and her white-hot love of freedom, her passion for Italy. The first attack of the feeble-minded Left is name-calling and Oriana Fallaci brought out the best in them. How quaint of critics to deny Oriana Fallaci the right to say about the Islamists what they say about themselves. Have we not heard the shouts in Iraq - "Death to America!"? Have we not just days ago heard some turban-clad man warn us to submit to Islam or die? One cannot but love this woman, Oriana Fallaci; this voice raised in defiance, "I will not go quietly into that good night, and you - by God - can't make me!" Herself an avowed atheist to boot. How much richer the Western world that Oriana Fallaci was present in New York City the day the towers came down. To have such a voice, such fire in one's Soul to equal that of the flames; to be uncompromised every step of the way; to raise her fist in rage. To put her rage before us on the page. Like Eleanor of Aquitaine riding into battle at age 70, Oriana Fallaci raised her voice against the gathering storm; she has raised that voice for years. Oriana Fallaci's work should be read and studied by all Americans contemplating the abyss and to all those who hold Western Civilization dear. The Rage and The Pride is a work of particular interest to the United States and to Italy. It rings even truer today if that is possible. The purpose of this tribute today is not to critique The Rage and The Pride. It is to salute a woman of courage and principle who shook her finger at the world, at the West, and said, "You are warned. Now, do something about it." Allow me one quotation from The Rage and The Pride:
I'd scream: "Illustrious Mr. Arafat, the martyrs are the passengers of the four airplanes that were hijacked and transformed into human bombs. Among them is a four year old little girl who disintegrated in the second tower. Illustrious Mr. Arafat, the martyrs are the employees who worked in the two towers and the Pentagon. Illustrious Mr. Arafat, the martyrs are the firemen who died trying to save them. And do you know who the heroes are? the passengers of the flight that was supposed to throw itself into the White House but instead crashed into the woods in Pennsylvania because they fought back!..."
One cannot do Oriana Fallaci justice in a paragraph or a book. It is her words and the passion in them that stirs men's Souls. It is her recognition of the enemy within the gates; it is her love of her treasured Italy; and yes, it is her love of we Americans as well and the mystic of the ideals upon which our nation was built. Read her work; feel her passion stir your heart; watch her stand on the side of the guardians of truth. And when you read her work, if you are very attentive, you can feel her breath upon your cheek and the warmth of her spirit as it beckons you to rise up. In this thing of Heaven and Hell, I have no doubt that Oriana Fallaci stands ready today at the side of the Archangel Michael, dressed in battle gear, breastplate gleaming, hair streaming, burnished sword flashing fire and light. One's belief or disbelief in God in no way alters His existence. I have to believe God knows warriors when He sees them. And He uses them to His purpose. And I can only imagine this defiant, brilliant, no-holds-barred woman sounding the battle cry, "Submit, Hell!" I have to believe that she gave up this mortal shell in peace. And to her many friends, remember well her last herculean act was to come home, to come home to you, to come home to Italy.....

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Interrogating Terrorists

If we could have interrogated a terrorist prior to 9/11 who would have given us information to have prevented the murders of 2,996 of our citizens, what exactly would have been the appropriate measures/techniques for our interrogators to have used? Answer that question and then tell me what you would tell the wives, husbands, sons, daughters who lost loved ones on 9/11 had you not used the methods. Would you say, "Well, we are civilized. Your husband died a horrible death because, well, ah, we, ah, didn't want to, ah, humiliate the terrorist in any way. You know, it would have been insulting had we used women interrogators. You know, that's humiliating in the terrorist's religion, you know, the ideology of peace." Sharia Law can work its way into our democratic republic in insidious ways. One is to weaken our resolve; to have us concerned more about the "feelings" of the terrorists than we are about the safety of our own men, women, and children. And who in their right minds doesn't think our soldiers would not be tortured and have not been tortured - Geneva Conventions or not. I remember the scenes of the bodies of our soldiers sodomized, tortured, and killed in Iraq. Or maybe Afghanistan. I hate to let the Senate in on this but the terrorists must be rolling in laughter at our gullibility and naivete. What exactly is the moral high ground in war? War is hell. It isn't fun; it isn't nice; and this one was brought to us.

Western Men - Rise up!

Western men - all Western men - rise up in defense of Christianity and of our Western Civilization. At the outset, God needs no defense. But it is Western man and Western man alone who has the task and who can keep our civilization from tumbling into the abyss. Read Churchill's Battle of Britain speech. Look at the cultures of Spain, of Italy, of Britain, of France, of Germany, of the United States. The pioneering, the exploration, the building, the advances in science, and on it goes. In my personal observation, societies that control their women oppressively are run by men with serious inferiority complexes. In these male-dominated societies, women are vessels, vassals, the breeder-chattel. In societies in which women are so abused, the sciences and other avenues of advancement are stifled. How does one aspire to the statue of Venus, of Athena, and despise women at the same time? While Christianity teaches that wives are to submit to their husbands, husbands are exhorted to love their wives as they love God and the church. Their wives are their helpmates - not to be beaten daily if they displease their husbands. In Christianity, wives are to complement their husbands strengths, not supplant them. Generally, Christian societies revere their women. The expression "that's as American as motherhood and apple pie" says it all - motherhood and mothers have been revered and protected for centuries. And they are represented by the Mother Mary holding the body of her son as depicted by Michelangelo's Pieta and B. Zarro's comtemporary rendition, with all of the love, compassion, and strength of wisdom that image connotes. Men, husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons have gone to war to defend mothers, the women and the children. In Western Civilization, this defense is part of the earliest culture and continues as an outgrowth of the mores of Christianity. Co-incidentally, Western Civilization has created inspired art that is incomparable. I am asking you to defend Christianity, to defend our Western Civilization, to defend our art whether it be the temples in Greece, the statues of Rome, or the Cathedrals of France and England. To bring the point home - Do you want Notre Dame or Westminster Abby to go the way of the 1,500 year-old Buddha statues the Taliban destroyed? Oh, it can't happen to us, you say. Think again. Are crosses being torn from your grave sites? Do you want to protect your women, your children, the Cathedrals of Europe, the Sistine Chapel? Do you wish to see these tributes to your heritage reduced to rubble or turned into something worse? Do you wish to see your women draped in burkas or your daughters murdered in "honor killings" if they are raped? Killed if they are accused of adultry? Beheaded? Taken into a football field and shot in the head before the roaring crowd? As a woman and a mother, I call upon Western men - our husbands, our fathers, our brothers, our sons - to rise up and defend your nations, your women, your children, your elderly who can fight no more. Shake the chains of political correctness which have bound you into a mind-numbing paralysis. Shake them to the ground until the ground trembles. Rise up. Defend Christianity. Defend our Western Civilization. Defend me. Don't apologize and don't look back!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

First Muslim wins Primary; Poised for Congress

Hop over to the Drudge Report today, September 13, 2006 for a look at an article regarding the candidate who may become the first Muslim in the United States House of Representatives. How do you say Sharia Law? How do you say "incrementalism"? I have often wondered how our Socialist Democrats and others who belong to the Progressive Caucus, as an example, can swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America when the Progressive Caucus - as I understand it - is affiliated with the International Socialist Movement. Look it up. Admittedly, we are becoming more socialist it seems but who would wonder how that happened with such folks making our laws. But what happens when socialism and the interests of Sharia Law meet in the hallowed halls of Congress? And what happens to the notion of the separation of church and state that the Liberals/Socialists have hung their hat on and us with for the last 40 years or so? The former is committed to the "death of God and anything that mentions Him" and the latter seems committed to the indivisible unification of church and state(Sharia Law) under Islam with one and only one ruling entity, the Supreme Leader, to whom secular leaders defer - for those of you who still are under the illusion that Islam is a religion and not a political/governing ideology that uses the trappings of religion for its totalitarian control. It is said that we Americans get the government we want. We'll see. Maybe we get the one we deserve for not paying attention. Should be an interesting election season.

UN - A Common Beginning, No More...

Based upon The Tower of Babble, it seems that the UN in its founding had about 40 nations who had fought the Axis Powers in World War II. Most of these nations, not all, were democracies and could be called the Free World or Western Civilization. They seemed to have a common purpose - to nip rouge nations in the bud before they could drag the world into an international war. The founders of the UN did not seem to be appeasers, having seen the rotten fruits of that sort of wasted labor fraught with meaningless negotiations designed by the threatening nation to give it time to strengthen as well as to enable it to "blackmail" the appeasing nations. "You give me this land, and I'll leave you alone..." This ploy should sound familiar. The UN, however, has lost the moral compass and clear-headed purpose it had in its infancy. Over the years it has grown to 192 nations, most of which are authoritarian despotic regimes. Their purpose has devolved into bashing nations that either don't bow down to the anti-free world folks or don't submit their citizens to the rule of the UN. The UN wants to rule the world through arrogance and to tie free nations up in knots of legalese, international laws, and such. This mode of operation is in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States (for one). Our Senate has the treaty-making power/function and that cannot be superseded by the whipper-snappers of the UN. They may, however, be very effectual in tieing us up in knots and eroding our individual freedoms. [See Lady Raven's post on the UN and its influence of US laws pertaining to private property ownership. The common beginning is low; Western Civilization is under attack by the Islamic Imperialists aided and abetted by the UN. The UN knows it is ineffectual and dependent upon member states for funding. To end-run that little inconvenience, the UN is trying to codify laws which would enable it to individually tax American citizens. Would they arrest us if we didn't pay? Would Blue Helmets knock at our doors, drag us to international jails? Americans better get serious about guarding our liberty and we'd better get the US out of the UN - fast.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The UN - Morally Bankrupt and Neutered?

Please see Screw the UN for recent post.

Rantings of a pointy fingered Mullah - Ignore at our peril...

Went to the bookstore just now to buy The Tower of Babble, recommended by Robinik. While there stopped for lunch and read The Weekly Standard. The September 11, 2006 issue had the following quotation on page 17 in an article, "Human Rights Watch vs. Human Rights."
As Hezbollah's Sheikh Fadlallah puts it: "There are no innocent Jews in Palestine." Nor is that all. Hezbollah's strongman, Hassan Nasrallah, has affirmed that Hezbollah's target is not only the Jews of Palestine. "If they [the Jews] all gather in Israel it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide," he declared in 2002, according to a report in Lebanon's Daily Star, the accuracy of which is not disputed.
First, I don't especially like a guy with a long beard, white turban, etc. pointing his bony finger at me across the airwaves and saying essentially, "We're gonna kill you and eveyone like you..." Perhaps, all of us in the Western world should take his words seriously. Many accounts exist of Hitler and his treatment of the Jews as well as others he despised. I have read accounts that the number of men, women, and children he killed in his death camps, not exclusively used for Jewish people, number in the 10 to 12 million range. This included Christians as well as others he considered aberrations, etc. The Islamic Imperialists have been emboldened. For whatever the reasons, they seem to think their time is now. We must not let that happen. We must change our immigration policies. We must deport, from all Western nations, the people who inflame others in their mosques to kill innocents, whether they be Christian, Jew, Hindu, or others. The Left seems always encased in their illusion of negotiations [don't they even read their own history] while the radicals regroup and harness their energies, heal their wounds, and prepare to fight tomorrow, next week, or next year. This is a war that must be fought and fought hard. And it must be fought now.

Monday, September 11, 2006

United We Stand; Divided We Fall

Today, I would like to recommend the following: The men, women, and children who were murdered on 9/11/2001 were not selected by ethnicity, gender, age, religion, or even nationality. They were at the wrong place, at the wrong time. They were in America; having their coffee; filing a report; going about their business; visiting a mommy or a daddy at the Pentagon. Or they were fighting for their lives on United Flight 93. To those murdered on 9/11, do we fail them and negate their loss, or do we unite and meet the Islamic threat bent on dominating the world? From what I have read, Islam is a political ideology dressed in religious garb that does not seem compatible with our American ideals of personal responsibly and freedoms, including the freedom of religion. In fact, it appears repressive. I heard a lady calling into a talk show in February 2002, in essence she said that the Muslim communities in the United States provide "cover" for the Islamofacists who die to kill us. Is that true? And, 1500 new Saudi students attending American universities. Are we nuts? I can only look at that 1500 figure and say, "We must be..." Now, where was it that I heard about 15 Saudis before...... We, America, will either defend Western Civilization or we will not. Our enemy is color-blind; our enemy is among us. We can make it easy for them by dividing ourselves or we can be "One Nation, Under God, Indivisible..." God bless the men, women, children who were murdered on 9/11. God bless the men and women who worked to rescue people caught in the attacks. God bless the men and women in uniform and undercover who work on our behalf every day. And God bless our friends in Europe. May we all come to our senses and fight the war that has been brought to us, both in the United States and in Europe. May we protect our freedoms, not by giving them up to "secure" them, but by exercising the freedoms that we are already granted by God and have enshrined in our Constitution. Political correctness be damned! From President George W. Bush, tonight, this is not a clash of civilizations but a war for civilization! Amen!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

9/11 - Tributes and Good Old American Guts!

I have just been roundly chastised by my Left Coast operative on my stance regarding illegal immigration and other things. The point of the chastisement is that I should not take the invasion so seriously in the scheme of things, as in recorded history. Look at Jericho as an example. Well, to h-ll with that! I don't want Western Civilization to go quietly into that good night of death and annihilation. I want American citizenship to stand for something. I want the nations of Western Civilization to reassert their heritage. I want us to fight like hell. I'm not ready to give up on Western Civilization yet. The jihadists go to 'heaven' and get to rape 72 virgins if they kill the infidels. What kind of culture preaches that if you kill the enemies and die in the process you get to rape 72 virgins? Lucky girls, eh! On this eve of 9/11, I say, honor the memories of those killed by the jihadists but, for the love of God, don't become victims ourselves. Let the whiney cry babies whimper and gnash their teeth, wrinkle their brows. But it is just un-American to be victims. My ancestors didn't carve homesteads out of the rocks of New England to have their descendents give up. Build the darn fence/wall (check out Great Wall of China); start health screenings of all people trying to come here; but don't whimper and sob. We have brave men and women who aren't living their lives with their tails between their legs. Neither should we. Maybe that's why the Dems have the donkey, to have a tail that reaches between their legs. You want to honor those murdered on 9/11? Kick some butt! And capture bin Laden. Nah, don't worry about him. He's in a cave; let's not make him a martyr. Let's just listen in on his phone calls and read his e-mails. NSA terrorist surveillance, anyone? I can hear General Patton screaming from his grave... What's the Bible say, "God helps those who help themselves." To all of Western Civilization, I say, "Don't expect anyone to defend you but yourselves!" What's taking you so long?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

To Italy's B. Zarro and to Italy, herself - Thank you!

There is a fitting statue on the front page of the Washington Times today of a marble replica of Michelangelo's Pieta. This one is done by B. Zarro, a contemporary artist. The memorial to 9/11 is displayed in Venice. We all know the image, the Holy Mother Mary holding the body of her son, Jesus Christ, in her arms. The artist has the body of Christ resting on the folds of an American flag. The tribute is poignant on many levels. With the exception of the city in the background, the water close behind the statue, the most striking image for me is the flag of the United States of America upon which the body of Christ rests. Did the artist mean this or is it my interpretation, that upon this flag and upon our great nation, rests the hope of the Free World in conquerer the islamic facist march that treatens the world? A threat emboldened by the weak "can't we just" talk it over element among us. May they come to their senses before we citizens - for we are always the ones to pay for the luxury of the elite - must endure another atrocity such as 9/11. God bless the Italians; God bless the artist, B. Zarro; and God bless America!

Cry, cry, Bay-eh-bee, cri-aaah!

Can't you hear Janice Joplin pouring her heart out at the mike? What is all the flap about with the ABC 9/11 show? ABC 9/11 show 'indisputably wrong'p.2, 9/9/06. Did anybody do much about Michael Moore's "truth" filled docu-fiction? Those gullible, naturally, paid good money to see it. The rest of us kept our money for other things such as Coulter's book, Godless. ABC should run the program, un-cut, and call it drama-fiction. The actors playing Berger and Albright and others undoubtedly do a good job with weak material. The writers have to spice it up some. Good grief! All the caterwaulin' leads me to believe the show might be really good. But the wailing does once again show that the Dems and their buddies can dish it out but mercy, they sure can't take it. No matter what the ABC 9/11 show started out like, it has to show all those folks in a better light than their actual behavior displayed. We have it on tape in some cases. Who can ever forget, "I did not have sex with that woman..."? Was the pres having a senior moment or did he just forget? Who can forget Mads and the dancing in North Korea? And Sandy - what is that I have in my pants? Socks too? We had 8 years that ushered in "censorship" and instead of Camelot, we got Broomhilde and Sluts-a-lot. Truth is we don't need the ABC 9/11 show to remind us of the aspirin factories, or the cigars. I just regret that I didn't keep copies of all of the great cartoons that were done during that 8-year era from hell. We don't need the ABC show to remind us of the USS Cole either. Well, at least Oliver Stone's work is always historically accurate. We can rest at night. Ahhhh! Isn't there a film out right now in Canada about the assasination of our President? Would that these leftist-folks could harness their energies to attack the real enemies of the free world. To be fair, they better get their anger and hatred out as quick as they can because if our enemies who want to impose Sharia Law throughout the Western world get their way, some folks won't be making anymore movies or much else for that matter.

Middle East - Generally no progress in 1300 years!

Now I understand it all a bit better. Today in the Washington Times on the first page the article, Saudi religious police outlaw cat, dog sales (front page, 9/9/06), just brought it all together for me. The Religious Police who spend their days chastising women (the bain of men who are too weak to be able to avoid the ladies' inducements to unabashed sin) or making sure men "attend mosque prayers" a kazillion times each day, are now hot on the trail of dog and cat sellers. But that is not the point that brought so much clarity to me in an "Ah hah" moment. Think about it. Okay, to be fair, we have our seat-belt police. But if you had the Religious Police breathing down your burka all day or ushering you to roll out the old prayer rug and face Mecca at least five times a day with your behind to the sky, tell me, would you get any work done? Not being sacrilegious here, just telling it the way it looks to the casual, admittedly infidel, observer. Yet, it does explain why women would opt to stay home, even if they had alternatives. But, no harm intended toward Mohammed, Peace be upon him, the purveyor of the "Religion of Peace". Just occurred to me. In a society where personal responsibility is shunned in favor of the Religious Police keeping you in line, how in the world can any advancements take place - ever? You're too busy keeping out of trouble to have a thought of any kind, unless it is the burning desire to "kill the infidel". At least, if you managed to kill yourself in the process, you'd be outta here and kiss those Religious Police goodbye on your way to puckering up for those "alleged" virgins. Yep, Sharia Law and the Religious Police hounding us throughout the live-long-day will go over big here in the USA. Especially in a society like ours where people for the most part (those not generationally enslaved to the welfare state) take the inititive, get off their collective or individual butts and get things done. Those unctuous little former presidents might want to think again before deciding the time is ripe to spread their Islamic Imperialism here. Not quite yet. Have you noticed how the Islamist have adopted the poor-little us, victim mentality. And we say those libs aren't good for anything. No one it seems is immune to their plaintive sobs of "woe, woe, I a victim." We've got other fish to fry! Oh, maybe a couple or three jihadist terrorists...

Freedom of Speech in America - 305 Days a Year

No more freedom of speech for you, you dolt!
You thought you had freedom of speech in American, First Amendment and all that. But, noooooo! Not for the next 60 days. If you want to run an ad for or against an incumbent, you'll be in violation of the ill-advised McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act, designed exclusively to ensure the re-election of incumbents and to restrict Freedom of Speech as we know it. As we move into the most fun-time ever, traditionally used to slam incumbents and laud challengers, the up-tight duffises have taken all the fun out of otherwise rip-roaring good old American fun. If you can't lampoon candidates, who the heck can you rake over the coals for their assinine behavior - in either party. With all due respect, it would seem that a prisoner of war where every "right" was curtailed would be vehement in his defense of our liberties here at home. Alas, that is not the case. We are moving toward 1984 everyday. You can have free speech but only on selected issues and only for 305 days a year. But it can't be "hate" speech as determined by the Ministry of Speech Police. Are we in the blogosphere violating the Reform Act if we "blaspheme" some of the elected officials who couldn't get and hold real jobs and have somehow turned themselves from citizen-representatives expected by the Constitution to have 'real' jobs among their constitutents into welfare government lackies with set holiday recesses, tidy pensions, and health care only the few could dream of? Probably. I read yesterday in the The Washington Times even organizations who want to run ads for or against a given issue, without naming candidates (generally incumbents) are having to get court-ordered permission. What the hell are we coming to as a nation? Re-read Orwell's 1984. It'll curl your ears to see the similarities with what has come to pass. And, having braved that, take on Animal Farm. That's the delightful "children's story" (cough) in which some animals are more equal than other animals. I'd bet money that those books are NOT taught in American schools today in any language. Make notes, write in the margins. Build for yourself a list of the freedoms subtly re-directed. But have fun with it. The excercise could provide you a list of potentially hilarious blog posts when coupled with the ass-backward way we are doing things now in the "freedoms" catagory. This list with a tad of research as supporting documentation could keep you busy for months. The Campaign Finance Reform Act is great. It has stiffled the freedom of speech of we the little guys, and allowed the 504(c3) groups like to flourish. Way to go Johnny and Russ. You champions of liberty, freedom, and open borders.

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