Sunday, October 03, 2010

Ground Zero Victory Mosque tribute to Star of Daivd

Ground Zero Mosque uplifting to Jewish Star of David.

The Victory Mosque and perhaps Islamic terrorist center or focal point seems to have a futuristic design that places the Star of David prominently in its facade design.  I could not see any Christian Crosses within the design and of course no Star and Crescent were visible.

Mohammed says in the Koran tell the infidels whatever you must to advance Islam and that means lie and fabricate whatever you need to say to "pull the wool over the eyes of the infidel."  It's there and no one can refute it.  The followers of Islam are ordered to lie to unbelievers and those lies are "forgive" and expected to advance Islam.

This one directive alone, not to mention the kazillions of others, make it difficult for some unbelievers to trust any words, promises, or moderate statements that come from followers of Islam.  When one tries to befriend followers of Islam, then one reads "take not Christians or Jews as friends."

How does the follower of Islam walk that tight rope or high wire of duplicity when trying to have friends among infidels and when trying to assimilate into a culture such as America's culture which is founded in individual equality before the law when Islamic law in and of itself places Muslim as second-class members of the society and treats unbelievers worse?

It is confusing and the problem Christians face which Jews may or may not face is that Christians are directed to "treat others as they would be treated?"  "To love thy neighbor as thyself..."

Maybe my views are just simplistic where these issues are concerned but I cannot find a way to reconcile the different ideological belief systems.  In Christianity, some of us have been taught that we have individual responsibilities to our families and to our nation yet the Islamic ideology, as I understand it, says the individual is subservient to the good of the group or the good of the tribe and the individual is of value to the ummah (sp) with on or few individual rights within that ideological structure.

It is Sunday night and just a little rambling here.

On the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero, we all know it will be nothing remotely like an inter-faith facility and the Muslims will be protected in their prayer, etc. in the lower levels of the building.  The room which will be open to all people will be the top floor...

I can hardly help but be cynical here but that is convenient in the event that other Islamic fundamentalist terrorists don't do as well with their air plane gliding lessons as the 19 Saudi hijacker murderers did...

I apologize but as much as I want to have friends among the "moderate" Muslims I don't see how they can reconcile that facade of friendship with the teachings and directives of the Koran.  There just isn't any wiggle room in "don't take Christians and Jews as friends."

If you can show me the wiggle room, please let me know...

How can I follow my faith when there is absolutely no "give" from the other side?  How can you be kind to those who are taught to destroy all you believe in?

I suppose I can pray for the "infidels" (infidels works for those on either side of this divide) who want to destroy my way of life and try to set an example of kindness and love even when I know that as much as I want it to be otherwise, the Holy Book of Islam orders that we cannot come together a people at a human level and care for one another;  the Koran gives strict orders against that possibility.

So why do we open ourselves to what can only be heartbreak?

Islam is one of the largest "ideologies" in the world in terms of membership so why does anyone who practices Islam have to move to the United States to practice his or her "faith?"  Why do the followers of Islam find it necessary to colonize the United States and establish hundreds of mosques here when they are free to practice their "faith" throughout the world?

That cannot be said for Christians and Jews because they cannot freely establish churches or communities within nations that are ruled by Islamic law.  Let me know when Saudi Arabia or Syria allows Christians and Jews from America to move into their nations, establish communities, and freely practice their religions.

What is good for the goose should be good for the gander?  Right?


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