Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sharia law creeps closer to you: honor murders in Dallas, Texas for one

Sharia in the raw as Somali man is stoned, begging for his life.  This post is nearly one year old but you can find current examples of the barbarism of Islam with a cursory look at Jihad Watch or Dhimmi Watch.

Tundra Tabloids is another good blog for daily updates about Islamic barbarism and the endemic terror and fear associated with the heinous enforcement of Sharia.

When considering the brutality and barbarity of Islamic law, you have to laugh at the dust-up about our treatment of Islamic terrorist held at the GITMO Terrorist country club where everyone gets their halal meals catered and nearly every "detainee" puts on weight.  They never had it so good.  Probably get medical care and were de-liced early on.

At Tundra Tabloids also take a look at the faces of women lawyers who have had acid thrown on their faces by male lawyer colleagues.

STOP Sharia or Islamic Law from worming its way into our nation.  Stop it cold.  Make laws against it and declare Islam a political ideology that is a pervasive threat to our lives and our U.S. Constitutional government.  Declare Islam a criminal enterprise under such laws as RICO statutes or any other criminal laws that would ban it from America.

I am not against Muslims who are moderate, so-called, and do not want to destroy our nation but I have to wonder what side they'd agree with when we should reach a tipping point.  This does not have to reached through physical numbers.  It can be reached through our lack of bravery and vigilance.

We cannot throw America and this grand experiment in freedom away.  We cannot allow a virus to flourish within our borders;  we cannot allow a pandemic to continue its march to overthrow Europe.  Soon England will be no more and Queen Elizabeth II not even a shadow of her namesake - that brave Queen Elizabeth I - will be known as the English Queen that presided over the destruction of England and English Law.

And how much longer will we be able to call England an ally once the radical imam of London sees his prophecy come true when Islam overwhelms England like a title wave sweeps over a seemingly defenseless people who themselves may have forsaken their God.

When will this upside down insanity say the "honor" killings are okay; they're just a cultural thing and they are condoned by the Koran and therefore they are not murder at all, just a man following the teachings of  Mohammed?

Stop the insanity and reach deep for common sense to save yourselves, to save ourselves.  We have a sickness that has been loosed against us as deadly and any "man-made" virus could ever be...  As epidemic and as ruthless and relentless.


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