Thursday, September 30, 2010

Law of Koran eroding our foundational laws like a bad parasite

Bill Gertz comes through once again in his attempts to wake us up to the very real and insidious as well as relentless assault from Islam's anti-American leaders.

href="">Shariah a danger to US Security pros say.

In the article mention is made about not using the term Islamist so as not to offend "moderate" Muslims.  I'm not sure how that can happen.  We have to find a way to discuss the crusade that has been mounted against us and Western Civilization generally.

I urge Americans to read the Koran and to see the hatred pouring out of the Koran toward we infidels.  Also, keep in mind that about 60% or so of the Koran was taken from the Holy Bible with major omissions when it comes to the New Testament.

The driving directives from Mohammad are to destroy or convert the unbelievers.  The Koran does have a clear directive that we in the West need to use.  As France has outlawed veils or face coverings, we need to do other things such as outlaw the wearing of the burqa and cast it as a symbol of slavery and as a symbol of second-class citizenship used to remind women of their role within the totalitarianism that is Islam.

I find it interesting that followers of Islam use so many traditions that are clearly Jewish in nature.

Here are just a few:
    -  the dress of Mary, the mother of Jesus - this dress was traditional and grew out of the Bedouin nomads for protection from dust, heat, and the burning sun;  the burqa is NOT remotely related to an Islamic "religious" code;
    - the use of a head covering for Muslim men unlike the Jewish Yahmaka in design only
   - the beads or prayer beads used by Jewish folks, the 99 names for God beads used by Muslim men, and the Rosary used by Catholics.  And of course there is the kosher food used by the Jewish folks from which the Muslim Halal food is derived.

Of  course there are arranged marriages in both cultures.

I do not know enough about the Jewish faith to make all of the comparisons which exist but it is interesting to me that Muslims and Muslim leaders in the Middle East want to drive the Israelis into the sea saying that the land must be returned to its rightful "owners."

Well, with 4 to 5,000 years and more of Jewish traditions founded in what is now Israel and Islam being very new on the scene, I'd say the Jewish folks were there first and the Muslims under the sword of Mohammed and his merry bands of war lords took the land through the age old "rape, pillage, and plunder" model.

And then let's not forget the Crusades.  Also we need to remember that Muslims were crusaders as well but to the first point.  From the time of Christ until Mohammed and his boys got busy killing and converting folks the region of the Mediterranean was predominately Christian so it would seem that the Crusaders were trying to take the Holy Lands back from the Crusading war lords of Islam.

We westerners don't read or study much about the Crusades - we are in the middle or another phase of that never-ending war once again with the Muslims leadership seeing their time to take back lands they conquered such as Cordoba Spain.

In the Koran, Muslims or believers are directed to live where they find themselves accepted.  When or if an area becomes inhospitable, they are directed by Mohammed to return to a place and environment that is more hospitable.  So, what to do?  Here are a few easy steps.

Make the wearing of the veil and the burqa illegal.
Recognize that Islam has within it the many faces and aspects of a theocratic tyranny that is ordered by the Koran as well to overthrow the governments of Western Civilizations.  These aspects need to be recognized just as one would recognize a genuine threat to the survival of the host civilization and the parasite must be denounced as a threat and removed.

Immigrations laws need to be redefined and no one trying to immigrate from a nation that is hostile to our survival, that sponsors terrorists of any stripe, must be denied entry.  As many such folks are colonizing nations which have traditionally been allies making importation easier, our laws need to be refined so that folks who are not historically indigenous to our allies should be denied entry.

Certainly no one from any nation that sponsors terrorists and that wants to drive our allies into the sea should be allowed into the nation.

And we clearly have lost our minds when we allow Mad Jad and Hugo Chavez to speak their tripe on the floor of the United Nations.  These two men as examples although perhaps enjoyed by some of our leaders should not be allowed into this country for any reason and under any guise.

Not one more mosque should be allowed to be built in America or North of South America for that matter.  They are not places of worship but rather they are focal points for safe havens for terrorists and for plotting and planning and implementing attacks upon our nation.

We do protect "freedom of religion" but any ideology that has as its goal world domination and the overthrow of our nation is NOT a religion.

Wake up, Americans and stop accommodating those who would destroy your way of life and who would have you bow to Allah and submit to Sharia authoritarianism.  Islam is not compatible with America's Democratic Republic.  No true Muslim can follow Mohammed's Sunnah

Roll up your sleeves, become educated, and be more and more vigilant and then put your foot down and say where is the ACLU to stop the encroachment into our schools but still it can be argued that Islam is not a religion and it must be stopped from being forced upon our children through our public schools.

In America today, some folks are more equal than other folks and followers of Islam have the "do what you want card" and no one will stop you so set up your precedents and our laws will bend over backwards to let you have access to our children.

At least educators in Texas are opening their eyes... and being vigilant when it comes to Islamic indoctrination in their textbooks.

As an aside, the Trinity is the one sin Allah will not forgive and for many of us, that is one issue that cannot be reconciled.  Many Jewish folks do not believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God so that is another similarity within Islam and the Jewish faith.

Forgive my rambling.  If you have time check out the Center for Security Policy, the International Civil Liberties Alliance, and the Gates of Vienna.

May the God of our founding fathers bless Americans and give us the strength to be the people we are destined to be.  Unlike our president, I do not believe America's time is over.  I believe we have a president who was brought up by a mother who hated white people and taught her 1/2 white son to do the same.

Stop the Ground Zero mosque and stand vigilant against those who would destroy us, our children's futures, and our nation of laws under our U.S. Constitution.  God bless you...


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