Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feds may not help Arizona

Feds may not help Arizona process illegals referred to ICE. Shame on Janet Napolitano, former governor of Arizona, leaving her former citizens hanging in the wind. States must take matters into their own hands and defend their citizens from the crime and destruction of property of state citizens. When a generally small state like Arizona, population wise is forced to do the Feds job, using the Feds own illegal immigrant laws, to defend its citizens that must be a slap in the arrogant faces of Holder and Janet who at least had the good grace to admit not having read the Arizona legislation. This issue will boil into our streets and I predict that drug cartels and human traffickers will bring their Colombian-style intimidation into our cities and parks. We could say let's wait and see but it is beyond the wait and see stage. Homes are being destroyed and citizens or visitors to Arizona are being kidnapped. The State Department has issued warnings that the safety of American citizens along our Southern border cannot be assured, nor can the safety of citizens be assured in Arizona. The Feds certainly have turned their back on us. It has to be embarrassing to the 'thugs from Chicago' when they demonstrate that they will not or may not help a state enforce Federal immigration law and they won't enforce Federal immigration law within states. We have reached a sad day in America but then maybe our Executive Branch wants a Colombian-style drug cartel or insurgency along the Arizona border to give them an excuse to put the restraints on law-abiding American citizens. Tired of hearing about this. Well, hold on because there is a lot more to hear and see. But for starters let's take a look at Cochise County, AZ to refresh our memory. This page is not available at the moment. It was a slide show presentation showing how the county is being destroyed by illegals. Initially found at

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