Friday, May 21, 2010

Barack: the Neville Chamberlain of our age!

Charles Krauthammer does it again with insight and clarity cutting to the chase: Fruits of Weakness. With Neville Barack in the White House, our allies cannot afford to be our allies because any president who will sell out and demean his nation and his states such as Arizona trying to implement Federal Immigration Law, will not be there when the rubber meets the road for our Allies. Barack Obama only makes our enemies rejoice at our stupidity or naivete and they will take full advantage of his Socialist/Marxist policies to turn America into a third world nation. With friends like Calderon to the South not trying to keep his people from invading us because he needs the money they send to Mexico and a US president saying a nation is not defined by its borders, we are literally in Peking Duck Soup... Obama is the "Neville Chamberlain" of our age. God help us and our allies through the next three years. Barack shows weakness at every turn and that emboldens our enemies... Be of good cheer; as America retreats as fast as Obama can make it happen, other nations that are are allies will flock to pick the winners and it won't be us. The more he retreats, the more our chances for trade beneficial to our people and the creation of American jobs, will decrease. We may reach a time when 9.9 % unemployment will seem like the "good old days."

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