Sunday, May 16, 2010

Arizona: defends citizens and state

Palin Criticizes Attorney General Holder for not reading Arizona law. Support Arizona for protecting ALL of her citizens and for protecting those of us who may travel there. The US State Department has issued a warning that the safety of American citizens cannot be assured along our Southern border. Why? Because the federal government of the US, with the exception of the Border Patrol, has given up any semblance of being a sovereign nation among nations. How can any nation respect the US as a sovereign nation when we will put our citizens throughout the nation at risk and when we will not defend our nation from invasion. There are legal ways to come to the United States. If you are white or can be considered as white, you need not apply for citizenship because you are not among the preferred "class" that is wanted here by our government. Or nation is spiraling the drain and our leaders are creating a situation they will not be able or willing to correct. What nation with sane leadership would allow 12 million or more illegal aliens to enter and take up residence? What nation would give citizenship to children born to illegal aliens? A thorough reading of the 10th Amendment, I believe that may be the one, makes it clear that citizenship is given to those under the control or whatever of the US. illegal aliens and their children born here are under the controlling authority of the nation from which they have come. We are being led by insanity and are on a suicide course leading to our destruction which I submit is not what the illegals actually want but that is what they will get. Our leaders sold us out long ago certainly under Clinton, Bush 43 and most assuredly under our current administration. An entire "cottage industry" has grown up around the notion of "national security" yet our leaders long for a successful terrorist attack so that they can declare martial law or so that we will foolishly scream for more security thereby opening the door for draconian chains to clamped upon us. The federal government should be embarrassed in their impotence in not securing our borders. The world leaders spit on us as well they should. Mr. Obama made a funny "joke" recently when he mocked Arizona and said something like if he were stopped there, he'd have to show his "papers". What is funny here is that he refuses to show his birth certificate to the American people. I thought McCain was the Mancherian Candidate but I was wrong. Support Arizona. Go to the link and sign the petition. It is the least we can do for one state protecting its citizens. Too bad that girls basketball team was not allowed to attend the conference. Maybe they would have seen the folks at their motel/hotel with armed men protecting the patrons cars from theft. Support Arizona. Your state could be the next to be overrun. When I was in Turkey, Texas - yes it is true - I met a veteran of WWII who was of Hispanic ancestry. He was furious about the illegals taking our resources that we have worked for and paid taxes to provide for our citizens. God bless. Going to watch the Pro-tennis finals in Madrid. It will be a match-up between Federer and Nadal so it could be hours of Federer returning Nadal's serves with his right backhand. What a marvel to be able to watch those champions, those masters in their fields. (forgive the spelling errors. I'm using Safari and it doesn't support posting very well... As I said - God Bless; have a good day and keep our Border Patrol Agents and the families along our borders in your prayers.


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