Monday, May 17, 2010

Hispanics support increase in crime,lawlessness, and breaking of US laws?

Hispanics take political aim at Arizona's law? Could that be true? probably not but this situation makes it appear so. If you read this article, please read the comments. Once American citizens of Hispanic ancestry see their taxes going to support free-loaders and once they see their children's livelihoods weakened by illegal aliens maybe they'll change their tune. Or maybe they'll have to be robbed or have someone in their family injured or maimed as was my friend before they realize that we are either a nation of laws or we are a nation of anarchy and believe me, we don't want the latter. I agree with several commentors that this is not a "racist" issue. This is a law and order issue and those who are against Arizona's law are for criminals coming and breaking more laws. I have a friend maimed for life including the loss of one eye during a car accident when she was driving and she and her mother were hit head-on by a drunk illegal Mexican. Of course, Jerry Rivera also says that is a cultural heritage thing and getting drunk is just part of the Hispanic culture. How patronizing of him... Maybe he could explain that to another friend of mine whose husband was killed in a head-on car injury when they were returning home and were hit by a drunk illegal alien in Virginia. Or maybe he could explain that to the two families who lost their young daughters in Virginia Beach a year or so ago when they were hit by a drunk illegal alien from Mexico, a driver who stole their lives and denied them ever getting married or having children, who denied their parents of the joy of grandchildren and the joy of watching and participating in their daughters growing into young adulthood and on. My friend's mother was killed by the drunk illegal, here illegally, driving illegally, and a murderer. Yeah, let 'em all in. Have we lost our minds? Yes and just because politicians want votes. I applaud the governor of Arizona and the Legislature folks for standing up for the defense of their citizens. No other nation in the world allows its borders to be over-run. Get your campers and send several thousand Americans zooming across into Mexico. Wait and see how fast they are rounded up and jailed then blackmailed by Mexican authorities. We have lost our sovereignty and our dignity. How can any nation respect a nation that doesn't respect itself? If you were in leadership in another nation would you trust a word out of the mouth of several of our recent presidents including the current one? Not in anything dealing with defending your nation. If you did, you'd be an idiot when our nation's leaders have no regard for the safety of the 12,000 Americans killed every year on the highways by illegals not to mention their other crimes. Support Arizona. If you don't support Arizona, who will be there to support you? Through the indifference of our federal government - not the Border Patrol - our lives are at risk and we are denied the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of our dreams and ambitions because of that risk from government leaders who are sworn to at the very least defend the nation from invasion. Oh, they'll be happy to defend our borders if / when we are ready to give up more freedom.

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Blogger Col. B. Bunny said...

I remember reading a sci fi short story when I was in high school. One could buy a ticket for a virtual adventure, which would take place from a recliner in a dark room. The patron finds himself in a jungle where a tentacle kind of vine coils around his leg and starts to drain his blood. Gradually, the patron comes to realize that the experience is real and that he must, in fact, take action to save himself.

It's a story that constantly comes to mind when I contemplate our current slide toward revolution and our madness on the issue of immigration in particular.

I don't know what it will take to burst thru the denial that's operating. It's a concrete barrier that's 15 ft. thick and higher than Jack's beanstalk. And still the nation sleeps . . . .

I take it as a personal insult that someone dares to enter our country unbidden. A great many others consider it a fulfillment of our most fundamental vision.

Couldn't I foment just a teeny bit of insurrection,, please?

7:34 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Of course you can, Col. Don't want to hurt a bunny's feelings when he wants to come out and play :) but don't you think the executive branch/the dictator's cadre are doing enough of the fomenting or frothing for all of us?

12:05 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Nothing short of being hit by a Chinese nuke will get our attention or perhaps someone shutting down the grid so we won't be able to have hot meatloaf and cold beer. Now, that might get folk's attention, eh?

12:07 PM  

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