Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boycott Mexico not Arizona

Calderon, Calderon addresses Congress and steps in it by lecturing us on immigration laws when Arizona is only trying to protect its citizens and their property and Mexico has its army with real ammunition stationed on its Southern border. Then we have bankrupt California boycotting Arizona. I say, pull the plug on LA and they can read their signs in all languages in the dark. Then let's boycott Mexico. Our State Department warns that our safety cannot be assured along our Southern border; Phoenix, Arizona is the kidnapping capital of the world or US at least, and folks are being beheaded in Mexico. Let's just keep our Yankee tourist dollars here at home or vacation elsewhere. There are plenty of places to visit in the US in the mid or Southwest. And while we are doing that, visiting here at home, let's get our government to take taxes out of the dollars illegals from Mexico send to Mexico every year. Make it an export tax; just tax it so that the money is not worth much by the time it gets to Mexico and we'll be taxing illegals providing a disincentive to come here. While we are at it then we have to tax banks such as the Bank of America for every dollar they transfer into accounts in Mexico receiving Yankee dollars from illegals here in the US. Perhaps in all these banking laws the Democrats are passing, we should penalize banks for allowing folks they know are illegals to open accounts here or to deposit US dollars into accounts in Mexico. Aren't there laws against money-laundering? Keep those cruise lines away from Cancun and away from the Mexican Pacific Ocean ports of call or lay additional taxes on the money we take into Mexico through tourism. On a lighter note, Obama tells us that we don't need to worry about illegals from Mexico learning English, we need to make sure our children are learning Spanish. Here I agree with him for several reasons not the least of which is when we become a One World government we should get a world passport allowing us unrestricted travel to South America. Not all South American land districts, no longer sovereign nations, have Spanish as their general language so knowing Spanish should give us greater mobility. I am reminded by a person's comments about illegal immigration into and around San Diego. The writer said we would not have to be concerned about illegal immigration once we became a Third World nation. The Executive Branch is bent on this occurring but I wonder if they realize that once they have brought us into Third World status, they will be depleting their own beggar based constituency's desire to come here. Our parks and waterways are already being destroyed with debris, feces, and general filth. We cannot expect people who are no respecters of our laws to give a flip about maintaining the beauty of our lands, parks, streams, etc. Interesting how things have unintended consequences. It would be nice when Hispanic Americans come to realize that they are by nature conservatives and Republicans...not union thugs. Let's keep our Yankee tourist dollars out of Mexico. Calderon should be ashamed of himself. Our president and our dems in Congress cannot be ashamed of themselves because they have no shame just their mighty agenda for absolute control over us from cradle to grave and through their "death care legislation" they'll have more control on when the plug is pulled on us through denial of medical treatment. Oh, happy day... We should be rewarding Arizona and other states such as North Carolina should adopt Arizona's laws regarding illegal immigrants. Virginia might think about doing the same as Virginia Beach, like San Francisco, is a sanctuary city where Federal immigration laws may or may not be enforced. But don't call taxpayer funded ICE, no help there as they won't help Arizona with folks identified as illegals. This will all come to a head and that is just what the Executive may want. if they don't have a crisis to use, they can create one BUT they cannot always know the outcome. I think the governor of Arizona can call out the national guard so why wait on help from an administration that wants the chaos? Remember, we need to be careful not to scream too loudly for help because that is just another crisis they'd be happy to address with stricter laws on us.

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