Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mosque near World Trade Centers' site of infamy

I have had a difficult time trying to write about this issue because I do not look at Islam as a religion but rather as a political party at the very least in line with the goals of our current Congress, our Executive Branch, and our president. Christians cannot build churches in Islamic Republics and yet we allow mosques with inflammatory imams to rise like places fomenting revolution all across the United States. Islamists are here to overthrow our nation, and like Obama fundamentally change our way of life through the institution of Sharia Law which is Islamic law taken from the Koran. You can't have it both ways, being a "peaceful religion on one hand" and the bedrock for upheaval. Regarding Christian churches in Islamic Republics, those that exist from years gone by cannot be repaired and Christians, allowed to practice their religion do it for a fee or tax much in opposition to Jefferson's early attack upon non-Anglicans being taxed in Virginia for practicing being Baptists among other religions. We have "freedom from religion" in America but most religions in America do not have a Twenty Year plan to destroy America and bring it to heel in submission to Islam. To me, in America, Islam as practiced by those who want to undo our nation is not a religion in the classic sense but a political party or a political arm of Islamic Republics or nations such as Saudi Arabia which reputedly practices the most virulent form of Islam, Wahabbism. We need to be ever vigilant and frankly we have to be smarter. The Islamists in America are using our laws against us and we are smart enough to use our laws against them. We'd best get to it. Islamists have created a new threat and we are just not used to our "religions" intent on overthrowing the government. In the current Executive Branch, they have supporters because the goals are the same, although the means may be different. Beware Sharia Law. It is in our banking, domestic and international, in our schools, etc. Perhaps we need to get a little tougher as France is trying to do - for our own survival. Religious freedom is fine but what happens when it crosses the line and you find yourself having to defend yourself. Do you think you'll have religious freedom much longer? Don't buy into Obama's faith-based initiatives no matter how good the money looks. When the government gets involved and your church takes tax dollars, you've sold your soul for much less than 30 pieces of silver. With Islamists all is symbolism like the crescent shaped memorial in PA where Flight 93 went down, like the beheading of Daniel Pearl, Lost in Obama's imagination. The Islamists gain strength and momentum through symbolism. What better place for a 13 story mosque and Islamic community center? Each and every day, they can look out of their windows, what a marvelous stroke of propaganda, a visual reminder of the worst attack against America, and see the handiwork of fellow travelers and they will be free to teach supremacy... At the very least we should put a stop to foreign money from Saudi Arabia peppering our nation with mosques unless we have equal freedom to pepper Saudi Arabia with Christian churches and Jewish temples. And second, we must not allow anti-American imams into our prisons to recruit new adherents to violence. Can't do that, you say? Just declare Islamists as a political party and of course you can. I don't believe all Muslims want to destroy our nation nor are all Muslims in America terrorists but all recent terrorists have been and are Muslims. Stop the building of that mosque over-looking the site where the World Trade Centers once stood. It is a mockery and an insult to all of us and to the 3,000 souls of all ethnicities and all religious belief systems who were slaughtered like sheep to the killing streets of Denmark. Like it or not, we are going to be forced to face those who have declared war against us. It won't be a pretty sight. I do hope that we will be able to keep our heads about us and not turn toward SEIU-type intimidation. We must protect law-abiding followers of Islam even as we fight those sworn to destroy us. One thing we know for certain, they are faithful to their oath just as those elected swine sworn to defend our Constitution and defend our nation are indifferent to their oaths of office. We must follow the words of Rudyard Kipling in his poem "If" and keep our heads about us. In this case, we need to keep our heads on our shoulders.

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