Friday, May 14, 2010

Sarkozy threatens to leave Euro: Thank God

President Nicolas Sarkozy threatened to pull France out of euro. Thank God and ditto to that. Amen... From my perspective the EU is a ploy to take up where WWII left off with Germany and other nations of Europe trying to reclaim their fame as strong European nations. What the EU has shown - once again - is that Socialism and Death Panels do not work. Man cannot be fulfilled and make great accomplishments if he and his ingenuity are clamped down under the bushels of Brussels. Dissolve the EU and the sooner the better. The Global Government will not work. Now is you want to give me, an an American, a passport to all of South America and tell me I can settle anywhere and not confiscate one half of my total monetary wealth, then I'm becoming more in line with that. Our government is importing insurgents and folks given to revolutions so give me a way out. Politicians make me sick and Nancy Pelosi especially asking priests to preach "illegal immigration" from the pulpit and have the nerve to ask on the floor of the Senate: "What would Jesus do?" Well, not kill unborn babies, Nancy, on demand. And right now, you should not be allowed to take Holy Communion, you hypocrite... Gotta go and watch pro-tennis and maybe catch a movie. Someone has to feed the liberals in Hollywood... Have a good weekend...

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