Saturday, May 22, 2010

D.C. Metro Police escort SEIU to Baer's home

D.C. Metro police escorted SEIU protesters to Greg Baer's Home. Well, boy howdy! No wonder D.C. is the Murder Capital of the United States what with D.C. police escorting unlawful protesters of the SEIU thug variety onto the private property of an executive of Bank of America. Of course, police are supposed to "protect and serve" and it looks like these days they protect and serve the thugs. Can you imagine how Baer's young son felt with his home surrounded with thugs even up to and onto the front porch? I'm not a lawyer but it seems to me that Mr. Baer has plenty of reasons to sue the D.C. Metro Police for at the very least stupidity and the SEIU for any number of things, among them "domestic terrorism" and protesting on private property, his front lawn and front porch. But never fear, the protesters were being guided and protected by the D.C. Metro Police who had no authority to protect the young man who had locked himself in his bathroom. How shameful of the police. The dad had to find a safe way into his home to rescue his younger son with his older son also in the family car/vehicle. Well, this is what America has come to with a "community organizer" in the White House whose initial jobs were grant funded positions so that he could organize communities to sue banks among other things such as create and serve on the boards of foundations and launch his political career from the home of Billie Ayers, the son of an executive as well as our own domestic terrorist before we really knew what they were. Welcome to Obama land, the land of Saul Alinsky - that great community organizer of whom both Obama and Hillary Clinton also from Chicago are most proud. A citizenry in upheaval is what the Executive wants because if they don't have a "crisis which is a terrible thing to waste" they will be in a position to create a "crisis." Welcome to Lenin's Revolution. First they came for the banks then they turned all industry and agriculture into "communes" or communist governed areas of work. The one thing we know positively is that the socialist/communist governed lifestyle or work ethic does not work because there is no incentive except the barrel of a government gun for citizens to work and keep what they earn and no incentive to develop "American exceptionalism." I still think that our elite elected leaders sworn to protect and defend our nation and our U.S. Constitution better be careful what they wish for. They are importing folks used to domestic marches and such that can become nasty. They are importing folks who are used to domestic acts of insurrection and revolution. Of America, Canada, and Mexico, which of these three land masses not defined by their borders, therefore not sovereign nations, have had the most revolutions by their citizens in the past 100 or so years? We are beginning to see that Obama wants to destroy this nation and he can be successful but never forget, what man creates, we Americans can undo no matter how deep the termites infest our "first principles." New citizens from Mexico of Hispanic heritage, not all from Mexico are of Hispanic heritage as you'll find if you check the CIA World Fact Book, are conservative and don't want revolution for their children. They need to band with conservatives in the Tea Party program and/or conservative Republicans because they are much more alike than they are different. The all want stable families, most are against abortion and all for punishing child molesters or rapists, they believe in strong Christian values and they have no natural animosity against their European neighbors otherwise known as "white" people, the so-called scourge of the earth. Together Americans can undo the harm being created by Obama and the "congress" he has worked pretty hard. There is hardly a bill or piece of legislation coming out of congress that is less than 1,000 pages. Keep the Baer family in mind. Is that intimidation and chaos what you want on your porch and lawn frightening your children and family? Is that the anarchy that America is all about? No...

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