Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama's Coup: Anti-American and against implementing Federal Immigration Laws

Inside the Beltway, Arizona Mettle. I think Arizona could become a model for the nation in curbing the influx of illegal aliens from Mexico and other nations such as China as well as the Islamist Jihadists who want to kill us. It will be nice when we have a president of the United States, assuming we survive 2 and 1/2 more years as a nation "not defined by borders". I never thought I'd live to see a president and an administration that looked for any and all opportunities to tear down our nation, to denigrate it before the world, and to send us into bankruptcy. To think our president would allow a foreign nation's president to denigrate Federal Law on immigration on the floor of the House and support those views and then to see Congressmen give Calderon a standing ovation for denigrating our nation and Arizona for trying to uphold US Federal Immigration law defies belief. But as Rush Limbaugh mentioned today, Obama has his boot on the neck of America and "the jack-booted thugs" from Chicago are running rough shod with their shiny black boots all over America praying for the next crisis to turn to their advantage. We have to pray for no successful Islamist terrorist attack and we have to pray for no violence from American citizens because we cannot give the Chicago "thugs" any reason to declare martial law 'cause they're just itching for that. And any reason will do... Now we have ICE and Janet Napolitano saying they won't help Arizona deport illegals. Well, folks, ICE and Janet are paid by American tax dollars - tax dollars from ALL Americans and the Federal government won't help a state in dire straits? We have our dictator but it is best if we don't let him know we know that the emperor has nothing on under that suit or rain coat. As the cartoonist for the Washington Times wrote during the presidential election cycle, Obama is an empty raincoat. That was the cartoon. Perhaps he will get stopped to show "his papers" in Arizona, then maybe we'll find out if he is an American citizen. With his dislike for this nation, based upon his behavior, one has to wonder. The folks in Iowa voted for him in the Democrat caucus process and now we're stuck with him. I wonder how that's working for them - those folks in Iowa. Ben Nelson of OK made out well in his buy-out bargain sale for his vote to hamstring us into Obama medical death panels. It looks like the largess of the Executive pays off for the Senators with no integrity. And the administration has plenty of perks so it can "do a Nelson" any time it needs votes. On Calderon, keep out of our national politics and keep your citizens at home. Of course, we know you are violating our immigration laws simply because your miserably corrupt land mass, no borders there, needs the money. A "nation" without borders is "no nation" at all. Even if others, pro-American in their ideologies get into the Congress or Senate in 2010, the Executive still has "Executive Orders" so Obama can do essentially what he wants to carry out his coup against America. Only one woman's opinion but it looks like a coup to me...

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