Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Obama: Using the Qu'ran or the Holy Bible?

Wesley Pruden at The Washington Times gets it right on every time and he is well-worth reading.  From his latest about "Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and his deadly skivvies" and his probably filthy BVDs, Mr. Pruden has given us:  A little religion for the messiah who some might say got way too much "anti-Americanism", forget anti-Semitism, for his mentor, Dr. Jeremiah "was a bullfrog" Wright, Jr.
Our first major beat down by our president following his "Traveling One Man Show of Abasement and never ending apologies for America" was his ill-founded decision to try a nasty man, an enemy combatant who should by now being swinging from a rope who wants to kill us all with a rusty knife as a "civilian" in a civilian court in New York City so Islamic fundamenatlist terrorists could once again focus on taking a bite out of the Big Apple showed remarkable ignorance along with ego-manical monumental, reaching the heights of his brand of messianic arrogance.   Maybe some dirty bomb undies will wake him up or at least force him to "role play" as the President of all Americans, not just the sadly deluded Islamic terrorists.
Mr. Pruden said it well:
Mr. Obama seems to have put a tentative foot on the sawdust trail that leads to redemption. He seems to understand what's at stake, maybe, and has decided that more speechifying won't stop the mad Muslim suspects who allegedly vow to kill us. We can always hope for change to believe in.
Change we can believe in is a President who does not actively work to denigrate this nation; who does not at every turn work to weaken the American dollar; and who does not aggressively work to enslave us at home to crushing debt just to move us under the thumb of a "New World Government".
Change we can believe in starts with a President who puts America, Americans, and the interests of OUR nation first.  By the way, that is the Oath of Office he swore to uphold.


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