Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Obama: Afghanistan Policy - retreat, retreat, retreat!

Tonight, Mr. Obama is giving his much touted "speech" on our Afghanistan Policy. We - the American people, the Mullahs in Iran, and everyone around the world - knows what the speech will be.
Mr. Obama will send 30,000 troops into Afghanistan to do something or other and THEN he will start bringing them home when they run out of their first helping of field rations. Yep, we're in this one to stay.
Actually, that is what our policy should be in Afghanistan. For defense of America and other "free" societies as well as emerging societies whose people want freedom and self-governance, the United States should at the very least establish permanent military bases in strategic locations throughout Afghanistan. Certainly close to the region where the Taliban and al Qaeda maintain their regional bases and hide-outs.
We have been in Germany since the 1940s. We could leave BUT it would not be in the best interest of the United States or Germany for us to leave. We haven't colonized Germany but Germany provides a very necessary strategic and vital role in our safety. Germany provides the United States staging areas. We'll need those same type of staging areas in Afghanistan.
One thing that some historians have criticized France and perhaps England for is leaving Africa before the local populations had embraced ways of dealing with differing or opposing views without setting out to annihilating those with opposing views or those who belonged to opposing "tribes."
Mr. Obama has a future as a stand-up comedian when he leaves the White House because he actually said in so many words that his administration did not like working with Karzai's government because the Afghan government was so corrupt. Now come on. Conservative or post-liberal progressive, ya gotta laugh at that one coming out of the mouth of a guy from, well, you know where Mr. Obama cut his political eye-teeth. Goodness, Karzai's government is too corrupt for the administration? Well, they might know.
Think of the possibilities. They've got their own poppy fields...
There should be no United States "end game" policy regarding Afghanistan. Look at a world map for goodness sake. Afghanistan's location would put our military in an excellent location when it comes to helping Pakistan or India and even Afghanistan. We need to dig our heels in there in Afghanistan.
We need to build a few bases and dig in. The Taliban and al Qaeda will NEVER run out of young men willing to kill us in the name of Allah. Arafat said it better than I can that it is through the womb of the Muslim women that they will fight us and Western Civilization and, as is happening in Europe, overcome Western Civilization.
Afghanistan is strategic to the safety of the United States. It is not a matter of us staying there "until" Afghan military and civilian police can defend themselves from the Taliban and al Qaeda.
Being in Afghanistan is not the same as being in Iraq. In some ways - although also volatile due to "tribal" animosities going back to the time and death of Mohammad in the 7th Century - Iraq does have that "who's the real Muslim" doctrine thing going on; but Iraqis do have the ability to control those instincts if they want to do so. Also, our purpose for being in Iraq is very much linked, my opinion only, to shoring Iraq up against the control of Iran.
One outcome of the engagements in Iraq could be to tamp down an area that could and would go up in flames under a barrage from Iran. And we have bases established there so that we could be "Johnny on the spot" if the Mullahs did too much saber rattling.
From my perspective, we need to dig in in Afghanistan and stay there with bases - good ones. For our own safety, we cannot look at the war in Afghanistan as a short-term event. We must get the Taliban and al Qaeda under control as best as we can and then dig in to keep them under control.
We cannot allow American lives to be lost in vain by pulling out of Afghanistan. We need to make Afghanistan a partner and you don't abandon your partner. If we leave Afghanistan, like mud from infested swamps, the Taliban and al Qaeda will simply move right back in and build their network of training camps from which to launch more attacks against us.
To fight the Islamic terrorists, we need to dig in in Afghanistan, AND we need to become less PC within our own borders. We cannot give the Taliban or al Qaeda one inch of wiggle room overseas and we MUST defend ourselves here at home. How did Ft. Hood killings happen, exactly? Political correctness. Amen, Gen. George Casey - shame on you!
Good luck to our President Obama as he gives his speech tonight. It is much to pray for but I do pray that he shows strength and not the eloquent anti-American weakness the world has come to know or expect from the "leader of the free world."
I know I'm asking a lot but Mr. Obama is no longer on the campaign trail. He is the President of the United States, that would be the country who gave its blood and treasure to help Europe, not once but twice; who gave its blood and treasure to help the Philippines and the Far East in WWII; and who gave its blood and treasure in the wilderness of Chosen Reservoir and Korea.
Americans have been pledging allegiance to our flag and fighting "on land, in the air, and on the sea" to keep us safe and to rid the world of tyrants. We should declare war on the Taliban and al Qaeda and get on with it - Get on to victory, Mr. President.
The war in Afghanistan against the Taliban and al Qaeda is much more than a football game, Mr. President.
Either send our military there to WIN or bring them home and watch the slaughter to follow. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, America didn't send in troops unless it was to win. What happened? Ah, yes, the UN...


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