Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama: Health/Death Care racist? or just the Stealth Administration

Obamacare's Racial Bigotry is a must read.  As the Washington Times notes, whites and Asians need not apply.  
I would only point out that there are no longer "white" folks in America today, they are non-Hispanic whites.
Mr. Obama was elected by white and non-white skinned folks.  Mostly "white" skinned folks put him into the White House and now he shows his true "racist" attitudes, aside from wanting to deny us medical care - one way to work on genocide and reduce medical costs.  As he said of his own grandmother, "she was a typical white person."  Like Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Mr. Obama has no shame.
He nominally represents us all but would you put any money down on that.  This is the "stealth administration;" it's so transparent you can see right through it.
That time is coming so be safe on the highways this New Year's Eve.  As a friend of mine told me some months ago, "white" is the new "black".  I like it just fine.  
Happy New Year in 2010 and please work/volunteer for and support CONSERVATIVES in 2010 and then in 2012...


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