Sunday, December 20, 2009

Turban Durbin is ranting on the Senate Floor - Why?

The righteous Senator Turban Durbin is wailing away because a Republican Senator said the American people should be praying that some senators didn't show up tonight/tomorrow morning to vote on this health care bill.
Turban Durbin who seems to have never met a military person he really honors is whining that the Republicans were praying that the bill would not pass.
Well, I'm with the Republican Senator. Maybe the snow or the Scotch will keep some Senators away from voting on the health care vote tomorrow morning around 1:30AM. Actually, the snow or Scotch would be a good excuse for some Democrat Senators who don't go along with the bill to give them an out or excuse for not being there to vote.
Is Sheets Byrd there to vote?
Where is Teddy "burp" Kennedy when you need him? He could at least keep Chris Dodd away along with himself as, in the good old days, they'd get drunk and molest the closest waitress.
Turban Durbin calls himself a mere human trying to do his best. Good gawd a'mighty...
Turban Durbin just said he'd suggest a prayer and he doesn't do that very often....
Senator Baucus is not saying that they, the Democrats, are working in good faith. Ho, ho, ho...
Bless their hearts. Let's vote 'em out of office in 2010. Only a few of the Democrat Senators - to me - fall under the characterization of "working in good faith." Turban Durbin doesn't make that grade.


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