Friday, December 18, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama - mmm, mmm, mmm

During this Holy Season, the song used as propaganda in some schools has come to mind several times and most particularly when a friend said he wanted to write a song based upon "Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm".
Well, here's the beginnings of a rough draft. Okay, this is rough but it is only an unedited first draft.
mmm, mmm, mmm
Barack Hussein Obama
He's the ruler of the world and
He's giving it a twirl,
Obama loves the little children of the world.
Red and yellow, black or white,
He'll enslave 'em all to equal plight,
Obama loves the little children of the world.
He's starting small, right here at home with
a Stimulus Bill and a "Health Care Bill" that's sure to kill,
Obama loves the little children of the world, just not the USA.
To Copenhagen He did go to accept a peace prize, don't you know;
Obama loves the little children of the world.
Again to Copenhagen he did go - and surrounded by a foot or so of snow -
Santa no doubt laughing with a hearty "Ho, Ho, Ho!" -
O strove to cripple His enslaved people in the USA with higher debt under the
hoax of Climate Change.
Obama loves the little children of the world, just not the USA.
As anyone would know, even His "dumb-downed" slaves at home, the earth has been enduring climate change for millions of years but
Obama loves the little children of the world, just not the USA.
Don't criticize, don't you dare or you'll get rationed "health care" and
Increased debt to boot cause with Mao's Red Book in hand and Alinsky's
precepts to guide, aided by the most rabidly extreme, radical Democrat leadership on His side, Obama can more tightly bind the enslaved children of the USA.
First they came for our banks, next they came for our CEOs, and now
They come for us - in the wake of their 40,000 carbon footprints in Copenhagen;
Obama loves the little children of the world, just not the USA.
And yet, no one reckons with the American people even the ones who fell for the stylized promises of "Change."
Regardless of which administration is in power, Americans to their core love FREEDOM
And they love the little children of the world, including the USA.
Red and yellow, black or white, Americans send tax money to ease their plight
And non-confiscated personal money to charities because
Americans love the little children of the world and
We won't abide enslaving the little children of the United States.
Americans hold it within their might to stand and at the ballot box to fight
To fight for our children and for the little children of the world.
Once we see the truth
We will not bend our heads under the yoke of the "hammer and the sickle."
American Citizens, mmm, mmm, mmm,
Will not bow before the thieves of FREEDOM and LIBERTY.
We will not bow before the ones who - at every turn - disparage the Honor of America...
Mmm, mmm, mmm!
First we'll save our children and grandchildren here at home, then
We'll teach the little children of the world to feed and save themselves...
---- I said it was a first draft. I am an incurable optimist when it comes to the American people. We are not into European Socialism; we are not communists; and we are not born to become socialists. It is not in our DNA.
It may take us a little bit of time to realize as a Founding Father once said, I think Benjamin Franklin, that if we are willing to give up freedom for security we will end up having neither. That is the precipice we are on now at this very moment.
Are we going to allow ourselves to be stamped into the mold of eternal victimhood or we going to shake off the yoke of serfdom and, like a little Maltese waking from a nap shake himself from his toes to his nose and look for the next challenge to conquer? Have you ever watched a tiny Maltese shake from his toes to his nose? He's in it, heart, body, and Soul.
I'm betting on us. Americans did not fight two World Wars in the face of horrifying weapons, etc, and come out victorious with our allies because we are victims or because we were bound by the chains of the United Nations as we are today.
Bear with me for one little story. When I lived in Japan (for four years), several GIs were taking a Japanese bus back to a major city and they were traveling from small town to small town. The bus broke down. The driver called for help and all of the passengers piled out of the bus to sit along the side of the little hill embankment to wait for help that was hours away.
The GIs - true to American form - opened up the casing over the engine and started to work trying to figure out what had happened to the bus. That's who we are. We don't sit idle. We are Americans.
We - all together roll up our sleeves and work to solve our problems. We need the federal government OUT of our way not dictating to insurance companies what care will be provided and what won't. The list goes on so I won't repeat it all here.
We are those GIs with that broken down bus. American ingenuity and hard work have solved our problems before and we can solve our problems again.
Mr. Obama was not brought up as an American in America. Not his fault. He was brought up in Indonesia with a mom who was Marxist to the core and he was reared under the precepts of fundamentalist Islam until his grandparents moved him to Hawaii where he went to the most elite schools available. Try as he might, he cannot identify with average Americans but then neither can many of our most recent American presidents who, like Mr. Obama, were brought up with great advantages the rest of us simply do not have. The first President Bush, for all of his extraordinary background, was amazed at the scanners in the grocery store check out. Why? Well, would you expect that he would do his own shopping?
I'm just saying, we are Americans and we have to man-up and solve our problems. We cannot allow our elite - in their own minds - to pull the rug of our U.S. Constitution and our freedoms right out from under us. We have to become engaged and we have to become educated. We must become an informed citizenry.
Dollars to donut holes, you won't find a word in the U.S. Constitution about the federal government controlling the educational system or controlling private sector health care.
May God bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe at this Christmas and Hanukkah Season. Above all else, love your loved ones and stay off the highways on New Year's Eve.
God bless America and God bless each of you who make this great nation work; you who make the coffee at our favorite coffee places; you who deliver our newspapers in the dark cold mornings of winter before light; you who help Santa deliver those Christmas presents; you who fight in the rough terrain of Afghanistan and the dust of Iraq; you who serve in our clandestine services. All of you who are the backbone of this great nation. Thank you.



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