Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) sells honor to Harry Reid

Senator Ben Nelson must be burdened by his caving to the "buy out" of Harry Reid. Senator Ben Nelson's sale of his integrity and honor must be a heavy burden indeed.
Talk about smoke-filled, back room deals.
Recently, Senator Ben Nelson (D - Nebraska) has stood firm that he would not vote for the Democrat leadership's draconian "health care" bill. A bill that no Senator or Congressman will have to rely on for medical care.
Senator Nelson said that abortions should not be paid for by taxpayer money. He also had a few other disagreements with the existing bill including Harry Reid's additional 343 pages.
Senator Nelson needs our prayers. He has sold his integrity and his honor to Harry Reid who bought Senator Ben Nelson's vote with the assurance that Nebraska will not have to pay for the increases in Medicaid costs that are non-funded mandates imposed upon all of the rest of the states and citizens of the United States.
We - you and I - will have to pick up the tab for the folks in Nebraska. We will be paying for the increase of costs in Nebraska.
How Senator Ben Nelson will be able to hold his head up among his colleagues will be amazing to see. We know that Senator Mary Landrieu had a price and her price was $300,000,000.
Like other prostitutes or politicians, we've found Senator Ben Nelson's price. And Senator Ben Nelson is willing to pass that price on to you and me in other states across the nation.
Harry Reid and Ben Nelson sure screwed us didn't they? Remember, Harry Reid's constituents get to pay for Medicaid in Nebraska too and best of all HARRY REID is up for re-election in 2010.
Senator Ben Nelson has no integrity and has gone back on his word. When he votes for this bill which will force Americans to pay for abortions with our tax dollars, he needs our prayers for he is a truly shameless and dishonorable man. And it only took Harry Reid a little arm twisting in a back room and the cost to Harry Reid or Ben Nelson: nothing.
Like the costs of health care, these costs in increased Medicaid costs in Nebraska will be passed on to us across the nation and to Seniors through health care premiums, reduced or rationed care, while they still continue to pay taxes on their Social Security that they have already earned, having paid into the program all of their working lives.
Certainly, the deal brokered between Harry Reid and Ben Nelson should be unconstitutional based upon the discrimination against all citizens in states other than Nebraska.
Shame on Senator Ben Nelson...


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