Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sen. Ben Nelson: taste of Judas' bile - bitter yet?

We know many of the Senators just have their price when it comes to selling whatever souls they once had to their slave masters but Senator Ben Nelson seems to be the poster boy for what you don't want to be as a politician.
He had his one moment to be a statesman and he turned away from greatness.  
It would seem that many issues related to the Obama Socialized Death Panels, aka, Health Care, are unconstitutional and should be struck down by the Supreme Court.
1. Allowing the rest of us to pay for the costs of the unfunded mandate of increased  Medicaid costs in Nebraska.
2. Forcing any American to purchase a product they don't want to buy and then fining them and/or jailing them if they don't should fall into the realm of unconstitutionality.
3. Passing a "health care" bill at all as that is not constitutional.  Look at the jobs delegated to the federal government.  They can't maintain our sovereignty;  how can they manage our health care?  Oh, but then maybe that is not the goal.
I do have a question.  Just a question given all of the sanctuary cities we have that do not follow or implement federal laws and still get our federal tax dollars.
Can individual state governors and state delegates decide NOT to pay for the increased costs of Medicaid that are unfunded mandates FORCED upon the citizens of their respective states?
Can state legislatures just say NO?
 This is taxation without representation or by default in that we did elect the federal Representatives and Senators but we elected our State legislative folks too for state taxes. 
Where's King George III when you need him?


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