Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Obama: Overthrowing the American Republic

A chance exists, a slim chance, that Jimmy Carter will be removed from his place as the worst president the United States has ever had.
If our commander-in-chief continues to aid and abet the enemy and telegraph troop withdrawals as well as give al Qaeda platforms for spewing their vile hatred of anything having to do with infidels and the Western Civilization and freedoms under which we in America have until recently lived - the show trials in New York come to mind, Jimma Carta will become the second worst president we have ever had.
First they came for the banks, etc. and now will use TARP money that was supposed to go back into the general fund to repay the debt for other Socialist/Marxist pet programs to buy votes.
Americans are not victims. Read the book 1776 and learn the history of our founding.
Americans, there is no free lunch. This "health care" debacle is Hillary Care on steroids which will bulk up the federal government, keep the data entry folks very busy, and rot the Soul of we, the people.
If you do nothing for yourselves this Christmas, please read 1776. And pray for leadership. We need a president with guts and gusto for the American way of life - FREEDOM, not proud Americans being controlled by the minions of government.
Remember, the elections of 2010 are coming fast upon us and we need to end the Pelosi/Reid death grip upon Americans.
We can fight this tyranny; and fight it we must, at the ballot box. Your political party leanings don't matter. For the Obama, Pelosi, Reid co-leadership, their chains of slavery come in a "one size fits all."
Obama has established a government outside of the government with all of his czars accountable only to him, no Senate vetting there. He is taking us down a path to economic slavery and no one can or will stop him. By diverting TARP money that has been paid back to other programs, he is subverting current legislation in violation of the U.S. Constitution.
If I don't have a chance to say this to you any time soon, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanuka.
And God help America and bless our troops under the leadership of their quisling commander-in-chief.
Let's not let Pelosi and Reid throw Grandma and Grandpa under the medical bus. By the way, call your Senators and Representatives and find out when their families would go on the health care program they are designing for us?


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