Monday, December 21, 2009

Harry Reid's lumps of coal for Americans this Christmas

Wrapped in a glossy bow, sure to fool us all, is Harry Reid's and Nancy Pelosi's and Mr. Obama's Christmas or Holiday gift for the American people: a lump of coal in every stocking and the end of the last visages of freedom as we have known it.
Three grinches flexing their muscles stole Christmas for Americans and turned perhaps once honorable men such as Senator Ben Nelson from Nebraska and others into something like traitors. Maybe cowards. Or maybe they could not hold up under the torture that grabbed them in a death grip. Sorry, the only ones free from torture in America are Islamic fundamentalist terrorists who SAY they want to kill us, unlike our Congress who just legislates their will.
Senator Ben Nelson is a pathetic man, his honor stripped away. I'm sure he can sleep well because - FOR HIS VOTE - he bargained away Nebraska's responsibilities for paying for the un-mandated Medicaid costs for NE and transferred that cost to the rest of us.
The link to see how each Senator voted on cloture, the vote to end debate on the Reid Amendment is HERE.
Americans get lumps of coal for Christmas and the nation moves inexorably toward Marxism. You can lighten it up and call it Socialism but that is not the case.
EVERY medical record you have is being placed in a national database. This activity has been going on for several years now. This is fact.
31,000,000 legal American citizens will now have access to "AFFORDABLE" health care. That means they will have to purchase it as a mandate from the Congress of the United States. Even King George III was not so diabolical.
AND when the Demons in control of the House and Senate get busy in what remains of their reign in 2010, 12,000,000 to 20,000,000 illegal immigrants - as newly minted citizens - will have "ACCESS" to affordable health care POLICIES.
The Democratic Draconian Goons have a great plan for FREEDOM. You are forced to buy an "affordable" health care policy that you may not want and if you don't, you'll be fined.
How's this CHANGE working for you across middle America? How ya doin' Iowa?
It looks to me, one woman's opinion, that that Seniors Group - you know who I mean - made a deal with the devil and they have now turned into pimps or leg-men for insurance companies 'cause you can at least speculate that they'll get a kick-back for every policy sold through them.
Yes, as one Demon Senator said yesterday, "We're going to stick it to the insurance companies... Their CEOs won't be getting those fat salaries and 80% of each dollar they collect in premiums MUST be spent on "health care..." I think that was in essence something Senator Bill Nelson of Florida said with glee. Not a direct quotation.
And you don't think health care cost will go up.
You don't think the Obama Administration is a friend of the big insurance companies? Hmm... He's throwing 31,000,000 new clients their way and forcing American citizens to purchase "affordable" health care.
What a monopoly! And it is mandated by the federal government. Not to mention the unfunded mandate for the States - all except Senator Ben Nelson's Nebraska that gets a free ride at OUR expense - which will increase medical costs.
Yep, lumps of coal for us and mandated - that is DICTATED - orders to purchase something we may not want.
Dictated taxes, fees, and government forced purchases of "affordable" health care. All this when 60+% of Americans don't want these changes. Oh, and finds if you don't comply. Can anyone say, 'THE GOVERNMENT IS STEALING FROM US." Or how about - TYRANNY!
Sayonara Freedom! Americans get bags of switches and lumps of coal for Christmas...and dictated "affordable" health care policy costs.
And you say those insurance folks didn't strike a deal with the Grinches who stole Christmas?
Looking sweet, yep pretty sweet for the Grinches who stole health care and are gonna throw Grandma under Santa's reindeer...and young folks in jail if they don't buy one of the dictated "health care" policies.
Anybody seen the U.S. Constitution lately?

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Blogger Term Papers said...

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4:57 AM  
Blogger Ron Russell said...

This is only a lost battle and the war will continue. Out of defeat often comes a battle cry that leads to victory--"remember the Alamo". I will remain positive about the ultimate outcome.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, but they are like termites chewing at the foundation of our nation. Next year it'll be citizenship for all the illegals and citizenship for the Gitmo boys.

6:05 PM  

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