Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Obama denial of CAIR

Sorry, that should be Obama Denial of Care, not Obama CAIR. That is a whole different topic but as Mr. Obama assures us in his "Audacity of Hope" book, he will side with the Muslims if it comes down to that. Well, the Gitmo boys are moving from sunny Cuba to icy Illinois. Who's your daddy? Some one is getting a bunch of money for that one and the Gitmo boys will be punished with cruel and unusual punishment moving to cold Illinois. Burr....
Now, we'll probably get some form of Obama power grab of 1/6 of our private sector and we'll get rationed health care with the cuts or denials of care for Seniors going into effect right away. Can't have those uppity Seniors around to vote in November 2010, now can we?
We have killed off an entire generation of 53 million babies since 1973 and we diluted access for black Americans with the liberalized Immigration legislation of 1965. Everyone who was not "white" fit the quotas and diluted opportunities for black Americans - thank you, Teddy Kennedy.
I bought a DVD yesterday and had to show a picture ID. All I had was my driver's license in color with my smiley face. The clerk said, "I see you haven't updated your driver's license yet." I asked, "What do you mean?" To which she replied, "The new pictures are done in black and white and you are not allowed to smile." Naturally, I said, "What's that about?" She said, "They were building a facial recognition data base."
Now, she lives in Virginia Beach, a sanctuary city, and I don't so I don't know if that change is local or state wide. And soon Amnesty will be back on the front burner giving health care in massive doses to our new citizens. For black Americans, as a voting block, this spells doom as a political force except in local elections yet many still vote for "those who shall remain nameless." I don't have to worry because those who used to be "white" are no "non-Hispanic white" so we have become a subset of the larger class of European Americans, i.e., Hispanics. Check out the CIA World Factbook.
My hair stylist is going nuts over cameras every where and data bases that record every thing we purchase. She thought the facial recognition was enough to send her around the bend. Before I left, I got her to give me the name of the style of hair cut I get and the color blends she uses to "enhance" my glowingly youthful appearance. No vanity here! :)
Then I had dinner with friends and, after having watched the always intense Glenn Beck, we devolved into a discussion of Cognitive Dissonance or what Alice must have felt like when she was swooped down into the Rabbit Hole. Trouble is we don't have the drugs to make us mind-numbed to the loss of our freedoms and such.
For me, as I told my hair stylist, everything is moving so fast and we are continually bombarded with negativity that it is a wonder we aren't all smoking something. I stopped smoking cigarettes long ago and although I have enjoyed a very dry Martini from time to time, I don't like alcohol anymore. So what's a girl to do?
I have been reading about the founding of the United States, about the Revolutionary War, and about our first five presidents. We have always had the argument about big government (the Federalists/Alexander Hamilton) vs smaller federal government (Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans which later were called the Democratic Republicans).
And today we see Obama and his massive dictatorship going into effect to enslave all of us. Oh, how easily we seem to sell our freedoms for the empty promises from D.C. Remember Lenin, first they came for the banks.
I watched the Tea Party Patriots the other day as they spoke across from the Senate. Laura, the conservative talk show host, called for a moment of silence for the Seniors in the crowd who would be denied health care and for the babies who would be killed through taxpayer funding at the hands of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama who famously wouldn't want his daughters burdened with his grandchildren and the child molesters who would be protected by folks taking young girls to get abortions without their parents' knowledge.
But in that moment of silence, the voice of a black American man in the crowd rang forth - clear and bright in that gathering. Part of what he said began:
"We have been silent for too long. We need to speak out; we need to fight for our freedoms. We need to pray for our country..."
No one tried to make him be silent. That lone voice was like the "shot heard round the world." In the midst of that gathering, that American man spoke the truth. We have been silent too long. In that moment of silence, his voice rang true to me.
You can go to my sidebar and click on the Congress. It will take you to a list of the current Senators. Next to each Senator's name is a classification: I, II, III. Check the list and see which Senators are up for re-election in 2010. It is Class III. Click on "Congress" in this paragraph and that will take you to a post identifying the Democrat Senators up for re-election in 2010.
In Virginia, Senator Webb is up for re-election and that is why he has remained undecided on this so-called Health Care Bill. Mr. Mark Warner is not up for re-election which is why his legislative aides can hang-up on you even if you are polite and asking a question.
But, there are a few others up for re-election as well: Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid just name two. Hold their feet to the fire in November. Ms. Boxer hasn't met an unborn baby she hasn't wanted to help into the after-life. If those of you in California ever wanted to get rid of her, now is your chance.
And ALL of the Representatives are up for re-election. That is one reason Glenn Nye is standing with the Blue Dog Democrats.
Now, wouldn't it be fun to see Nancy Pelosi removed from her position as Speaker of the House? We can't get her out of Congress; San Francisco is her district and they are a sanctuary city where Illegal Alien killers have more rights than citizens. We need to remove the Speaker's gavel from her hands. That would be an election worth staying up all night for to see the Republicans take over the House and if the nation is very lucky and Americans no longer see themselves as the victims the Democrats want us to be, beholden to them for our next meal, it would be great fun to see us take the Senate too or cut into their 60 vote majority.
That would be a time to break out the ice cold Bombay Imperial Blue and pass the cap of the Vermouth bottle over the Martini...

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