Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obama: health care = loss of life and liberty!

The Senators have been busy "debating" the so-called Reid behemoth Rationed Medical Care Bill or Health Insurance Reform Bill as some euphemistically characterize the 2074 page bill.
PLEASE appreciate that: The government that controls our health care and our health care industry has NO vested interest in keeping you alive if you become sick. See Denmark's health care and the euthanasia provided for the elderly or extremely sick.
So, being dropped from an insurance policy because of illness is exactly what government run health /medical procedure rationing is all about. In either case, you will be denied life-saving coverage and you'll be dead.
In one masterful stroke, the liberty of the American people along with 1/6th of our private economy will fall into the draconian hands of Hillary Care on steroids.
Americans will become serfs under the heavy fist of the federal government health care "reform" bill which could be seen as a bloodless coup and overthrow of the American way of life.
Some could consider that the United States is a vassal state under the control of China and every vassal state must have its slaves. Remember, the "health care" reform is not about health care, that is only the vehicle through which we, THE PEOPLE, will become wards of the state.
And like it or not, health care denied equals suffering and death. Under this Reid-Pelosi-Obama triage, Americans will have 4 agencies or institutionalized groups whose members will independently decide who lives and who dies through rationed care. Yes, it is a "new world" and yes, He will bring Americans to our knees. He preached the "change you can believe in" and we blindly replaced God and put our liberties into the hands of one whom some could say will bring us to our down-fall.
Is that the hope and change we voted for? How's that "yes, we can" working for us now?
And don't forget, when a panel establishes medical guidelines such as "women under 50 don't need to have mammograms", ALL insurance companies - private and government-run - can and will use such guidelines in determining what medical procedures they will cover and what coverage they will deny.
That's how aspects of health care rationing can and will be handled under Obama Non-Care. You can be insured and you can have insurance but if guidelines put out by federal agencies discourage certain procedures, you won't get those procedures.
The curve that Dr. Emanuel, Rahm's brother, devised shows that health care will go to those who don't generally need care and funds for care will taper off when folks start reaching their late 50s and then care diminishes significantly after that as folks age. That means that young folks who pay into the program through confiscated earnings will NOT receive care when they are older.
Seventy NEW government agencies will be set up to control our lives and the government - already having given us the "mark of the beast" with our SSNs - will be the hand that rocks the cradle and decides when the time is right for us to enter the grave.
Under Obama Non-Care, the bill establishes FOUR councils or regulatory agencies who will come between you and what your doctor is allowed to do to provide good medical care for you.
When this "Health Care" monstrosity is passed, you might as well be given a dog collar and tag for identification or have a scannable chip, like we use for our pets in case they get lost, injected into your forearm or maybe they'll just inject it under our arm as the Jews were tattooed.
We should tear that 2074 page bill apart and our Senators should work together on the parts where we have agreement, passing small understandable legislation on tort reform and other issues.
Any bill that is 2074 pages long is not good for our Health or our eyesight.
God bless America and forgive us for the 53 million babies we have murdered. Keep in mind that many of those babies would today be productive Americans with children of their own paying into the Medicare Program and perhaps helping to keep it solvent.
Arguably, we have killed off a generation of Americans through pro-choice. And that killed off the young men and women who would be sustaining the elderly today - had these young Americans been allowed to live.
A nation cannot kill off its young and expect to survive... Maybe some of our bad policy decision chickens are coming home to roost. Since 1973, we have been killing off the generation that would be caring for our elderly today.
Actions have consequences.
Since 1973 we've had a one-size fits all FEDERAL government legislated right to kill our pre-borns at will. Maybe the Reid-Pelosi-Obama triage rationed medical care will become FEDERAL government one-size fits all legislated license to pull a "Terri Schiavo" against our elderly, our disabled, and anyone the government considers to have outlived their usefulness.
We should address single issues through reasonable bi-partisan legislation; not this massive debacle that no one can even guess the untended consequences of.


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