Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ACLU gets it right in defense of Ron Paul Aide

Looks like the ACLU got it right for once in the case of an aide for Ron Paul being roughed-up figuratively and threatened by the TSA during the presidential campaign.
From the story, it seems that we need to have tape recorders or phones that will record aggressive intimidation from agents over-stepping their bounds. See Rules changed after Paul aide detained at airport.
I have had my own unpleasant experiences with the TSA. Of course, they picked up some unsavory things either from transference from a heart patient who gave me a poster or from the cattle and horses I had been nearly living with for two months. In retrospect, it was an interesting experience but I'm probably on some watch list. Everybody is too busy watching law-abiding Americans to look for the terrorists telling us OUT LOUD who they are and what they are up to. Why do we let imams recruit in our prisons again? Aren't they the only guys who have declared war on the Great Satan?
But I digress. The TSA is an enormous agency that rifles through our personal items, searches us without reason unless we are all wearing moo-moos and is getting very intrusive in those searches. Why not look for the folks who actually are sworn to kill us?
Any large agency such as the TSA is bound to exceed its authority but it desensitizes Americans to being herded like cattle through pens, nearly strip searched, and subjected to all sorts of indignities. This to accommodate Islamic terrorists who are being successful in changing our way of life. Why not turn the tables and well, whoops there goes that Pavlovian bell cautioning me to be "politically correct" and censor myself until the next Islamist terrorist attack at one of our military bases or one of our malls.


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