Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama health care nightmare sacked by the Chinese?

Yes, it is true. The Red Chinese may in fact "save" us from the horrors of Pelosi's and the radicalized extremist Democrats "health care/death panels". How?
By taking Obama to the woodshed to chastise him on the outrageous spending and taxing he plans to bring down upon us. Democrats at the highest levels just do not seem to understand that more and more taxation will stifle job creation and will shut down our economy. Their programs will cripple us, bring us to our knees, and perhaps under the yoke of the United Nations. Of course, some might think that is their goal anyway.
The one thing the Communist Chinese have learned well about capitalism is that they too must protect their investment in the United States, their ownership of our debts.
Wouldn't that be rather ironic if we, the American people, are saved from the massive burden of more debt under Obama by the Chinese?
Or maybe they'll just tell him to slow down a little in forcing us under the yoke of servitude. I wonder which "servitude" the administration has in mind: submission to Islam or submission in the Chinese model.

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