Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fort Hood soldiers murdered in Islamic terrorist attack

Major Hasan, MD, who was also a psychiatrist in a trusted position at Fort Hood, took advantage of his position and carried out an Islamic terrorist attack, an act of terrorism. There is nothing "alleged" about it. Remember the order from Osama bin Laden to all Muslims worldwide years ago to "kill the infidels" where you find them - kill in which ever way you can: as an individual or in a group.
First, General Casey should resign for his insulting deference to "political correctness" and "diversity." He doesn't want the killing of our military and civilians in a medical waiting room at Fort Hood in Texas - where they should be the safest - to impact the diversity in the military. He doesn't want the slaughter of 13 personnel and one unborn baby to have an adverse impact on the precious diversity represented in the 1,000 or so Muslims in the military??? Is General George Casey MAD? Maybe he needs some PTSD therapy.
Nobody is going to discriminate against military personnel. We respect our military personnel unless of course they turn their guns on other personnel - military, civilian, or unborn.
And Hasan's insane notion that Muslims should be allowed to be "conscientious objectors" and not sent to fight other Muslims. Quaint notion since Muslims are fighting Muslims all over the place.
Perhaps Hasan doesn't know this but the United States has an "all volunteer" military. No one is drafted. No one has to enlist. So if a Muslim does not want to enlist he/she doesn't have to do so. In Major Hasan's case, however, it appears that he did well for himself, no doubt earning credentials as well as rank in the Army even after his power point presentation at Walter Reed. He wormed his way into a position of trust and he betrayed that trust. He acted independently as an Islamic jihadist as recruited to do and his imam, now in Yemen, is proud of the Major.
General George Casey would have no problem drumming Nazi skinheads out of the Army so, I say, buck up, General, grow some balls and weed out that garden of diversity and get rid of the traitors no matter what stripe or "religion" or creed they profess to follow if it threatens the safety of American civilians and our troops.
General Casey is a weak man walking on his knees before the insanity of "political correctness." Our military personnel are put at risk when red flags were being waved all over the place. Remember, John Mohammad will be executed tonight - not for terrorist acts although that is what they are. He acted with Malvo to terrorize northern American several years ago. John is now deceased. It is about time.
From my perspective, anyone who bows at the altar of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and MORAL EQUIVALENCY has blood on their hands; the blood of the men, women, and unborn baby killed or injured at Fort Hood by the Muslim extremist who, let us remember, was acting as he was directed to act in accordance with the teachings of Islam to which he deferred under the direction of an imam who once resided in northern Virginia. Whom we let into the country, of course. We are crazy, collectively, for allowing this insanity.
Hasan is an Islamic terrorist and should be charged as such and tried as such. I am not sure about this but does not the Qur'an teach that Muslims who follow Islam are directed to kill infidels - that would be non-Muslims? If that is so, how can any Muslim swear an oath of allegiance to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to defend the United States unless that Muslim is following the part of the Qur'an that says the followers of Islam are not to have friends among the infidels and they are to lie to infidels to advance Islam among the infidels. In other words, infiltrate our institutions to bring us down...
For we infidels - or at least for me - this is a Catch 22. I don't know how anyone following Islam today can serve in the military without living a lie. It is my understanding, perhaps only a hope, that we have many people loyal to the United States who practice Islam.
To me, it is very confusing and disturbing that the United States Army is so politically correct that their command would put the lives of our service men and women as well as their dependents in jeopardy by keeping such a fanatical Islamic extremist in the Army and in such a position of power.
Like the young man who killed the students and teachers at Virginia Tech two years ago, the leanings of Major Hasan were not unknown to people along the line in his chain of command or so it is said. If that is true, then like the soldiers at Abu Graib, those officers in the chain of command also need to face punishment for betraying the trust the soldiers below them put in them. If the White House knew of the threat this Major posed, then who there will face punishment for allowing this betrayal to occur?
When you who bow to the altar of "political correctness" tonight and say your "prayers" for all those who don't appreciate the "poor, deranged" Islamic terrorist psychiatrist, try to wash the blood from your hands.
President Obama did say that no "loving God would condone" such acts.... The quotation is not correct but close enough. Islam is a theocracy and from what we've seen, Allah or his "imams" who speak in his name don't have any love or tolerance for "infidels."
Hasan's ranting to "Allah Akbar" and his other ravings show that one does not have to be connected with al Qaeda to be an Islamic terrorist.
NSA did their job; CIA did their job --- The Army command did not do their job so as not to "offend" an Islamic Muslim terrorist in their midst and perhaps the FBI may not have done their job; or are they all chained by "political correctness."
How many more Americans will have to die at the ALTAR of political correctness?
How long will it take for Americans to appreciate that Islam is a theocracy - a 7th century political entity wrapped in clerical robes? In days gone by, we had the terrors of the Spanish Inquisition and other such horrific times. We had the Reformation with Martin Luther. Is there a reformation coming for Islam or is the power of the mullahs simply too great for the people to bring about change?
Some Islamists have this funny way of creating a situation and then saying "You made me do it" when infidels defend themselves. It would be nice if we could co-exist on the planet but I want my own nation, freedom - fast being ripped or stripped from all of us - and liberty without a theocracy.
Now, let's see if President Obama's administration will allow the military to deal with Major Hasan or if they will butt in and make this a "criminal" case tried under civilian criminal law...

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