Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beach Girl reading of late

In order to stay away from the insanity that has infected our nation, I have been reading books about our first five presidents.
Interesting and a good reminder that the "war" between those who want massive federal government control and those who see the U.S. Constitution and more control at the State level has been going on since our inception as a nation.
None of that is new. What is new in my opinion is that today we have leadership that wants to destroy America and bring us into growing decline.
Glenn Beck spoke of how hard it was for him to watch TV news when he was out after having surgery. Now he knows why so many of us have to turn the TV off, watch DVDs, or reruns of TV shows.
We - I for one - can hardly believe what I am seeing before me. Astonishing... We freely elected Mr. Obama and brought in his regime. Marry in haste and repent in leisure.
And how many votes were simply cast because of the "color of a man's skin?" The good news there is that folks can and will learn that the "color of a man's skin" has little to do with his ideology.
God help us... God works in mysterious ways. Maybe He will send the Chi-coms to save us from the rabid spending of the Pelosi left.
This is the Age of Insanity in America. Civilian trials for Islamic terrorists aimed at who knows what. Miranda rights for illegal enemy combatants. And a government take-over of one 6th of our private sector by the government.
What mushrooms is the Mad Hatter passing out at the White House?


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