Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gen. George Casey - time to retire: NOW!

It is time for the very much conflicted Gen. George Casey, the Army Joint Chief of Staff, to retire and retire now. Regardless of what a fine fighting man the General may have been in days gone by he is clearly "pu--ywhipped" when it comes to letting our military and civilian personnel die on the altar of "political correctness" for the sake of his revered "diversity."
The General is a shell of leadership and of no use to our military and should resign or retire on his own now. The slaughter or murders committed by an Islamic terrorist wearing the uniform of an Army Officer occurred on General Casey's watch.
Sadly, the General is not alone in having been castrated and befuddled into being conflicted about his duty to save Americans and to protect the troops under his ultimate command or to protect those who would kill us.
In a short post to our Veterans, I mentioned that our service personnel should stay home instead of serving under so-called leadership, both military and civilian, that is so conflicted by "political correctness" that they will LET any of us be killed under the banner of "diversity" and "political correctness" so that they can protect those who would kill us.
And I don't care who those killers are: Islamic terrorists or whomever. So far the Islamic terrorists seem to be more dedicated in their drive to kill us. One such former military man, John Mohammad was executed in Virginia last night at 9:00PM. Although not tried for acts of terrorism, that is what he committed.
When are we going to call things what they are and put the face of the enemy out in the open where it clearly wants to be. The Islamic terrorists are not conflicted in their mission. Too bad our leadership or some among our leadership are.
General George Casey MUST resign or be fired. And don't stop there. Anyone in leadership who is mired in the chains or mind-conflicted dementia of "political correctness" and has the power of life or death over our military personnel or our covert operatives must be relieved of their positions and removed from government service.
We need commanders who will call a terrorist a terrorist and not punish the person who brings that terrorist to the attention of the command chain. Blood is on the hands of all who had Major Hasan in their sights and allowed "political correctness" to protect him and thereby put our military and civilian personnel at risk.
We must face the fact whether our "sensibilities" will allow it or not that leaders of Islam have declared war against the United States, against us. You don't hear Baptist ministers teaching their congregations to kill non-believers or entering into conspiracies to recruit "jihadists" at prisons.
We do have "freedom of religion" but I don't think that extends to a pseudo-religion that vows to take over our nation and make us submit. That's a bit confusing. You don't see any Mennonites or Amish trying to kill us or overthrow our government. I think the saying goes that "your freedoms end where my nose begins." Your freedoms end when they infringe upon my life, liberty, etc.
In other words, ya can't take weapons into a military hospital waiting room and open fire, screaming "Allah Akbar" and killing people. The one thing I have to give to the Islamists is that they are not trying to hide what their desire to kill us. Hasan did not keep his beliefs a secret. I'm not sure one can call him 'radicalized.' Only a Muslim can say if Hasan's beliefs are perverted. His imam, now in Yemen, has declared Hasan a hero...
In the words of Earl Pitts, "WAKE UP, AMERICA!"



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