Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama and Holder sympathies with Islamic terrorists?

It is insanity to have a "communist-type" show trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his Islamic terrorists buddies in New York City.
Islamic terrorists must be tried under Military courts. How can an Islamic terrorist who is an illegal enemy combatant in a war declared against us by Islamic leadership and who function as warriors for the Tribes with flags among Islamic nations be treated as "criminals" to be tried in our civilian courts?
Our civilian court system as well as our nation cannot help but be the laughing stock of the world.
Based on their behavior only, Obama and Holder have already declared Mohammed guilty and have declared that he will be found guilty and executed. They have poisoned our very civilian court system and certainly Mohammed can declare to be set free because he has already been declared guilty.
In my opinion, Obama and Holder are very "soft" on Islamic terrorists and some could even venture to view the behavior as being in support of these Islamic terrorists.
Perhaps Mr. Obama's roots in Islamic training and Marxist training and hatred against this nation learned at his mother's knee are showing their influence now.
My money is on Mohammed and his Islamic terrorist buddies being set free. Heck, their passports for American citizenship and their relocation plans under the Witness Protection program are probably in place.
And keep in mind the distraction this Show Trial will be to keep Americans focused on the bells and whistles of the trial and allow God only knows what further abominations of our way of life taken out from under us by this very transparent administration.


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