Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NSA and CIA: thank you for connecting the dots

To NSA and CIA, thank you for connecting the dots with regard to Major Hasan. Too bad no one listens to you.
Don't you just want to pack up your briefcase and take the day off now and then?
Since I am one of "we the people" and by extension, you theoretically work for me or on my behalf, please take a few days off. Don't blow a fuse.
Know that many of us need you and respect you and your service. Too bad a CIA operative or an NCIS operative or a Special Forces Kung Fu fightin' guru was not in that medical waiting room to assist the young woman who got that first round into Major Hasan.
Maybe you could have spared us all the "politically correct" trial he'll get instead of the on-the-spot execution he deserved or the padded cell in maximum security in solitary confinement. He sure won't be sent to GITMO 'cause he is in the military. But we'll make certain we don't offend him in any way.
Like the murders at VPI, this too could have been stopped.
Thank you, NSA and CIA...keep doing your best.

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