Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For our Veterans at Ft. Hood and elsewhere: Thank You!

Just a "thank you" to our veterans and a few words about an honorable man who died on October 22, 2009.
I don't have a picture of an American Bald Eagle but you can bet your booties, he's got the right anatomy and drive to get the job done just like you regardless of gender.
Allow me to mention one veteran who lost his life in October to Agent Orange. He was a boots-on-the-ground soldier in Vietnam. He was a wonderful man who loved his country, his God, and his beautiful wife and son as well as his extended family. He was a man of honor and he was kind to his friends and respectful to those who did not share his views.
He received much of his treatment under the care of a VA center close to where I live. He and his wife were glad for the care he received. In his last days, he was in a civilian hospital that was a few miles from his home. He wanted to be moved to the VA hospital as soon as he could be so that he would spend his last days or hours among the veterans he has served with on the field of battle.
As our loving God seems to do in such cases - fulfill our desires without our help -, my friend was in the civilian hospital for a few days, maybe five, and then stabilized so that he could be moved the extra 5 or so miles to the VA hospital. It was there, once settled into his room, comfortable and surrounded by family members closest to him that he passed from this life over into the next.
To die among veterans was his final wish and it was granted. He was aware of his surroundings up until the end.
Days later when friends had arrived from far away and a Brigadier General had come to pay his respects, a funeral service was held at the church my friend and his wife attended. And then the most uplifting procession: about twenty men on motor cycles carrying American flags and regimental flags led the way to the Veterans cemetery. The line of cars extended for a long way and we all followed giving tribute to our friend and to all who have served their country with lights on and emergency lights flashing.
There is humility in being an American and being in such company...
The burial service was attended by the guard and taps were played. The American flag was snapped in the crisp fall air and solemnly folded for my friend's wife. For myself, when I witness a military burial, it is as though I am witnessing them through the ages and for all time.
Americans do many things well but none better than honoring the sacrifice our military consciously make for us and for our FREEDOMS.
Let us, as Americans, swear an oath to them not to allow them to have sacrificed in vain, not to allow their lives to be lost or taken against the senselessness of political expediency or the vile and denigrating ideology or insanity of "political correctness".
If our brave men and women are killed on the altar of "political correctness" it is better that they stay home and reconsider the prudence of serving under leadership that is clearly so conflicted as represented through the words of General George Casey worried about "diversity" when America is by its nature diverse in ethnicity but not in ethos. I cannot imagine serving under a command who values their skin color more than he values their lives.
I know Veterans Day is for the living and I honor you and thank you for your service. I also thank those in uniform today. I want your service to be respected and protected by those in authority who are to clear the way for you to do the job you have signed on to do in protecting me and others who can no longer engage in the fight.
God bless you and God bless America. My prayer would be that God gives us American leaders who, like our Founders - especially like George Washington and James Monroe - who were men and fulfilled their duties as men. As you may recall, both of these men were Veterans as are you... they are your model.



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