Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama taken to woodshed by our Chinese overlords

The United States of America due to various economic decisions made over the past two administrations and more egregiously under the current Executive branch of our government is not a vassal state under the overlordship of the Chinese Communists.
Maybe with a little luck, the Chi-coms as Rush calls them may actually protect Americans from the heinous depravity of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama death panels/health care.
Maybe we should be contacting the Chinese consulate in DC and pleading for their protection of the US dollar and the protection of their "investment" so that the Obama administration will not destroy their investment while at the same time destroying our economy, pulling the plug on the medically ill, and bringing the United States of America to her knees.
There will be no "life support" for America from the nations to which we have given aid for generations. There will be no support from the nations that we fought and died for to protect them from the terrors of Hitler. America is on her own except now we are a vassal of China.
As I watch the march of the radicalized extremist liberals/progressives in any political party shred the remaining tatters of our U.S. Constitution, bestow rights and such to Islamic terrorists, and kick Grandma and Grandpa to the dust-bin of the grave, the one thing that keeps coming to mind are the words of Nikita Khrushchev as he pounded the table with his shoe:
"We will bury you from within!" Good job, Nikita, radical Islam, William, and Saul (Saul Alinsky). Of course, I cannot leave out the credit that goes to any "far left" professors that the Obama administration folks may have met up with in college.


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