Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Virginia's Bob McDonnell and NJ's Christie

It seems that the Republicans won the governorships of both Virginia and New Jersey. On NJ, I'm not too sure yet because there must be a trunk full of uncounted ballots - about 150,000 of them that will mysteriously be found tomorrow by some poll worker who - whoops - misplaced them in a 50 gallon drum.
So, Christie is not the governor of NJ until he is sworn into the office. My opinion...
In Virginia, the House of Delegates picked up a few more Republican seats/districts and that is a very good thing because they will be doing the redistricting - I think that is right. Very important to keep the Democrats from doing that or we'll have districts like Bobby Scott's district that curves and stretches like a snake from Newport News, VA to Timbuktu.
Some commentators said it was all due to those mean OLD white people voting and fewer young people voting and fewer black or hispanic voters. What? Young folks cannot decide to stay home and go to work so they can save the money they'll need to pay the Obama fines and penalties if they don't BUY health insurance as dictated by the Messomiah? And maybe some of those middle class and upper middle class black Americans are getting the message that Mr. Obama is gonna tax the Dickens out of them for being - SUCCESSFUL and WORKING hard to reach their own piece of the American Dream, making Oliver Twist look like a multimillionaire.
And maybe those OLD white people who did vote did so because they know what is store for them in those 1990 pages of the "health care" take you poison or be denied medical coverage bill which is all about power and some might thing legalized GENOCIDE. Do a little research and see how many non-hispanic white skinned folks are in the 50,000,000 to perhaps 70,000,000 baby boomers and older "greatest generation" folks. You'd be voting against some of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda too. Now, if Obama, Pelosi, and Reid had to switch into the same "health care rationing, denial of care" that awaits the rest of us, then I might take a different view of it but no sirree! They get to keep their own gold-plated medical care.
And, one woman' opinion - Obama wants to destroy this nation, bring it to its knees through things like the Climate Treaty so that we will be forced to devalue our dollar and crawl to the World Potentates and beg to SUBMIT to their yoke - known as the New World Islamic Order. You think I'm kidding?
Take two pain pills and if you don't feel better in the morning, give Dr. Jack K a call for him to hurry on over. He'll be able to fit you in and do a video and all that it's of your own free will.
And it is comforting to know that Ann Dunn in the Obama Administration and probably others worship at the feet of Chairman Mao and look to his philosophies in his Little Red Book. The Great Mao murdered 50 million or more of his own people through indoctrination camps and out-right murder.
The Obama folks under the leadership of Vampira Pelosi are just building a better mouse trap in this "health care" shell game of 1990 pages. They won't have to build indoctrination camps; they can just put the screws in the legislation so that hospitals and others are forced to deny us care and then they can blame the hospitals, et al, 'cause our Congress and President certainly would NEVER do anything that would deny us life-saving medical care.
And we must not forget Saul Alinsky - studied by Obama, Hillary, and others. It takes a village of community organizers to destroy a housing industry, put banks on the brink of collapse, and indoctrinate the kiddies - Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm; we are precious in His sight. 'Cause Obama loves the little children of the USA and is proving it by putting them into so much debt they'll never dig their way out even if they dig all the way through to China.
Maybe the elections and the results in Virginia and New Jersey mean, at the very least, that this is not a Marxist nation/people and we don't want to go there. "Bless be the chains that bind our souls to government largess..." No, that's not the America we want; not when the truth really comes out... That is not the America free black men and free white men fought for side-by-side under the direction of General George Washington. See His Excellency, George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis. Did you know that free black men and free white men enlisted and fought side-by-side under the command of General Washington?
I met a lady today when I voted. She said she was a Conservative, a Christian, and a Democrat. We have a lot in common. Here is part of what we share:

Blest be the tie that binds Our hearts in Christian love; The fellowship of kindred minds Is like to that above.

Before our Father’s throne We pour our ardent prayers; Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one Our comforts and our cares.

more verses follow at the link...

...written around 1782 by John Fawcett

Let's stop letting anyone, any race mongers, drive us apart any longer. We are all on the same ship and we can ultimately decide our future. I believe I'm right in this regarding the Titanic. It has been suggested that if the people had tied their life vests together to build a floating surface many more of them would have survived. If they had worked together as a unit. Instead they jumped into the freezing water individually with their own single life vest and froze to death within minutes.
As Americans - no hyphens please - we need to start tying the things we have in common together such as our conservative beliefs which do cross party lines. A piece of legislation that is 1990 pages without amendments does not bode well for us as a people who want to remain free.
FYI - I went to my Congressman's local office today and he has a full and complete copy of the bill there for anyone to read. That's nearly 4 reams of paper. They're going to vote on this Friday, rumor has it.


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