Friday, April 03, 2009

G-20 Hate Speech against Anglo-Saxons; It's a CRIME!

In saving the world today, or was it yesterday, from that nasty capitalism that has seen the best growth of innovation and the lifting of all boats, the leaders of the G-20 with our president obama in the lead struck a blow at the United States and at you and me. Finally, England's Gordon Brown let out a sign of relief as the "new world order" is finally put into action and can be brought into the light of day in its swaddling clothes:
Gordon Brown, UK prime minister, host of the summit, said the meeting marked the emergence of a “new world order”, as he unveiled what leaders claimed was a $1,100bn package of measures to tackle the global downturn, including support for lower income countries and a $250bn plan to boost the international money supply.
From Barack Obama of the United States of America: describing the summit’s measures as “bolder and more rapid than any international response that we’ve seen to a financial crisis in memory” and predicted that they would mark “a turning point in our pursuit of global economic recovery”. From Nicolas Sarkozy of France:
"agreement on a new regulatory regime and crackdown on tax havens showed that “a page has been turned” on an era of post-war “Anglo- Saxon” capitalism."
Would that be the same "Anglo-Saxon" capitalism that freed France from the Nazis and rebuilt France after WWII? Would that be some of the same "Anglo-Saxons" who lie buried in France today? But set that sacrifice aside and note the "Anglo-Saxon" (racist remark). Could that be called 'hate speech' designed to insight an ethnic group? Where is Jussi Halla-aho's prosecutor in Finland now when we need him? Prosecute Sarkozy. He attacked ALL white people, ALL of us. Okay, if we won't prosecute him, then for goodness sake, STOP giving our money to people, nations, countries, that consider us the scourge of the earth and hate us while they are cashing our checks and using our condoms, the productions of which has been outsourced to China. Thank you, Obama. And Obama received the highest honor an American president can get when Russia's Medvedev hail's 'comrade' Obama.
"Russia's Dmitry Medvedev hailed Barack Obama as "my new comrade" Thursday after their first face-to-face talks, saying the US president "can listen" -- even if little progress was made on substance."
High praise indeed for Obama from Citizen of the World to Comrade. Zowie! I'm just wondering - in this battle for world domination - who is going to win: the Communist "New World Order" or Islam. Both are ideologies - call them theocracies or whatever you want they are political entities and as Nikita Krushchev said pounding his shoe on a table at some Russian-US talks, they would bury us from within. Good going there, Nickie. Keep in mind Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and the changes made to it by Bill Clinton especially with their mixed-race Congresses and the lack of oversight with which both Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were responsible. Search on Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and you will find the Federal Reserve neck-deep in this legislation too. Let's see who wins in the battle to abort Capitalism: the far-left Comrade Democrats in the United States or Islamic Law. Since Islam Law is woven into the banking practices of international corporations such as AIG and others, certainly throughout the EU and clearly in Great Britain, we have a lot to watch. H/T to Matt Drudge for his link: Saved the World Today.

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Blogger gridwerk said...

I have to agree with you, well put. White folks are the new parriah. I know that to say such a thing will automatically align me with such people as david Duke and the rest of The Klan but the truth is we live in a society where other national pride is held up and cherished where "white pride" is looked upon as exclusively intent on dragging minorities behind trucks and fire-bombing mosques. I am white and I am proud of my heritage. I am also not a racist. Sadly to say I am white and I am proud somehow makes me racist by default. What can I say? White is the new Black.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Damn, that's good! Actually, we white folk, non-Hispanic white to be exact, are in the minority but nobody's marching around 'to save the white guys' like they are for the polar bears.

As I said, very good! Thanks...

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have a new world order which means socialism, the erosion of our rights of expression and incentives for people to live off the state. Gor-doom Brown has managd to destroy our economy here in the UK an I fear Obama will do the same to America. May god have mercy on our souls.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Boombastic, here in the USA, I think God has to have a bit of mercy on our Souls for killing more unborn babies than the number of soldiers who lost their lives in Vietman. We have murdered 53,000,000 + or - a few of our own preborn citizens - the very weakests among us and our president as callous as he is supports letting them die cold and alone even if they survive partial-birth abortions (heinous murder by any name). God has a lot to have mercy upon us for and I'm afraid the list is very long. To me each of those preborns killed by abortionists for parts is a murderer supported by our government. We cannot be a "God fearing and God respecting" nation and allow such to go on. That is not about a woman's reproductive rights. That is about murder by the state of an innocent. I hope and pray God has mercy on us for this outrage.

10:14 AM  

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