Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama: condom jobs going off-shore

Seems Mr. Obama is sending jobs off-shore after all. Another lie... Also seems there is no American company and there are no American workers who are safe in their American jobs. Even the workers at Alatech, a condom making company in Alabama, are now feeling the power of the mighty Obamessiah. This is probably Obama pay-back at Senator Jeff Sessions for fighting Obama's horrendous stimulus package. Petty but true - that's how politics works. Stimulus? U.S. to buy Chinese condoms, ending Alabama jobs! Here's the long and short of it. Condoms once made in Alabama will now be made by the Chinese. These condoms are destined for Africa to fight aids while leaving an American company and its employees out of work. Way to go, Team Obama. But my, my, it was fine campaign rhetoric about keeping jobs in America. Oh, I forgot, those jobs would be the ones for the Obama Young Pioneers. Silly me... Well, I'm off to read a bit more about Russia from 1825 to 1917, about Stalin, and about how the Tsars brought about their revolution. Oh, first thing Lenin did was take over control of the banks and the financial system in Russia. Sound familiar?

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