Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top 1 % Tax Payers: can you take a tax holiday, eh?

How about this for a great idea? This comes from Neal Boortz and it is a great idea. The top 1% tax payers pay like 50% or more of all of the taxes paid to the federal government. I'm in the next 5% that pay a good portion of the rest of the 90% of all the taxes paid to the federal government. Now, I can't do what Neal suggested but I know the big boys in the top 1% can and they could have fun at the same time. They could say they were going "green" and helping by re-cycling, cutting back on the use of paper, and they could make up all sorts of ways they were helping the economy and the country. Here's Neal's suggestion. These top 1% of wage earners who get slammed by President Obama and the Democrats in Congress (even by those whose husbands are in the top 1% thanks to their government contracts, etc) could have a bit of a chat with their employers. They could figure out the very least amount of money they need to live, the very least, down to the very last dime, and get paid that amount. Maybe their children's private schools could take the children as charity cases and write off their expenses for a year. Whatever to get these folks "earned income" down to a level where they paid little or nothing in federal taxes. Heck, maybe with deductions for children and spouse, they might even get a refund. Whoo hoo! Now that would be a tea party! Not talking about them breaking any laws, just not making incomes that force them to pay such high amounts of dollars in taxes. Certainly, if they are smart enough to earn the big bucks that they have worked hard to be able to earn, they can figure out how to still do the same job and do it for much less income for a few years. They get beat up for making the money that they have gone to school to be able to make and then they are robbed with confiscatory taxes to pay for some people to sit on their butts and do nothing. These high wage income earners need to be able to enjoy life more, work 40 hours a week, spend more time with their wives and children, and earn less for a few years. No one appreciates the contribution they make anyway, right? Certainly not the person who gets the food stamps paid for by the high wage earner, nor the free health care paid for by the high wage earner, nor the subsidized housing paid for by the high wage earner, nor the meals-on-wheels paid for by the high wage earner. Time for the high wage earner to keep a little more of what he earns and the only way for him to do that is to earn less... So, to the high wage earner: I say, hold your head high and proud, take a reduction in pay for a few years, drink fewer lattes, and pay less in taxes. See if you'll be feeling the government love then, begging you to earn more... But with Obama and Geithner in charge, you can get a pink slip any old time if you work in the private sector 'cause they're gonna "nationalize" everything...so to speak. Now that's chains we're gonna wear...


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