Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Obama and Congress pulling off a bloodless coup d'etat?

Over the past week or maybe month or so, I have been wondering if what I am really seeing is the overthrow of our democratic republic by the Executive and the Legislative Branches of our current elite Democrat controlled government. Like the Bolsheviks, they first took over the banks and financial institutions... The circumstances that make the current changes so "violent" are not that they are physically violent but that they are violent shocks to our psyche, to the way we understand following laws and protocols and procedures. To me, our American system/psyche is being "shocked" and repeatedly in more than one area which makes it difficult for us to respond because we are reeling from one shock to the next after-shock. Obama, not busy enough with his "job" as Commander-in-Chief and President of the United States of America, also has now assumed the role as the nation's CEO as setforth in an article by Mike Allen and Jim Vandehel. And Obama gets tough on private-sector CEOs and begins by firing his first one, Rick Wagonner of GM, probably just as a warm-up. Is our nation being taken over by some radical Marxists or dictators or some other "ism" that is nameless. Are we in the grip of third-world thugs behind the scenes who are the puppet masters? What the heck is going on? The instability is being created so quickly it will make your head spin if you stop to think about it for a sec. Just as a warm-up act, the President of the United States fired a CEO of a private-sector corporation AND the Secretary of the Treasury has asked for the power to control any business he wants to go into in the United States and Barney Frank wants legislation passed so that CONGRESS people who live off the dole can regulate what your salary is if you are a librarian in a little town library. Is the United States Constitution under seige; is the United States Bill of Rigths and our very way of life under seige by our own Democrat-controlled Federal Government? What the heck is happening?


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