Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Democrats succeed in crippling some Americans

I have to hand it to the far-left Socialist Democrats in America. It looks like they have succeeded or nearly succeeded in crippling many Americans by making many of us dependent on government programs of some kind. I have volunteered and helped in the political campaign of a black politician in our local area - I have worked/volunteered on his campaign several times donating my time and money. Democrats don't usually volunteer. They get paid for the most part. But it is about safe to say that the Socialist Democrats have succeeded in getting many Americans dependent upon some form of government hand-out or subsistence. Who you gonna vote for? The man, massa, the man in the big house who keep givin' ya the money - that's who. And that's the way it works in America today. Seems like Al Franken may become a Senator which should liven up the halls of the "most deliberative body on earth". Oh, the chuckles on that one. And the U.S. Constitution, having been shredded over the past 20 years is now going through a cross-cut shredder. I always have faith in the American people but a friend of mine - well actually two friends of mine, one conservative with common sense and one so liberal it would make your teeth hurt - both in their own different ways have convinced me that many Americans aren't getting the educations they need to be "free" and to be responsible in a democratic republic. Freedom is not free. Freedom takes hard work on the part of the individual and it takes responsibility and accountability for our personal decisions. It doesn't seem as though many people want that kind of responsibility today. If that is true, then it really doesn't matter what the Obama Administration does to us because we will have already paved the way for them to do it to us; we will have done it to ourselves by being negligent. I'll place some of the blame on the Department of Education and the NEA. Education is a "state's right and responsibility" but good old Jimma Carter, I believe, lifted the veil and started the Department of Education which has seen our education fall. I believe we / our students rank 19th among so-called industrialized nations. No wonder jobs are going off-shore. Hats off to the Democrats. You've dumbed us down and you've slipped the chains back on and you've unionized as many folks as you can which of course does not give power to the people but power to the union bosses and to the people they support in Congress. So how's Obama doing at the G-20? Freedom is not easy; it takes hard work and vigilance. You have enslaved many Americans and are working to increase that number. Shame on you. Note: For those who can read, Liberal/leftist comments are not posted at this blog, unless you are that nice person I had a good conversation with a few days ago. You know who you are.


Blogger Rich said...

After my own experience with busing in Boston in the seventies and that whole social experiment I vowed and did send my kids to private schools. I have also taught them to never ever depend on the government for anything.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Rich, I was outside Boston at the time near Bedford at Hill Air Force Base. I drove to Roxbury one day. I wrote letters to the White House for the bussing and for treating black educators like second class citizens by saying that they were not as competent to teach as non-black teachers. Personally, I believe the bussing and the entire social engineering thing destroyed our educational system. Black educators with whom I am friends agree. Later in New Mexico, I read a news article written by the man who did the gov. study that supported the bussing thingy. He said the bussing was a bad idea because it moved such young children from their homes and required them to spend so much time on buses traveling which was not necessary and was more cruel. Also, we learned that during the bussing, the students still gathered by race in the schools so "integration" was not accomplished except within a quantifiable sense. Part of our reparation dollars spent well.

Yep, stupid me, drove through Roxbury in Boston all by myself. Do love Randy Newman's ability to stress the hypocracy of the north.

Since I'm on a roll, on reparations, I have an idea. How about this. If one can prove that one does have ancestors who were slaves in what became States in the United States (having black skin does not prove that - Obama is one prime example of absolutely NO slave heritage), then the US government will give that person a settled sum of money for all possessions in the United States and an additional set-upon amount plus a one-way plane ticket to the nation of the ancestors origination in addition to rescinding of US citizenship. With reparation - beyond all we have already paid and been paying for decades now - also goes return to nation of family origin.

If those terms are not acceptable, than one maintains one's citizenship and what one has earned and receives no "reparation" payments which would amount to theft from people who did not own slaves and did not profit from the labor of those individuals. I'm way past over being blamed for things I did not do.

On reparations, I say shut the heck up or back your bags, take the cash and plane ticket, and leave your passport at the check-in counter.

We don't need any more hyphenated Americanism.

3:53 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

Sounds like a good idea to me - You know it's all just blackmale and you're right we have been paying for years. I'm very concerned about Obama and his cohorts and the perminent damage they are trying to inflict on the country. I hope we can still recognize the place in four years.

8:12 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

If my parents came back to life, they wouldn't recognize the place now. Heck, I don't recognize it in many ways. But we have 2010 and we can make changes. I think the Democrat thugs are moving too fast and are way too arrogant. That wears on Americans after a bit. We don't like it.

We'll stand. A time will come when we'll say in unison, Enough. At the moment, we are not required to put our ethniticity on our IRS forms and plenty of non-white folks are getting hit too. These are folks who have worked hard and earned the places they have in society. They are tired of this too. When they start speaking out, then the tables will turn.

I was disappointed in J.C. Watts the other night when he was interviewed on Hannity. J.C. Watts really played the "hidden" deference to race card and would not say the truth about Obama's take-over of the nation. Mr. Watts only said they had a difference of opinions. So, even J.C. Watts can be intimidated. It was a pitiful interview from a once potentially great leader.

Have a good day. I'm dealing with that virus that takes your hearing away so I'm enjoying the Sony Ericsson Tennis Tournament. Loving it actually.

God bless... Thank you for stopping by.

11:37 AM  

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