Monday, March 30, 2009

Dictator Obama fires GM's Rick Waggoner

Say what you will, there is no private-sector job that is not safe from the long reach of the White House Human Resources Department headed by Dictator in Chief, Barack Obama. In Obama to GM's Rick Waggoner: You're fired, we can take comfort that Obama who is off selling socialism to the EU also has time to micro-manage the hiring and firing of CEOs here at home. When will he come for your job next? Sound radical? Well, it shouldn't. He already told a young woman at his 'virtual' Town Hall Meeting at the White House that those jobs that had gone off-shore would not be coming back. So one campaign promise down. Many more to follow. Yes, we have much to learn of Black Liberation Theology and other things to come as our president obama points out that WE will have to sacrifice and suffer. Thank you, mr. president, we are getting the picture. It's redistribution of wealth time in the good old US of A where once a man could earn his salary and had a chance of keeping most of it. No more. I'm just waiting to see when we have to start putting our ethnicity on our IRS forms so that "non-Hispanics whites" will have to pay a "tax for air-pollution." And already the "reparations" idea is in full swing again. But tell me. How does one count the "reparations" the nation has already paid and is still paying for "slavery" and do all folks who are other than "non-Hispanic white" get reparations even though their families have no affiliation with "slavery." For some who do not know, not all Americans of African descent were slaves even from the earliest days of our history. Didn't know that? A good book written by a black historian from the University of Virginia, Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees by Ervin L. Jordan, Ph.D., tells an interesting story. Keep in mind, Obama is no different than any dictator. He came for GM's Rick Waggoner. When will he come for you? Isn't the talk of selling GM to Fiat??? A foreign company??? And we haven't even survived the first 100 days yet and Obama is firing a CEO in a PRIVATE SECTOR job. Never before heard of in certainly recent American history. Where's the media outrage that accompanied the Saturday Night Massacre, the one over the Archibald Cox and the Richard Nixon dust-up? Oh, I forgot. The media hated Nixon and Cox was a liberal darling, being a Special Prosecutor.

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Blogger Rich said...

This is scary stuff that if I had read about this in high school some 30 years ago I would of said "yeah right". I guess it's pay back time. Get ready to bend over America!!!

12:29 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Rich, we've been bending over for a very long time it seems.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Stacy said...

Well Maybe it was because Rick Waggoner was doing a bad job....... or maybe it is because Obama is a blood thirsty dictator that hides his dastardly deeds by pretending to need the congress's approval to pass legislation...

12:46 AM  

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