Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Finland, Jussi Halla-aho charged: Free Speech submits to Islamic cries

Well, seems Finland has a wee bit of a conundrum going on when it comes to speaking about Muhammad when he was 50 years old and engaged to six or seven year old Aisha. Supposedly, their "marriage" was consummated when Aisha was nine years old. In some societies this would be considered pedophilia. Maybe not in the Middle East and certainly not if sanctioned by Allah as it is claimed. Very confusing to the Western mind. It seems that a Helsinki city councilman, Jussi Halla-aho, is to stand trial for blasphemy against Allah because he, Mr. Halla-aho, had the temerity to suggest that Mohammad had engaged in an act of pedophilia. The discussion at Tundra Tabloids is worth your time because Islam simply cannot have it both ways which this charge against Councilman Halla-aho seeks to do. In Free Speech Slammed in Finland as Politician is Brought up on Blasphemy Charges, you will read how it cannot work both ways. Either the Qu'ran is incorrect or Mohammad was not always a "perfect" man. Finland - how you hurt my heart! We in the larger West count on you, on Denmark too, to make your stand against being overrun by Islamists who are there for one reason only - well maybe two: to live off of your welfare state and to destroy your national heritage. Once they have destroyed you, can you imagine how very much easier it will be to run rough-shod over us? You are the testing ground. Britain and France are gone; they just don't know it yet but the funeral wreaths are on the door at 10 Downing and wherever the head of the French government is. Please, Finland, know that these are tiny measured steps to lead us all into destruction and under the yoke of Islamic domination. It is not done in numbers but in cases such as the one against Councilman Halla-aho and in the attacks upon Geert Wilders. Here's the bottom line: in some things we simply cannot know the truth or validity of what we are taught. We can beleive it; we can have faith in it; but we cannot know it to be true or false from personal experience. Can we? Or can we believe in error on the part of the writer/translator; can we allow for mis-interpretation? In Finland, the prosecuter is wrong to even bring this case. Christians of every denomination are ridiculed and God and Jesus are blasphemed against each and every day by the purest of Mohammad's followers so please, let's give this a rest. Let the Councilman say what he wants. If Allah is that great of a god, he can take it and won't care. It may perhaps be his followers who need to take a look at their own level of maturity and security in their faith and let the Councilman be. You can catch more flies with honey than you can with lawsuits and vinegar... One woman's opinion, but it seems to me that worldwide, Muslims would go a long way to demonstrating their superiority of faith and belief by not acting like petulant adolescents and by not shooting nuns in the back as happened in Somalia when the 'cartoons' came out. Be truthful, would Mohammad sanction that behavior? Would Allah? Just a question...



Blogger Harri Rautiainen said...

Thanks for your blog, Beachgirl, and especially for this write-up. It is about time that Jussi Halla-aho's case will get published for a wider audience.

Mr. Halla-aho's published his blog item already last summer. Looks like he intended testing his freedom of speech, because the story was titled as a bait to the State prosecutor. Anyway Jussi was not very well-known at that time. Now, when he was about to run for European Parliament, the prosecutor suddenly got interested.

It looks like the mere indictment scared his party and torpedoed Halla-aho's triumphal march toward Brussels. Oh well, maybe his work is needed more in Finland, anyway. As you wrote, UK and France are damaged already, perhaps beyond repair.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you. Mr. Halla-aho is needed in Finland but maybe even more in the EU parliament with MEP Dannah Hannah from England. God knows the EU and the USA need some common sense before we drive ourselves over a cliff from which there is no return only through the crucible of destitution and war with Islam, a war brought on by Islam because we are demonstrating weakness to Islamic rulers and they understand weakness in those they have proclaimed as their enemies.

Godspeed to you in Finland. I hope my little blog can help get Mr. Halla-aho's message out and also I hope it can help get out the word of the insanity that is going on in Finland against the free speech of infidels. Non-infidels have no such concerns or worries because they are the "protected" class until they come to carve off the heads of the ever so tolerant prosecutors. Idiots all or so we seem to be. I wonder what is in our drinking

One thing I have found on the internet, one can never tell how far and wide a reach one's tiny little blog can have. I have been blessed with friends all across the globe. They are steady and true. And our linking to each other seems to help too.

So tell Mr. Halla-aho to fight the good fight. There are many around the globe who still fight for freedom.

11:59 AM  

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