Saturday, April 19, 2008

Travel Advisory: Americans, Canadians, Europeans

I am not an employee of the United States Federal Government. We have many fine and brave men and women both in the federal government, in local law enforcement, and in state law enforcement who are working to make the United States of America safe from the scourge that is being perpetrated against us by illegal aliens, many from that most corrupt of "nations", Mexico. I don't blame them for wanting to leave that horrendously dangerous place but the answer is not to swarm to the United States, polluting our deserts, our rivers, waterways, and such; setting up prostitution services where girls as young as 12 and 13 are bussed into valleys in Southern California to "service" the Mexican men who hide out there after working as day laborers. American people are a good and generous people but we are law-abiding. Our leaders, some in both political parties, don't care about the plight of the illegals only that the illegals get to vote and get funnelled into servitude and a "paid" form of slavery. And for their part, these illegals spit on our flag, our laws, and show contempt for our language. Arizona is beginning to turn back part of the tide. But the point of this post is about summer vacations - where we can all have fun, fun, fun traveling the open spaces of the United States and exploring many of the marvels we find here. So. stay away from "sanctuary cities" such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and even Virginia Beach. (Search on sanctuary cities to learn more) Recently both Los Angeles and, Virginia Beach lost citizens to illegal alien men driving drunk or to gang shootings by illegal aliens released from jail the day before shooting down, Youth "on track" until fatal gun fire, a young black man, senior in high school, who was an athlete being scouted by major universities. His mother, Sgt. Shaw, had to return from Kuwait where she is serving in the US military to bury her son, gunned down on the streets of Los Angeles by an illegal alien gang member, who was no stranger to the LAPD or the fine mayor who boasts of being the mayor of the largest Mexican city outside of Mexico - may he rot in Hell. Each and every year 12,000 to 13,000 Americans are killed by illegal alien drunk drivers on our highways. Where is the screaming and howling about that from Congress? No where - the hypocrites damn our President and our military leaders but even fight against measures to stem the tide of illegals flooding into our nation. See MinutemanHQ for citizen actions to work with law enforcement to do what our leaders refuse to do and comply with our laws only if we drag them kicking and screaming. We are in jeopardy and so are you if you travel along our southern border towns or visit our "sanctuary cities". Our State Department won't tell you of the danger but I'm one citizen who will. Come to America! Visit our national parks but do a little searching and find other locations besides "sanctuary cities". Also, it is my understanding that North Carolina, around Burlington is pretty much an illegal Mexican enclave. A friend of mine just returned from New York City - her report was not good. And remember, our government is opening our highways to Mexican truckers so be careful out there. We have beautiful places to visit but perhaps you should visit sooner rather than later. I travelled to England about ten years ago. Never again... I have no reason or desire to travel to the Middle East and absolutely no reason to travel to Mexico, although I would have liked to - they are coming to me and forcing their corruption and violence as well as second-class status of women upon me. I am becoming a stranger in my own land so visit our vast open regions and visit some of our beautiful small towns. And people like Bridget Bardot, in France, are being prosecuted for speaking the truth and simply for wanting their country uncorrupted and not to be turned into an Islamic republic. Prudence may suggest re-thinking visits to our "sanctuary cities" where American citizens are not safe and where the leaders of these cities spit on the citizens in favor of the illegals. You be the judge and, if you simply cannot resist San Francisco, bring plenty of latex gloves and hip boots when stepping over the folks who live on the street and urinate and defecate where you will walk... Drive carefully and plan your trip so that you reach destinations during daylight. You don't have to live in fear. I don't. But it is wise to use common sense and good planning.


Blogger Rich said...

America is going to be defeated from within. No army necessary; simply American ignorance and indifference...

1:16 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

Any politician who supports the illegals (Ted Kennedy) should be considered a traitor and brought to trial.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Allen said...

You might want to stay out of parts of your National Forests here in California.

Those people who are just doing work Americans won't do, like growing marijuana, are armed and dangerous.

6:06 PM  

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