Friday, March 21, 2008

From Flanders Field on The Treaty of Lisbon - a word to the wise

From Flanders Field on the Treaty of Lisbon: The people are all trying to find a way to escape individually, but this is a universal net which is being thrown around the white Western peoples. Europeans have been conditioned to think in terms of that atrocious UDH. It is nothing but an empty shell full of words, just as the UN is. The UN, the EU and any documents pertaining to them are invalid for any who love freedom. We are in for some rough times in the future and we should be careful not to become led into a trap of killing each other at a time when it is clear that others are intent on having that happen. Too many remain willfully ignorant about the agenda and choose to remain that way. Others search for answers but don't have the confidence to see what is happening and believe what is obvious to see. ~~~~~~ So we must keep our eye on FREEDOM; join the 910 Group; read the posts at The Center for Vigilant Freedom, A Counter-Jihad Coalition; read up on 910 Headlines from around the world, and speak the threat of Islamofascism to the roof-tops and to the very Heavens above. We must stand and fight with the pen for as long as we are allowed...this is every much a battle for the hearts and minds of those who love freedom... And one post from Flanders Field blogging on H.R. 4088, a bill that we need to defeat: Oppose SAVE; Support Sovereignty. Believe me, friends, all of these "unions", "treaties", "UN junk", "agreements", and such have one thing as the end goal: the end of national sovereignty, totally open borders across the globe; globalization of everything; and "rules for living from cradle to crave" with only slavery for all. There will come a time when some place, some time, we MUST STAND in defense of our sovereignty...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fear we are well on the way to losing a number of freedoms; most aren’t even aware of the issues. I applaud you (and Flanders) for the work you are doing to get the word out. I’ll do my part.

Semper Fi

4:39 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Mustang, thank you. That is all we can do, one key stroke at a time. If you are not familiar with the Gates of Vienna, PLEASE read there. Listed in my blogs I read list. Gates of Vienna

Have a good Easter!

6:02 PM  

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