Saturday, March 22, 2008

IRS and Hate-Speech Laws DON'T apply to black churches

A serious double-standard exists in America today. No, it isn't about "white" racism; not much of that going around. No, it isn't about "hate-speech" being spewed from the pulpits of white churches. And no, it isn't about the use of the "n" word, unless the word is used by white Americans. The "n" word is used with wild and rude abandon in public, on the boardwalks, on the sidewalks being screamed from one black person at another black person. The excuse for the vile language: it's a "black" thing; whitey wouldn't understand. Well, I'll tell you what I understand - living in the past of the days of "black oppression" is bu__sh_t! And if it exists, it is in the minds of the black Americans who wish in their very being that it were still true so that they would have something to gripe about. Well, sorry, that canard is out the window with the ever insulting "affirmative action" which just handed everyone except white men a "get one over on your neighbor" card for free - qualified or not. The "hate-speech" police and the IRS will never go after black pastors who spew hatred just like they are barely going after radical imams for the same reason: BUREAUCRATIC BIGOTRY. Take a look at the article at Blue Collar Republican: What these people don't realize is that the rules don't apply to black churches. Yep, equality under the law for all, unless you are non-Hispanic white, then you'd better run for cover or, like Geraldine Ferraro, just keep your mouth shut. And Obama wants an open discussion about race relations in America. What a crock! What he wants is for white Americans to continue to pay the freight as they are persecuted for speaking the truth. The more I think of him and his arrogant self dissing his grandmother, the more disgusted I get and I have to ask, would he have done that if his grandmother who had raised him had been black? No, why? Because she would have wiped the floor up with him... Obama and the black experience, my ars! The closest he's come to the black experience was joining the Trinity Unity Church of Christ for political expediency... Dissin' his grandmother...In the words of the great and fearless Oriana Fallaci when she cursed the Islamic terrorists, may she rest in peace, "I spit......!"

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Blogger Faultline USA said...

You said it Beach Girl! You are speaking the truth and from what I see in the media and in the blogosphere, more and more people ARE speaking out. The Double Standard must end!!! I'm actually grateful to Obama for opening the door during his race speech. He wants an open discussion of race? He wants to deal with White rage too? He's getting it!

By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog. You made my day!

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why, Beach Girl, I do believe you are angry! This two bit black good for nothin' has gotten under your skin!

I suppose I would be too if I was the least bit surprised, but I knew all of this all along. Not one bit of this comes as any surprise at all to me. I should not say that. I am surprised that they were so incredibly stupid as to blow their cover this early in the game. I thought they were smarter than that, but clearly I over estimated them. All the rest is exactly what I expected. I grew up with blacks, so I know a few things about them.

When I was a young child, under age 10, my family employed a black maid several days a week and the other days of the week she worked for my grandparents. I saw a lot of Thelma. Thelma was married to Stanley, and had two children, a boy and a girl. Stanley drank and beat Thelma badly, and they fought like cats and dogs. Thelma had an affair and had a child by another man.

She would come to work all cut up at times. She had trouble trying to discipline her children. One day, she explained to me that black children were different from white children. Whereas she knew that my sister and I always took direction from our parents, or from her if she was left in charge, she could not get her children to behave at all. She told me that her son was so big and strong that she could not spank him any more. Instead she would wait until he was asleep and then get in several quick licks with the lamp cord before he could fully wake up.

I think now that she was much happier when she was at work, in our home, than when she went to her own home. In our home, things were quiet, orderly, no one was shouting, there were no fights, etc. and she knew it would be that way every day. There was always food available, although her favorite meal was "syrup and bread." She had no such assurance in her own home.

I relate all of this not to belittle Thelma and her family, but to point out how utterly different the black family was from my white family, even though they were existing side by side and rubbing shoulders daily. It certainly was not for lack of example of how we lived. There was a clear income disparity, and I'm sure that made a lot of the difference, but there was just a radically different way of thinking about life, the value of a person, what could be expected of ones self, what could be expected of family members.

Black society has set itself apart, and it intends to keep itself apart. This is in many ways like what the mestizo society is doing as well. They want to be here, but they have no interest in living like Americans. In both cases, they want to maintain a much more primitive, even savage, culture that thrives on a group identity and the idea of simply taking things as a group. This is quite different from the white ethic if individual effort and achievement. It is becoming increasingly evident that these two approaches to life are totally incompatible. -- Dr.D

9:58 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

Beach Girl: You are so on here. I write about this often because it breaks my heart how so many Black Americans still use this as an excuse for failure, poverty, and crime. I grew up in NYC, went to a mostly Black/Hispanic High School and saw the potential that was wasted. We can all find an excuse (my father was a bus driver) not to follow our dreams. But it is every individuals responsibility to make a life. Every American has an opportunity to be great; including Blacks. I work with many Black Americans that are living the dream so it can be done. We all must step up to the plate and take a swing. Obama is keeping a past alive for political purposes. Jackson and Sharpton continue in the past because it fills their pockets. When will Black America move past these snake oil salesmen? Just a thought...

12:42 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr. D - if you mean Obama, yes - made me angry but did me a favor too and yes, blew his cover a bit early but a friend says he will be president 'cause the fix is in with the powers that be in the "shadow" government. After all, they do want the new world order and he'll be the perfect lackey for them...and then when everything goes south, they can blame it on the incompetence of the "black" man - see Detroit and NYC under General Dinkins as examples.

Faultline USA - keep that tight ship running!

Rich - I still see the white people with lobotomies standing and swooning behing obama on the stage. They are idiots. And the black Americans can thank themselves for "being marginalized" - go Team Black Liberation Theology. Maybe Abraham Lincoln had it right, just didn't follow through. I hear Mugambee (sp) needs a few more folks to starve to death. I'm so glad obama with his slick self got that all out in the open. Let's hear black pastors defend themselves - you'll be collecting social security before that happens.

Yep, the worthless, affirmative action cur made me a tad "miffed" and good for him. I feel much better now - and to all my "friends" who have called me "racist" - feeling like what now are you? I was actually concerned at the opportunities robbed from black youth by what they are being taught by their "leaders" - now I'll have to re-think that as they become further "disenfranchised" by their own design - self-fulfilling prophecy - and by the advance of our Hispanic-white brothers and sisters who have no "white guilt" and who have no natural animosity toward their non-Hispanic white brothers and sisters.


6:45 AM  
Blogger Matias Turkkila said...


You requested information about Mikko Ellilä's trial. You'll find a translation of the proceedings from here:

7:31 AM  

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