Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama's tacit approval of racist hate-speech

From Faultline USA, we are treated to the fourth in a series of the continuing - as well it should - debate of "hate-speech" in America, this coming from black American pulpits, so says Barack Obama: Brite-Jeremiah Wright Debate continues. I know this is serious info to be told by a presidential candidate that across America today the racist, hate-mongering speech of Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. is the norm; that norm is Obama's broad-brush excuse used to give approval to the "hate speech" of his pastor. Now, I don't know about you, but it seems to me that the "hate-speech" laws designed to "shut up those white boys and girls" have finally found a home in the Trinity Unity Church of Christ - that poor black boy killed by the bad Romans. Where are the "hate-speech" police to slap the cuffs on Jeremiah? No where, that's where! Why? 'Cause he's "black" and we all knows that "hate speech" can only come from white folks 'cause by definition - according to Obama, regurgitated from every black pulpit in America - it is the evil white folk who are the cause of every evil in the world. That's why we are sending billions to Africa to fight HIV-AIDs when everyone with two brain cells knows the first way to fight HIV-AIDs is to change life-style choices and behavior. Nope, in America today, the hate-filled imams and the hate-mongering black pastors (as we have been informed by Obama himself) all get a free pass. And white Christians just go on being fat, dumb, and happy believing that the message of Jesus that we are to love one another is being taught in ALL Christian churches across the land. Well, presidential candidate Barack Obama set us straight on that one. So this "uniting" us stuff/rhetoric - is that coming from him listening and approving of twenty years of anti-white, anti-American, anti-Semitic hatred spewing from his pastor's mouth? Does Obama think he is the "black" Messiah come to unite his brainwashed congregants somehow into unity with the other 254,000,000 Americans who have not know what was going on in black churches. Does Obama seek to "wash away" the influence of twenty years of "hate-speech" from the hearts and minds of his fellow church goers? No, he wishes to enslave us in the tentacles of Marxism... And where are the "hate-speech" police now? Studying the plant life in Fiji or Tahiti, no doubt...

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Anonymous Theresa said...

First, I am angry - hurt, that a preacher would preach hate.

Second, I beleive preaching hate is counterproductive to the real issue. Jeremiah Wright has added ammunition to Whites who'd like to ignore the very real problem of racism in the US.

Third, if your skin is whitish, purposefully attend events organized by people with darker skin tones. If your skin is more dark, purposefully attend events organized by people with whitish skin tones. Then we'll get to see or perhaps even understand how the "other" lives, thinks, and believes.

Fourth, in case you weren't aware, the darker your skin tone, the less likely you'll get a job, especially if you're male; the more often you'll be stopped by the police; you'll get less quality healthcare; most of your teachers will assume that you'll be a failure; and so on. It's the truth.

And, there is anger, frustration, yes, even rage. Yet pastors like Jeremiah Wright do more harm than good. I think it is important to recognize the reality of racism in the US. It is just as important to heal the wounds and reach out to people who don't look like ourselves, our families and our neighbors.

If Pastor Wright could read this, I'd ask him to practice #3, ask people of all skin tones (not just his congregation) to do #3, and to remember that the Bible tells us to inform our brother (or sister) of his mistake(s) in meekness, humility, and mostly in love for God and our brother.

12:11 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Theresa, I'm angry too. All the years we've worked to come together and then to be told that it has all been lies. I have to tell you that my experiences as a teacher and a friend of many folks of all skin tones across the board - have been that our friendships have been and are strong.

On jobs, I have faced reverse discrimination and lost jobs to very dark skinned men who were much less qualified. I know that because I knew the qualifications of the men and saw the quality of their work. By the same token, one of the best men I ever worked for was a black man, nuclear engineer who was an excellent manager who had the respect of all employees under his responsibility. The horrible nature of Obama's broad-brush comments is that his comments were so general as to be insulting to all of us.

If there are "race issues" we need to discuss, his statements have placed the racism on all black Americans and that is not the truth. Racism is an individual thing and it crosses all ethnic groups - and is not exclusive to the United States. Actually, in America, white people are labeled "racists" just to shut them up and keep them from even being allowed to engage in a discussion that is so important to all of us.

I do not believe that Americans are "racists" - I believe Mr. Obama and his pastor have harmed all of us and they - together - have certainly called black churches into question.

We have several black American families who attend our small church - they hear and study no hatred there. But one young woman has been threatened at her job that she must attend a black church because she is a "traitor" to her race to sit and study the Bible with me.

A major problem is that some black "pastors" such as Wright profit financially from "hawking" the hatred their congregations apparently want to hear. Yes, I am angry too; I am angry about the raw deal black families have gotten from liberal Democrats buying their votes; I am angry that white teachers who demand high standards that the students CAN meet are called "racists".

We have a way to go but it may not be as far as it appears. The first step is personal responsibility and refusing to cast blame generally on white people.

I have found that we - the races - get along well when left alone to work together for our nation. But I am angry too. As a white American, I think Obama did all of us a favor when he blamed everyone as he did. We need to take a look beyond him - he is only a short time thing - and look to the good of our nation - together building the education of our children and holding our children accountable for their studies and their homework. If our students can read and write, then they can study politics on their own - they need the tools first independent of the schools being used to brainwash them and to deny them the skills they need for success.

Question - you spoke of black Americans and depth of skin tone. Do you think Jeremiah Wright looks "white"? He's very fair skinned compared to Obama. Just curious...

6:28 PM  

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