Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama's "pastor" problems tip of iceberg

H/T to Dumb Ox Daily News: Pastor Manning: Obama BORN TRASH! (updated). (scroll down, the post is there) Dr. Manning puts the lie to Obama's assertion that ALL across the United States, black pastors are preaching racism and hatred against white Americans. Click on Obama's Bra 54 Double "D" and you will be taken to a YouTube sermon by Pastor Manning. Additional sermons are available at the site. John Gibson conducts a good interview with The Honorable Pastor Manning, Ph.D. here in which Pastor Manning suggests that Obama speaks to the black corporate leadership and not to black people in general. According to Pastor Manning, black people need to look to Jesus and to themselves to pull themselves up and to solve their own problems. He has a point; that is what white people have been doing for centuries - there has been no "civil rights" or "affirmative action" for white people, in effect white people have been subjected to reverse discrimination in too many instances to count. At both Dumb Ox Daily News and at the YouTube link, there are several sermons by Pastor Manning, Ph.D. From what I watched, Dr. Manning speaks straight and not always what you'd want to hear but he doesn't pull any punches and he lays into black men saying that they are looking for Obama to give them more "irresponsibility", even more of an easy way out... Dr. Manning said, paraphrased here, what Bill Cosby has said, "You accept affirmative action when white man made a law that says what is required of the white race is not required of you." I couldn't agree more and I'm as disgusted by the "second class" nature of affirmative action as Dr. Manning is. It sells black Americans short and weakens us all when they are not expected or even challenged to compete equally with other Americans. In the pure Hell-fire and Brimstone preaching of old-time Southern Baptist ministers, Dr. Manning hits you in the gut with every other sentence. Another line - trying to wake many black Americans from the legacy of victimhood, he says, "Two years from now, Mexicans are going to be writing your paychecks..." No, Dr. Manning is not easy to listen to if one wants to take responsibility and stop blaming everything from HIV-AIDs to hang-nails on "the white man" and naturally his statements are general certainly not applying to ALL black Americans. Give him a listen, he might just stir that spark of creativity and ingenuity in us all so we can get to building our nation together in spite of the clap-trap of some race-baiting politicians and, together, we can put the lie to Obama's assertions that black racism and anti-American, anti-white hatred is the norm in black churches.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nice point. I 100% agree and wish THIS would get national attention.

11:21 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Send it around the internet - just link this post and send it around - it will start to get attention. John Gibson did an interview with Dr. Manning on Fox News.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pastor Manning also said that God was executing Black people with AIDS and death. God has ordered our Demise.

That when whites call him a racist they are actually calling him a nigger.

He says Obama is an emesary of the devil.

He calls black women whores and black men retches and a blight on the world.

He says God is killing people that are against him.

He calls Obama white trash because he is related to white people( and he goes through all his far off white relations.

He and only he is the only salvation for black people.

He says that black people have a structural flaw. We are not honorable people have no integrity.

And he thinks the problems with black people ended with slavery.

I wouldn't prop this man up for anyone to see. Bill Cosby showed us tough love. This man hates his own skin color and I believe he prays to God everyday to wake up in the morning and be white.

He suffers from the same psychosis that affects White Supremacist. They are see only the bad and no good at all. They take the negative and lump the entire group of people in it.

Now you probably think this about black people already - "We are worthless, shiftless, and a blight on the world" -

Which is fine. But as a black person around many black people daily. I can't tell you Pastor Manning should be ashamed of himself.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Anon - I don't often post anonymous comments but I wanted to post yours. What you characterize as my attitude toward black people is unworthy of you and me and it has not been my personal experience.

I get tired of the race baiters who pit us against each other and who work to keep black Americans down. I deplore their tactics. My family was very poor but I never knew it. Like you, my clothes were clean and I was expected to learn and to study. There was no "free" lunch when I grew up and no subsidized anything. You earned your money for what you needed or you went without.

You might find this funny but I live near a black university - my mother tells me that when she was a young woman the students had "bump whitey off the sidewalk" days where they would join arm-in-arm and force white people to walk in the road. So, no one is pure and clean - we must grow to see ourselves as Americans first because divided we will fall.

All races and ethnic groups have plenty of folks to be ashamed of.

11:07 AM  

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