Friday, March 21, 2008

Danes pump Viking blood in "Stop Islamisation of Europe"

My history is all messed up when it comes to Scandinavia but weren't the Danes the fearsome Vikings too? If so, I think the muslims are messing with the wrong Vikings, here my friends. And the muslims pushing an 80 year-old lady to the ground. Well, no surprise here. We read in the Qur'an the Islamic attitude toward women - beaten, barefoot, and pregnant has new meaning beyond "them thar hills" now days. The SOIE or Stop the Islamisation of Europe is an active group working to preserve Western Culture and Civilization from the steady march of Islamic Imperialism into European nations. For an account of a most recent demonstration in Demark, see Demonstrations in Denmark. You see, contrary to what one might suppose - it is the muslims who are working to overthrow the culture and government of Denmark and other Western nations. Are citizens of nations allowed to defend themselves when their "leaders" cower in the dead of night hiding behind their doors, shivering in their night-shirts, whispering in the darkness, "Please don't come for me, sword-wielder of islam..."? Yes, they are...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares if Islam becomes the dominant religion in the USA? Our founding fathers (pbuh) stated that this is "one nation under god". They never said "this is one nation under Jehovah" but "god" which is an open statement and open to interpretation and they gave us this freedom to choose our "god". So it may be the case that in 10 years "we the people" choose Islam. But first we would need to get rid of the 2nd amendment or rather amendment it so that not everyone can have guns because if islam did become the more dominant force then all the racists out there would use their guns to stop Islam. Which would'nt be right, right? Only certain people should own guns, the government, the police, religious groups and the army. Not bubba and his redneck friends nor the religious right.


12:06 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Are you nuts? First we'd have to get rid of the First Amendment - the freedom of religion thingy and then the Islamists would have to kill the other 300,000,000 of us who don't want slavery. Good grief! Go back to the Middle East and enjoy beating your wife...

10:54 AM  

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