Tuesday, March 04, 2008

FARC, Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa pull Colombian strings

No doubt, Colombia is in a fight for its life. From Fausta's blog, FARC purchased uranium from Chavez. This post is excellent and shows the precarious situation for people living in Colombia. Just call my "old school", but I believe a nation has the right and DUTY to defend its citizens from military groups such as FARC and when nitwits such as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Rafael Correa of Ecuador scream "foul" when Colombian President Alvaro Uribe sends troops into regions Chavez and Correa have given to FARC as "safe havens" then too bad for Chavez and Correa. Sometimes we play at maintaining "peace" when the consequence is the death of innocent civilians and the loss of a nation - call it Colombia or the United States of America. Colombia is being squeezed by Correa and Chavez and being baited into war while FARC operates in "safe havens" in Venezuela and Ecuador. Do you ever feel like the entire world is just sitting on a blister in insurgency that is about to burst? I do. Perhaps there are times when one just has to fight first and ask questions later if for no other reason than to keep the enemy to one's way of life from getting stronger as one is perceived to be getting weaker. Chavez is itching for a fight because he sees that as a way to hold his people together in the face of his dictatorship. But to the Venezuelan people - if a war breaks out, it is not because of you nor would it be aimed at you; it will be because of Hugo Chavez, your dictator; Rafael Correa of Ecuador; and FARC. No nation, no elected government can be expected to allow a paramilitary faction to operate within its borders nor seek "save haven" in neighboring countries...that is no government that expects to survive and maintain its sovereignty...

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Blogger Rich said...

Beach Girl: I do feel like we are sitting on a blister because we have abandoned Reagan's peace through strength approach. These groups like FARC, terrorists like Hamas, only know one form of negotiation; defeat by any means including death! We coddle the dictators of the world at our peril. We show that by accepting, Castro, Chavez, and all the others, we do not have the will to defeat evil. Evil comes in all forms, including keeping people in the squander of socialist, communist and dictator regimes against the people's will. Here is my prayer, that I will wake up tomorrow to find out Israel destroyed the Gaza leadership and everything tied to it. Bringing them to their knees and showing them this behavior will not be accepted. While at the same time we find out our military has destroyed every nuke plant in IRAN and took out Ahmnidijan (sic). It is time to speak the only language evil understands; absolute destruction. South America is too close to home to put our heads in the sand and allow a group like FARC to exist...

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Uribe is playing all of us as fools. He is just a liar! Why doesn't he just have the pants to admit that he is doing this to get Bush's attention. Colombia has been dealing with a civil war for how many years now? Is it really impossible for Colombia to take care of this? If Bush is so interested in helping his allies then how come there hasn't been a more committed approach to this situation.
What Uribe did was genocide! Invaded a country, killed tens of people, messed up any kind of advances that France was accomplishing in freeing Betancourt, left destruction in Ecuador and death bodies. Of course he took the two dead bodies that he was after. But hold on...he bombed the place right? so if he did...how come he was able to recover computers and documents from the FARC camp?
And wait... all sudden now Ecuador and Venezuela are supporting the FARC? You have to be kidding me, please if they really wanted the FARC would have been long gone.
Uribe be a man and accept your mistakes, take responsibility for your actions, your lack of leadership, accept you are a disgrace to your country and if you are going to do something then do it right.

11:38 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Anon - I don't always post comments from Anonymous but yours are good. It seems it is easy to "play us for fools" as we have the part down pat up to and including our refusal to defend our own borders.

I'm sorry to say that I don't know that much about what is happening in Colombia...

2:01 PM  

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